Memories, Jest like Like Alcohol, are an aquired taste!…..Q


desba a smart navajo gurl:) taught me a lesson once upon a time bout memories:)


     As we have Grown in our days we have all learned Different things, different flavors, different colors, different music, and different art, different sports. There is nosuck this as jest naturally liking hockey, jazz, metal rock, flying, or riding; even if we are barely aware of doing so, we had to discipline ourselves to find the patter of rewards they might be able to find in their music.
     Its really no accident that the greater the effort we expend oon acquiring a new taste, ussually the the greater the pleasure it gives us. For Bridge is more fun than Gin rummy, Bach wears much better than Mantovani, :ove is grater and better than fear. It’s true for other behaviors as well; the more of ourselves we invest in any given situation, the greater shall be the assumed rewards.
     This is NOWHERE so TRUE as in Relationships=The more we put in!…..the more we receive. We it should be anyhow. A truly magnificant soul typical high quality of personal relationships is something we all deserve and TOO FEW OF US GET!….We may settle for less than we deserve out of doubt or pity or the sneaking feeling that perhaps we do not deserve the best, After All:(……Don’t wanna allow urself to beat urself up over good memories not available to ya now or over bad memories of the past either way is a loss of spirit:(
      At times like this , well, the first and most important element is US!~~~ OUR OWN INVESTMENT, the honesty and openness we bring to others, and the trust we are willing to also bestow. Quality attracts quality, believe it er not, if we have trouble with our relationships, we’d do well to re-evaluate the tastes we have aquired.

 and to that well i guess i got this to say!……

I’ll look to my past….lewk to my futures past… realize…..and have to accept…….


Namaste’ ………..

have a great one


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