Vital Necessities

Vital Necessities?…are U prepared?….Ready er not!

How long will ur vitals stay the same?

as the candle of life burns


All those that have never been without their vital necessities for more than 10 minutes then this blog is fer u!….Are U prepared?…prepared for the day when thier might be an outage?…What outage ya say?…well it could be a numerous outages? one at a time or all at once….seems to build on ya sometimes starting with the first outage….First , Lets say ur electricity goes off?….are you prepared?….Do you own candlestick one….and do you know where they are?….Do you have a way to stay warm?….Do ya have a flashlight handy? and how long will it last?…do ya have fuel or a generator that runs? lol…

Do ya have food and water?…enough for how long will it last?

do ya have enough gas in ur car to get very far?….Did ya know ya couldn’t get any gas when there isn’t any power?:(…..will ur food stay frozen and or vice a versa will ur cabinets freeze up?…..when ya run out?…or it jest isnt one day ya wake up…whatever it is?

are ya resilliant to change….could u adapt…could u be ready…Do ya have extras of the things ya need…and even the things ya don’t but want to have{habits} lol etc….

thingz like meds, candles, matches, lighters, flashlights, food, batterys,

x – tra blankets, firewood, gasoline, diesel, food….etc etc…..

If ya have extras and are all set up on the things i mentioned above…the question of the day is for How Long? how long do u think ya might last….if ya were snowed in stranded and without power for a number of days? weeks er months?….could ya survive….how long for and without what for and why????Whatever it is ya may need or want….

so i think bout the 4 candles alive during the snowstorm….and the lack of the thingz i want and need and knowing that I can’t go anywhere at all…yes indeed…How long can I last???…….


Cracklin logs in da’ fire tonight – runnin out of lotsa resources is not a fun way to go…rationing some and not usin’ others might be the key…but for how long??? could I last all winter or summer without heat wood or water?….this frail life i am….I think not?….

Golden Glows as the fires and candles burn…..and writing a blog on a piece of paper with a pen is a strange foreign twist for me?:)…….But ya do whatcha gotta do:)!!!

and well, jest comes back to this fer me tonight?:)


It could happen now believe it er not …

Ready er Not!…………..okay now……


Earthquake, Tornado, Flood, Windstorm, Freeze or fire?.no electricity? no water, No heat?no food,,,,,Could ya survive?…….

hehe gilligans island, or fantasy island…

one or the other ya might find only one of em to be a survivor!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ARE U READY?~~~~For any of em?

jest sumpin to think about !

have a great one


One thought on “Vital Necessities

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    *** welp a time an place fer evrything i bvelieve an this post it was reminded to me in various ways today and tonight,,,,didn’t get much traffic the first time i posted it so i will suppose u have not read it, if so ,,well we all need a refresher on stuff like this.i believe and more of it ! ..take care .over an out frum da’ Q ster 🙂

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