Volbeat Warrior

Midnight Rambler – Thunder Rider……….boom da boom da boom da boomda:)


Im an old rock and roll fan and an old rocker:)….so what does an old  guy do?

Still head bang a bit yup!!!!!!!!!
but listen to old rock and rollers toooo….well, they liked elvis and johnny cash too when they were kids, so now this is how an ol man like me an them that don’t rock by the coubntry music,,,well we can tribute it to rocking like this..Some Growl…Some May Scream, Some May CryAloud, Some might sing like ones ya nevr heard:), ah but if they were only understood,,,the dreamers the screamers the Growling ones like a Wolf that fights to the very last breath!.such as life…….Before they er she burned down my happiness, or tried to no avail…well is what and why i listen to stuff like this like it er not!!!!!…..suprise!…I am stronger than she thought her love didn’t ..kill me..will jest make me tht much stronger and smarter in the future,,,i will see what the spring and summer will bring for this heart here!….togetherness…….an love is what the old rockers that are still in lve sing bout,,lovers and dreamers we are!!!!!!!!1….an many different angels sound out an pund out a different song,inside the feeling might jest be the same:)….Elvis fan Cash fan er old er yung rocker is all in what is truly sought, frum da bottom of dere hearts!…..Ol’ rainbow fan here, so go listen to some of the Same ol Stuff lol………if ur not woke up by 45 minutes into this performance if ya are inclined to watch:).well then jest go back to sleep! im going for a midnight Moonlight Ryde….Its thunder in dem there hills! or is it mikey on his bike the neighbors say lol @ 12 am…but well lightning an thunder 5 miles away ya never really know do ya 🙂http://www.thunderintherockies.com/ lol.. peace out werld:)………..Ps: the oncore at 50 minutes well,,,is Time TO WAKE UP …..An Bring it on….er shut it off i guesss………For I am a Warrior and the sumer breezes are at my front and at my back…all ways around me they are so much fun to be alive frum nopw till september:) in mikeys werld:).yup yup.jest fer me:)….Wish U were here!….yep i do….
ohwell, eyes open a bit more , will not fail, will ride on , the nocturnal soul Mr. Q will , Will try to outrun the angels i think tonight:) is a fun game when ya live in Heaven on Earth!..for now.it is t me……god bleess werld an keep on FIGHTING AN whatevr For THAT WHICH IS RIGHT!….Q ….boom da boom da bomda boomda at 58 minutes:) harrah!…………..soul count down here we go at…..one hour deep….can ya handle an hour of truth,,,,,,,well i don’t know who can i can,i shall go out there an rumble in the dark core of silence alone:) lol an make my little presence known ,,,ever so gently i go,,,as quiet a i can lol.sorry i tell the neighbors it wasn’t me,nope musta been the “ThUnder in da’ Rockies”LoLoL”whoahhhhehe:) say me:)……no matter how ya wanna lewk at mikey..nope he aint a tweak……he been there done that years ago, nope no booze either, jest me sugar nicotine lol caffine and the ings lol.jeez. So go get HIGH on life and have some fun today..maybe do sumpin ya nevr did b 4:)….
Enjoy ur day whatevr u do….even if ur night becomes ur day and ur sun up is ur sunset and vice a versa….funny how i can’t decide which ones i like the mosty sun-ups er sunsets:)

Volbeat Live @ da Wacken Open Air festival 2012,,,,,,,,the end of the werld ,,,we think not!…..jest searchin fer love is all …us ol rockers seem to do:)…..4 ever an a day…….An da holy ones tell Q,,,stop searchin,,let it find u!……..
ok deal!!!!!….Ryde Safe an Fly Safe Werld!…….be good to uerself!……Make evry journey an jaunt werthwhile:) even if yya jest stop to lewk, an listen to a river or a stream, or the animals or jest watch the bugs busy building a new summer retreat!…whatver u do make it a mindful event:)..lewk around be aware…a lot more than jest US is out here and there:)………….Q

i especially like the Ending!……Even if it Might be a sad one…is all a mattImage

er of Perception Ya know:)….hasta.again check out the ending here…. if ya cant handle the in betweens lol….

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    Volbeat Warrior I am and this dese4rves the re-blog of the day today for mikey,since sumhow it got missed by most before 🙂 Rock on Everyone an don’t let the big nbad wolves get ya down!. Q

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