Quantum Star

I could not hel[p but try the re-blog option for something that touched my heart as much as this poem by an angel i know and love wrote today ,,,



Between being held and letting go
I hang from heavens
A star
Stretching time this trapeze
Kissing space where dragons slither
Treacherous core stirring evolution’s cauldron
Where mixed tears of karma circulate
With deliberate thirst of magma
Bottomless desire seeks to close wounds
As unending waters flow and fall

I hang from hells
A star
Questioning no purpose
Dangling over this chasm
An ache falling meeting the ache rising
Orgasmic flight
Looping in eddies of sunshine
Ascension breath tasting heat
Below the above reaching
Flesh crumbles in agony
Heart compresses in pain
Jolted this close to the shear cliff face
Soul looks on and smiles
At the fragile beauty growing
In utter clarity within the axis falls away
From the wreckage below
I hang between heaven and hell
A star
Free to fly
Free to fall
Gracing a loneliness
In finding a new place
Between the being held and the…

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