Hold Fast 2 Dreams

Quote of da’ Day Frum

A Quality part of Q’s Quasicle Quantafied Quarked Universe:)
Hold Fast to Dreams for if Dreams Die,

Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

       ~~~~~~~a quote by Lanston Hughes~

     The next 24 hours is what this is about , the time between when we shall maybe meet again and what happens in between….and well, if we cease having our dreams , then what will happen?


I dream a lot personally about going up flyying like this pic above when i go fly  above the clouds in my ultralight trike,


other times i jest dream of going riding on one of the bikes….


well sometimes

I dream of my hearts desire:)


The dreams we have and the dreams we hold in our hearts, and the dreams based on agreements with others are the most important of the dreams that ever could behold. Our Dreams our our invitations to perform the Miracle Dance we have been gifted and so blessed with. To honor an cherish it. Honest Dreams that come from love are full of good intent & purpose. Follow them for they mean to inspire us, acting as markers along the paths to our destination. If we had no real Dreams i believe we would loose the will to live. When some dreams are put on hold by fear based or savior based ideals, smashed by that which is love it becomes apparent one must lewk closely at what they do. Proper perceptions prosper Perceptible Prosperity, of one kind or another, again based on perception, change the way we see the Werld or something that Werld er something might change:)…..

    The Twenty Four HOurs ahead of us on any given day will be full and filled with dreams as well as actions. Dreams of the future and dreams of the past alike. The actions that one might take today are no doubt likely inspired by our dreams of last night, last week or yesteryear, still encapsulated in the mind. Dreams help us to Image what it is our soul desire to do. This premonition like imagery is a powerful force, it therefore helps us and prepares us {by experience} It this force prepares us by precognition: for any situation that might require immediate attention. Taking care of those needs are very important but we cannot forget our agreements with others and should honor them if at all possible as soon as handling the situations at hand. While all the time communicating wisely and justly to one another….

makin any sense? yet ….OK….

     Through our Dreams we feel dramatic pull of the Inner-Self… The I, the It?. That center inside us we all have that inherintly always knows our needs our talents, our proper course, our destination, our goals. On this grand realization one must turn to acceptance and forgiveness and learn how to and werk on someway nurturing the ties to this Inner self., So we can be then Grateful for our dreams , upon acknowledging the Love Based Dreams above the Fear based Dreams that exist:)
     Keep on dreaming is all i got to say, visualize what u want to dream about , i believe, then well if ya like acting out what ya dream,,,Jest Go Do It for a change and Act out ur life the way the higher order of things would have ya do it at any given moment:)(
       conclusive ponderable fer ya here:)>

My Lifetime for & to Tomorrow is through todays Dreams, {both awake an asleep}… I shall respect its calling , an therefore do as mother nature appears correct and right for there given moment. Dream with love Dream ith tolerance- dream with forgiveness & Compassion…better than the dreams of war games right:(….

Today  I shall attempt to have the wisdom to also share and allow others to be a special part of this Dream thing we might call life as it goes by us …



……tada for now frum Q….

aka quarksire in colorado:)….hasta:)

3 thoughts on “Hold Fast 2 Dreams

  1. love this. my favorite line is, “The actions that one might take today are no doubt likely inspired by our dreams of last night” really nice work Q. i like the way you think 😉

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