as one learns to focus better on

~ Reality ~

may one only become wiser!

Quarksire started a blog for 1 ~ fer a Truths that become many:)….

Spell check:(.lol..corrects all my personal language that is the way i wish it to be….it says i can’t have diversity er stray from the norms? how wierd is dat? i shant be doing any previewing before i post one over here:) i am not purfect nor claim to be at yhis time in my later years of my life.

ewkay well it shall be what it is so for now I have to jest say

“WHY I BLOG”…...



Why I Blog 😀 Does a light burn at the core?

Emotional Freedom may be on its Blessed way:)

all depending upon forgiveness and Grace offered from others
and also from
myself to myself
emotional Freedom – On my doorstep…This is wHY i BLOG?:
~~~ eXPLORING mY aLTERNATIVE ways at being~~~
able to express them with complete honesty and the authority
of the HP telling me what to say and post?…
This is what core Belief werk is fer me:) adjusting the theta to redesign my reality.


ARE YOU? Denying Your Feelings ?Sometimes it takes a great catastrophe’ or event in ones liffe to do the kind of soul searching that 1 does when doing Core belief re-training in a sense through thier own werds of truth, through even a blog page, or website designed to share what is truth at any 1 given time. { it may change over time} being open to change these beliefs is part of my recovery.

SO, Dealing with powerful emotions can be challenging, especially when we are going through chaotic, sad, or cruel experiences in our lives. Often, it can seem like we have only two options for dealing with our feelings so they don’t become too overwhelming. We may let our feelings out in an immediate and visceral way, or we may bottle them up by suppressing our emotions inside our bodies. Most people make the second choice, repressing their feelings in an attempt to deny them.

The truth is that there are many positive ways to deal with emotions, and experiencing your negative feelings doesn’t have to constitute a negative experience. Denying your feelings is not only unhealthy for the mind and the body, but it may also rob you of valuable information you could be learning about yourself and your life. Suppressing your emotions can even impede your short-term memory. Acknowledging your feelings can help you better understand them and help you recover naturally from change, stress, and grief.

If you find that facing your feelings head on is proving too difficult during times of emotional distress, you may want to explore alternative ways of expressing them. Otherwise, the emotions you deny could morph into unconscious anger or self-hatred. Expressing your thoughts to friends or family can be helpful. If you don’t feel ready to share them, try giving them words by writing down what you are feeling. Give whatever you are feeling simple words like “livid” or “angry” or “excited”. You can also funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores. Even just accepting and speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a healing release. In releasing intense emotions, it is most beneficial to acknowledge the feelings, allow yourself to feel them, and let the feelings go.


Those who are willing to experience and release their feelings without judgment also find that their lives become less stressful. Breathing deeply, going for a long walk, or doing a constructive task can help you respond to your feelings in a healthy way. If you are a practitioner in meditation, then attempt to assist in activating ur simple and complete dna.

While burying negative or uncomfortable feelings can numb the pain, it also may inevitably dull your ability to experience your more positive and pleasurable feelings. You may find yourself afraid to open up in the future for fear of getting hurt. The feelings we deny aren’t limited to anger and sadness. Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy. There fore I do not really reccomend burying ur feelings and stuffing them in some closet door, for to deny these feelings and eternal truths exist, simply put is a crime in itself and just not healthy.

In learning how to express your intense emotions in a healthy way, you are giving yourself the freedom to fully experience the more joyful emotions that come with being alive. instead of choosing to side with fear based negative charged false judgements that come from the brain of fear and not the spirit of love:(

personally i am tired of being called things i am not:( from a manipulator to a liar to a womanizer etc etc:( i am tired of being be railed by thse i love attacking my core beliefs …what are core beliefs , well read on!

We all have our Core Essence, the light that we are – the light of our purpose, our unique gifts and talents, our reason for being . Core belief work removes blocks to that light shining.

Working with universal spiritual principles you can come into alignment with the natural flow of life, if we can allow the crazy suffering stuff to werk itself away the correct way, sometimes through release and output even as simple as releasing the feeling through a blog or journal of sorts, so that your are aware the whole world can see and in the process of doing this 1 can vent and outlook and re-look and analyze, etc. and get peer comments to help along the journey. and most likely be less likely to lie or alter/misplace or stretch the truth. This form of simple honesty in itself is generally very healing for me and many i know here that do the same thing, so don’t be afraid to blog if it is the truth is not intended to damage my own or anothers feelings.

As we release the limitations of our own beliefs, the inner shift brings about changes in our experience. We all have our Core Essence, the light that we are – the light of our purpose, our unique gifts and talents, our reason for being . Core belief work removes blocks to that light that shines inside even when we don’t.

What is Core Belief Re-Programing?

Core Belief Reprogramming:

We may not always be aware of the different core beliefs that affect our lives each and everyday.

What we do know is that sometimes life doesn’t flow very easily and we suspect things could be so much better if only………

Below are just a few examples of the many core beliefs that could be affecting your life everyday.

These can be removed then reprogrammed easily for you using theta wave healing techniques.

You give permission for every core belief that is reprogrammed in this manner so nothing can be done with out you knowing it.

‘I am not worthy of love ‘can be re-patterned to ‘I am worthy of love’

‘I hate myself ‘can be tranformed to ‘I love myself’

‘I am poor’ can be transformed to ‘I am prosperous’

‘I am not good enough’ can become ‘I am good enough’

‘I have to work hard for everything I get’ can be re-patterned to ‘I allow flow and ease’

‘I never have enough money’ can be re-patterned to ‘Money flows easily’

The above are Just a few examples of what core beliefs are^^^^^^^

Believe me, I have not mastered this in any way, just werking on it as a daily life chore, stopping the struggle and lewking at it as a daily duty to blog and or if not to write down the feelings for the day somewhere for to look at and meditate upon on another day. This kinda release gives me a new perspective every new vision i take when i lewk back at the past and see what i have written, which then again causes for more release and growth. Hope i aint borin’ nobody:)!!! okay now well it is all cuz i can’t seem to sleep and i typing almost as fast as i think, jeez wish i could get to that point that’d be kewl! anyhow!>>>those were just a few examples of what core beliefs are.

The reprogramming done from the Theta brain wave state pulls, resolves and cancels these beliefs and replaces them with ones that assist you in a more positive way.

These beliefs can be found on any one or all four levels:

1 Core Belief…. level are beliefs instilled on the subconscious mind from childhood.

(2) Genetic Belief ….level is recorded in the morphogenetic field and DNA

(3) History Belieflevel is deep genetic memories or past lives

(4) Soul Level…. in the blogs of the future i hope to explain how i approaching this thing i call soul love from what i have learned over the years, and how i am dealing with the new perspectives that my mind offers me as i expand my concsiousness.

After each session of blogging, writing, chatting, or meditating i find a deeper sense of peace ussually about the subject i brought up, if not release then i find my troublesome spots of inquiry that needs to be looked at much closer.



For I so do believe that in this day and age I am wholly involved in percieving quantum shifts in human consciousness and this process of evolving to a higher level my life seems to be accelerating.


Imagine a world where everyone is living their purpose and sharing their highest gifts for the benefit of all. Imagine a world where this is possible for you. Yeah i know is kinna hard to imagine when the whole werld is full of false beliefs and always pointing fingers at the other guy when they are themselves whist. all the time they fail to see their own personal error. Mankinds main problem emotionally and mentally the way i see it besides anger for things they cant control? is thier own person errors that are blinded by their EGOS voice of false judgement based on FEAR {again once again {false evidence appearing real:(}


It is time for us to step into our full co-creative power. Imagine yourself living with purpose, in right livelihood and right relationships, with magnificent abundance, vibrant health, inner peace, passion and joy. Imagine that it is possible. Imagine that it is a certainty



Imagine: * Manifesting
Imagine: * The Gift of Happiness
walk the walk walk ur talk!

3 thoughts on “Rock Solid CORE BELIEFS

  1. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:

    In The werld of the recovering alcoholic er drug user or the addict that is addicted to whatever er whomever they choose as an addiction well this one is for my memory werld today without re writing the same thing, so if ya have read this before, forgive the re-postit frum in my werld here..but because i felt a friend in recovery i know needs to read this well i am re-bloogin my own poist-it today , hope everyone is having a great memorial day holiday weekend! Q

  2. meaty post = and thanks for sharing about the grammar style you choose to use – I was wondering and assumed it was a choice of style – 🙂 and it does have a fun and unique side to it. 🙂
    peace to you…
    or make that
    peece 2 u!

    • thankz a lot 🙂 fer poppin by,,,jest developed over da’ years sumtimes da keyz are jest closer , others it sounds kewl and is my own unique werd like Quasicle etc etc,,,welcome to the quasicle quericle werld of da’ Q i say to da werld cuz not everyone speeks english 🙂 lol.. laters 🙂 peacce 2 u 2 day also …….Q

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