Heart Healing

from chaos to Co-herence.

are u green or are u red?


it is genetically called co-herence, this feeling that we can Create from the heart....
I went for a sunset ryde tonight and realized i must do a blog bout this…..

     Before i chose a few years back to connect with a heart that needed healing I knew all the information i am gong to talk bout in the blog here u are reading now…for it is about the now and not the past, but in many ways is about the past that created the now or i wouldn’t be sitting here typoing my werds to u and posting them into werdpress for the whole werld to see.
     Having learned many a thing in 50 years i decided to change my life dramatically back when i turned 50 i am now almost 57….I decided one day that to change perception was the key too being able to learn any new lessons or realities from my teachers and shamans i had at the time. Ever since i have been doing jest that on a daily basis , believe it er not because every day we are also shown new things and new direction, which in essence is really old direction we are jest re-experiencing or learning so we can remember:.

bout the only thing that any one human Being can really create, like god is as follows>  what it can create is from the center of the heart to the brain, when our signals are chaotic it is hard to be co-herent , evun fearmongers of the inside mind know this and as a result they attempt to create as somehow to destroy,.:( responding to fear from the first responder the heart!:( we cannot advance as humans. if we let the brain twist the knowledge and feeling the heart send the brain then we shut down the heart healing and instead open up chaotic realms of a new reality that should never really exist, it exists only to teach us the value of the energetic heart and what it is capable of. if put to use to create rather than to destroy by making or creating react-ions!…which might go on for eons and lifetimes believe it er not!
   The path of disease is clearly show to many through the skin and heartmath, and figuring out why our hormonal systems or our physical systems become diseased and or healed is an important issue to me, since i have allowed my heart math to actually hurt my very own health by the way i think and perceive my very own personal reality. Have to get off ur knees quit praying and stand up get out there and do it if ya want to heal is all there is to it. For we are all frequency! yes believe it er not…in the higher realm,,,HOW IS UR FREQUENCY DOING TODAY? DOES IT NEED HEALING OR A CHANGE ?

whats happening in the puzzle of ur life today!?


The core of the HeartMath philosophy is that the heart, physically and metaphorically, is the key to tapping into an intelligence that can provide us with fulfillment. Science has shown that the heart communicates with the body and brain on various different levels.

   Researchers have now found that well, the bodys chackra system or aura extends outside our very own bodies, that we really live in this electrical field that radiates outside of each and evry one of us up to 10 feet. From this ball of energy each and every one of us have there are what i call quantum rays…or quantum fibres…some strong some not so strong that reach out farther than the 10 feet we apparently ARE!..these fibers can be connected to people places and things around the Werld by our very own desire and nature and whether we are really werldy or not lol.They can connect one over vast distance, even across space and time itself, believe it er not! ull get my drift as u eventually practice and or read me and absorb more of what the points and reasons for this blog werld are and why it exists. It exists because of YOU! mostly believe it or not, because i want to share with the Werld ME!…so u might be able to perceive how ur fibers of light affect the world all round u whever u live and sometimes in places where u don’t live, it is jest the common affect from the links. Quantumly that is…to what that chooses to link with from one day to another in ones life, fOR THE STRONGEST OF ALL THE FIBRES WITHIN IS LOVE, BUT THAT FIBRE CAN BE BROKEN, SO BEWARE! pRACTICE WHAT YA PREACH AND do the THING GOOD THINGS , FOR BAD THOUGHTS PROSPER BAD THINGS, REMEMBER THOUGHTS COME FROM THE BRAIN, and {thought are things!}VISIONS COME FROM THE MIND, LIVE FOR UR VISIONS IS  SMARTER THEN – TO DO THAN UR THOUGHTS ONLY IF U HAVE A CLEAR MIND. And this is a Far Greater THING in ITSELF! I am writing this blog because i know how to create a healing affect and what to do to get rid of my stress that i have connected with bout 4 years ago, i can disconnect gracefully and try to heal myself and teach the other how to heal also and pray for them is all i can do, to stay connected with the fibers of light i so agreed 3 years ago to connect when on party is embedded in negativity and fear is not healthy for the partner that is attempting to show the light to the other and heal them. I they cannot, they have to disconnect because to stay connected to pain, separation, duality, fear and all the other negative emotions will eventually kill anyobe even a shaman like my friend CROW was. fOR HE STAYED CONNECTED TO ANOTHER WITH PAIN HATE AND RESENTMENTS SO LONG ATTEMPTING TO HEAL THAT PERSON THAT  HE ACTUALLY DIED HIMSELF FROM NOT FREEING HIMSELF FROM THE OTHER PERSONS FIRE, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS HIS TWIN FLAME OF ALL TIME, AND FROM ANOTHER LFETIME SHE NEVER WOULD BELIEVE IT at the bottom of her HEART even though she said she did. SO, HE SHOULD HAVE NOT CONTINUED TO WALK IN THE FIRE OF HER FIERY SOUL:(..NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE LOVED HER!
His life and losses are now many a lesson for me to take to heed to or DIE!


    The heart sends neurological information to the brain and the rest of the body.
    Through the pulse, the heart sends energy in the form of a blood pressure wave. Researchers have seen that changes in the electrical activity of brain cells occur in relation to the changes in the blood pressure wave.
    The heart communicates on a biochemical level, releasing atrial peptide, a hormone that inhibits the release of other stress hormones.
    The heart communicates electromagnetically. An EKG measured in the doctor’s office is actually an electrical signal produced by the heart. This signal can be picked up anywhere on the body, and permeates the space around us.
HeartMath has taken this information, and translated it into simple tools that focus on teaching us how to listen to, and follow, the intuitive information of the heart. We can learn how to better make decisions, and to use the power of the heart to manage the mind and emotions.

Universally, the heart represents similar things. In the Chakra system, the fourth Chakra is located in the center of the chest and is called the Heart Chakra. This Chakra is associated with the aroma of the rose, with doves and the planet Venus. It was, after all, Venus — the Goddess of Love — who deemed the rose sacred. Her son Cupid, the rose, the dove and the heart have all become enduring symbols of Valentine’s Day. In the Chakra system, it’s not red, but the color green that represents the Heart Chakra. Green symbolizes harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. The Heart Chakra is associated with unconditional love and compassion, the center where all feelings of love emanate. When we open our Heart Chakra, we become channels for universal love.

In some Chinese medicine, the heart “houses the mind,” the health of the heart energy having a lot to do with our mental activity — even our consciousness. The heart governs our ability to sleep soundly, think clearly and have a good memory. The healthy heart plays a principal role in our emotional health and our ability to experience meaningful relationships. The heart represents the element of fire. In the words of Mother Teresa, “A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.”

The Institute of HeartMath, a non-profit research organization, has made breakthrough discoveries in our understanding of the heart’s intelligence, reporting that scientific evidence now shows that the heart is far more complex than we’d ever imagined, sending us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives. The heart is much more than an organ that pumps blood, directing and aligning many systems in the body so they function harmoniously with each other. Although the heart is in constant communication with the brain, it makes its own decisions. The heart has it’s own independent nervous system called “the brain in the heart.”


Honoring our heart by stopping to smell the roses, listening to it and sharing laughs with loved ones is a good idea this time of year. Although the heart has no feeling physically, when you are in love, you really do “feel” with your heart. The heart, perhaps more than any other organ, feels and senses emotions and responds. Valentine’s Day is one day to experience and feel love, but for your heart’s sake, why not do this every moment of every day, all year long?

HeartMath also reports that positive emotions such as happiness, appreciation, compassion, care and love improve our hormonal balance and immune system response. The heart is able to retain memories and there are documented cases of heart transplant patients reporting that the implanted heart often brings up behaviors or memories that are not theirs, but those of the donor. HeartMath research has shown that our intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own hearts. 
The three most powerful techniques are Freeze-Frame®, Cut-Thru® and Heart Lock-In®.

What follows is a highly simplified version of each. A far more extensive examination of each technique, including scientific data, can be found in the book, The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin. Anyone who is seriously interested in using these tools will find a wealth of knowledge there.

Freeze-Frame – is the simplest of the HeartMath tools. It is a one-minute technique that allows a major shift in perception. More than positive thinking, it creates a definitive, heartfelt shift in how we view a situation, an individual or ourselves. When under stress:

    Shift out of the head, and focus on the area around your heart. Keep your attention there for at least ten seconds. Continue to breathe normally.
    Recall a positive time or feeling you had in your life, and attempt to re-experience it. Remember, try not simply to visualize it, but rather to feel it fully.
    Ask a question from the heart: “What can I do in this situation to make it different?” or “What can I do to minimize stress?”
    Listen to the response of your heart.

You may hear nothing, but perhaps feel calmer. You may receive verification of something you already know, or you may experience a complete perspective shift, seeing the crisis in a more balanced way. Although we may not have control over the event, we do have control over our perception of it.
Cut-Thru is a technique developed to help us better manage our emotions. It gives us the ability to “cut through” complex, long-standing emotions, and dynamically move from one place to another.

    Be aware of how you feel about the issue. Focus in on your heart.
    Assume objectivity. Act as though it were someone else’s problem. What kind of advice would you give this person who’s just been slighted by a co-worker? You’d probably say, “Hey, relax, it’s no big deal.”
    Take the distorted feelings, the emotional energy that is out of balance, and bring it to the heart. Let it soak there, as if you were soaking in a warm bath. Practice letting the heart do the work for you.

Cut-Thru tends to require more mature contemplation than Freeze-Frame. But it is also more useful with deeper, and more complicated issues. Long-standing emotions have been stored in us through our life experience. Cut-Thru gives us the ability to transform instead of repress.

Heart Lock-In – Rather than fixing something, Heart Lock-In is about experiencing your heart at a deeper level.

    Shift your attention away from your mind and focus on your heart.
    Remember the feeling of love or care you have for someone whom it’s easy for you to love. Focus on a feeling of appreciation for someone or something positive. Try to stay with that feeling for five to fifteen minutes.
    Gently send that feeling of love or appreciation to yourself and others.

In fifteen minutes, a Heart Lock-In can provide physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.
Body & Soul is currently airing Monday-Friday at 7:00pm and 8:30pm on PBS YOU.



{4}Fields Effects Are Real
Every cell in our body is bathed in an external
and internal environment of fluctuating invisible
magnetic forces. It has become increasingly
apparent that fluctuations in magnetic fields can
affect virtually every circuit in biological systems
to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the
particular biological system and the properties of
the magnetic fluctuations. Therefore, it should
not be surprising that human physiological
rhythms and global behaviors are not only
synchronized with solar and geomagnetic
activity, but disruptions in these fields can create
adverse effects on human health and behavior.
For example, changes in geomagnetic activity
are correlated with hospital admissions and
mortality from heart attacks and strokes, as
well as numerous other health indications such
as depression, fatigue, mental confusion and
the frequency of traffic accidents. There is a
voluminous scientific literature indicating the
this geomagnetic energy also effects important
biological processes such as blood pressure, heart
rate, heart-rate variability, melatonin levels, and
the balance of the hormonal system.

 Just as geomagnetic fields and
other kinds of fields, such as electromagnetic
fields from the sun, can affect humans, it is
becoming clear that bio-electromagnetic fields
such as those radiated by the human heart and
brain can affect other individuals and the global
information-field environment. There is also
a growing body of evidence of an interaction
between human emotions and global fields
when a large number of people have a similar
emotional response to large catastrophic events
or organized global peace meditations.

here is a
voluminous scientific literature indicating the
this geomagnetic energy also effects important
biological processes such as blood pressure, heart
rate, heart-rate variability, melatonin levels, and
the balance of the hormonal system. It has been
associated with increased cancer, and cardiac and
neurological disease and death. An important
finding is that of all the bodily systems studied
thus far, changes in geomagnetic conditions most
strongly affect the rhythms of the heart.

and as a result i have done this blog to hopefully enlighten on as to why i would choose to stay connected so very long to a heart that was filled ith negativity and fear and possibly destructive to my very owbn body and soul. For i knew this goibng in and guess i’ll always know this when i leave a person i have entered to attempt to heal and become one with.

Peace love and a continued education to one and al that might find a heart or mind to pop by and read my stuff…Namaste’ to one and all…
Q aka quarksire
aka mike in Da’ Rocky Mtns.



    Home > Free Materials > The Cord Cutting Meditation

The Cord Cutting Meditation

Channeled by Will Berlinghof

This meditation appeared in a personal reading Will did for Vikki. When she did the meditation it was so effective that Vikki was a changed woman, literally dancing for joy she felt so good. She requested that the meditation be shared with others as we all have psychic bonds with many people, both dead and alive, entities who deliberately or inadvertently created violations, usually when the victim was young, and although not being significant at the time, it tied the victim and the victimizer together by the psychic cord for the rest of their lives and into past lives and into lives to come. Cruel statements by parents or relatives, bad or misguided advice that affects one’s life, lack of affection by parents and loved ones, cruel and judgmental attitudes by certain entities as the child becomes a teenager, etc. Once this psychic cord is broken, these negative energies and feelings can no longer be felt by either party and as a result one’s life becomes more balanced, less frustrating, buried feelings that somehow affect one’s life on certain levels are instantly removed and life in the physical is immediately improved. In short, this meditation releases and ends karma that could take many lifetimes to resolve……READ MORE >http://cosmicawareness.org/free-materials/the-cord-cutting-meditation/

quarksires interpretations references and dialogue above come from the sources below >

Body and Soul with Gail Harris

An Interresting interview here by dr pat!:”) with the founder of heartmath

{2} a blog by Beverly Golden bout the Heart Facts & heart healing

Childre, Doc Lew, Howard Martin, and Donna Beech. The HeartMath Solution. San Francisco, CA: HarperSanFrancisco, 1999. Print. p.9 page 10 and quotes from page 23


2 thoughts on “Heart Healing

  1. you have a lot of interesting information here. you have captivated my curiosity. perhaps one of the more memorable quotes for me was, “Have to get off ur knees quit praying and stand up get out there and do it if ya want to heal is all there is to it. ” thanks for a breath of fresh air coming from my computer screen. much love.

  2. thanks Alise, yeah , having been married to a couple of bi-polars, well understand quite a bit an attempt to shed a bit of light bout healing that i can. We all on the planet need healing in on way or another the way i see it, no one sees all or know all purfect, thanks fer contemplating my stuff…hasta, frum Q

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