re-capturing the thrill

May 20, 2013



When Life gets U down:(
one has o re-learn how to be
Capturing the Thrill of all
and Doing What Excites You

Try to start bringing some excitement into your life as often as possible and drop the fear. if that is at all possible, dropping the fear by the wayside. Projections and realities that are a reflection of fear based thoughts or observations. Remember all fear based decisions are based on what fear really is>

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Every human life has the potential to be dramatic, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. Our lives are, in truth, ours to design. Each day, we make choices that influence the character of our experiences, and our decisions determine whether our paths are rousing or tedious, breathtaking or tiresome. We can create an exciting life by simply doing what excites us whenever the opportunity presents itself. Your passions may ebb and flow, and what excites you one year may not excite you the next, but when you make excitement a regular part of your existence, life becomes more fun and more fulfilling.

If you are somebody that tends to live practically, lol, excitement might jest overwhelm you at first. To ease the anxiety that prevents you from incorporating all that you find exciting into your life, try starting by acknowledging  that you are alive right now in this time and every moment matters. When you choose to do more of what excites you, even if your choices requires you to make certain sacrifices, your daily life will soon be imbued with exhilaration, pleasure, and optimistic anticipation. If you make no plans for the future at all there will be only future of chance to be fortold, if ya decide to choose not to make decisions in life but to only 2 stagnate in despair?<Remember u still have chosen to make a decision. so to not make a choice is as distarous or more than to make the wrong choice for a given reason, for to not make choice and do nothing when the time is asked to act:( and be a sacraficial lamb for past wrongs: not to release the past and to remain in the now of not making a decision is still making a decision, it is time to get off ones ass and not be a hipocryte and do what one prayed for and was blessed with to do in life, but to fear it is only to throw life away for the evil itself,

that which is opposite of life:(…evil….the lie

To understand what excites you, you may need to observe and ponder your reaction to the activities, events, circumstances, and concepts that make up your life. Ya might really want to lewk at the real reason why u ended upright exactly where u are,{it is ussuallybecause of what u love} & What makes your pulse race, what makes you want to get out of your chair and take action? Try to avoid getting too wrapped up in life’s details; their tedium may cause you to confuse reality and complicate easy things {all fear based} to plod through your existence unaware of prospective excitement. Once you have created a substantial list of what excites you, find ways to integrate each item into your routine. You will soon find yourself riding a wave of excitement that lifts you up and makes life truly worth living. What excites you in your life?

To thine own self be true!

     Doing what excites me in my life is the only therapy and best therapy i can have when seriously affected and or negatively charged by another,  by betrayal based on lies, deceit, denial, death, dissillusionment, deception insincere love or hipocracy or other factors.

     So to that i have to say i have 2 things that i love to do! that excite me:)…besides love the one that wants to hate me.The one i haven’t been able to be with for 2 years:(……i love to fly my glider/trike and love to ride and drive to escape it all and get into the trance state of knowing the soul that i truly am and the soul that is love…I am a soul that hates hate and haters and hates anything that attempts to hate love:(……for that is what to be grateful for today…Love and nothing else to me…and having loved ,and knowing i still love and always will be love and will always have the choice to continue getting excited, or to jest be a stagnate do nothing, and wither up and die,,,is my choice and urs also, hope ya get my drift!…
     So, no matter what , no matter who dies or what happened or who hurt ur soul or trampled on ur honest mind< who broke ur heart, or what not, all one can do is go on, one day at a time, and try to seek that which excites and makes life all that much grander of a life to life, seek the grand,,,,don;t seek the errors or you shall find only error……even if it is in ur very own life u =misjudge or judge:(:(…we can’t patronise fear and make our decisions based upon that anymore,,,,,,,,,,,,,for tomorrow is a new day may ur life be released from fear may u follow ur dreams and that which u have been blessed and find that which excites u, so as to have the best possible life one can prosper, instead of prospering from fear, try prospering from the things u say u love!…….

God bles pEAce and over and out!……………………

Don;t let ur loosing love or love hating on u kill ur life today!


PS: above dissertaion is all because i have been in love with and lived my life for and because of for the last 3 plus years for one certain individual, only for that person to tell me to go do what i want:( and well i am heartbroken and crushed as much as i was when my last killed herself:( and when my first was murdered:(…by a lunatic for a car and a few dollars:(….seems  to me honor, truth, love, respect kindness, loyalty, are as bout as perrenial as the grass, so is life:( …so make the best out of it is all i can say and ride on!…and pray for forgiveness for those who might have been dishonorable and turned their back on you or themselves:(, know its not ur fault..find something again to capture ur thrill in life or u will sink into deep depression if u dwell on what others {do to themselves and you} to hurt you!? let god do the werk and don;t kill urself over others fears and lies:(………even if it does create a false reality based on fear, create another reality for urself today and go find something to capture the thrill once again so u can again have a love for life!




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