Upside Down Smart Man

The Who What When? Whatcha Talkin bout says da reader? Da Flyn Nun? er?

A WHOLE-Istic Ism!

Infinity ? A Beach Another Time Another Mind? On a different Timeline or Jest ponderin bout My EX Teenage Mind? and Infinity!


Do the doer need to prove he/she is right, nope jest a whisper from way above, as a teenager one must all or even if it is wrong to experience wrong to learn what not to do, trick is not to keep doing the wrong 4 ever! Recgonizable faces and Smart men an perception is what this blog is about,,,an no lies! in Recovery?!… lies are the #1 killer , so don;t lie to urself and or others and let the mind do the walkin instead of the ego, inside. Listen without discernment! & be whole-istic, to be this way is a gewd Ism in my bewk:)


side cover of left side of my bike means “infinity”

Q Says don’t cry ….its jest a teenage wasteland an we all have to grow up someday, no matter how old we are, I would have been a teenager all my life if i could, but that would mean one of the 2 things, i’d be now dead, or i would have stopped aging…lol… well the later woulda’ been kewl, but reality has it time is only eternal for time and not the human body! as  is dis-ease and bodily and bold temperance that can only hold out so long, an well, being a teen into the early 20’s can be an exciting time of ones  life if one does it jest right, it is the time to make it all the way ya want it to be for some time to come, it is the time to make lifetime choices that mean a difference. Hopefully not choices like to do drugs or drink will be chosen if ya are a teen readin’ this, temperence in all things will make one a smarter person, and choosing wise habits, ya learn by experiece {mistakes} so tread gently till ya have made the mistakes enuuf to know not what to do! ya only have room in ur silly brain for so many habits…as written in many holy texts, so, point is “Choose ur Habits Wisely!” an wear ur habits on ur heads halo like the nun does her topper:) lol….Let it be ur invisible helper, ur cage around ur body, u hold these habits in! Paint ur life away after ya got good habits goin and enjoy every stroke & spectrum of focus an new light that life brings every day from then n till forever after….This guy in this video combines a few different habits he has all in one so he can bring this performance to u,,,,He combinnes, Music, Painting, Dance, and a commenter on the page says> It’s performance painting. It’s art. It may not be art that speaks to you or that you care about, but it’s still art. And there are many who appreciate it.


Quark here agrees,,,, appreciation is in the eye of the beholder, even if it might be as simple as appreciating making a good cupa cocoa!, or a kewl fire,,whatevr it is u do,, the point is have fun and do it the best ya can, sometimes the expression and the truth of the art form or habit displayed, is truth in its most beautiful form, be careful with ur truths though, and show posterity an poise whilst ya have fun doing what ya like to express, jest remember also there is a time and place for all things, some things jest have to be displayed in the correct form to be appreciated, and honored for the artistic creation and beauty to be beheld in that beautiful form that it is!…. its all in how ya put the book together that counts, and why, not really how many chapters it has, or even if it becomes a series of books, hopefully it will be memories of ATTEMPTING TO HAVE FUN….EVER SINCE WE LIVED IN DIS TEENAGE WASTELAND! LOL>>>>>when we had “NO FEAR!”

So, tip of the day; From self {da teenager an kid inside:lol} to the Old man or Wo man On the OUtside LOL When ya go to bed today think bout not lettin addictions to negativity ridicule, fear, alcohol, stinking ego thinking{always analysing}, false pride, lust, sugar, bad, foods, get to u or ur best friends today……..

Let “G” do da walkin an talkin 2 day…….an allow ur body to follow da spirit,,an not form ,and be of mind for more than NOT!….OVer An Out….



PS: my neighbor and i took both of my running bikes in pic below here out for a 120 mile spin this afternoon and eve..made it back with 1 minute to spare b 4 it rained like well, u know Kats &* Dogs,an after dark! obkly got rained on once on road.Once is enuff lol fer one nights ride…,,whatevr that was suppose to mean lol..Kats & Dogz?…who chases whom lol..Depends on da Kat an Dog dont it & whether dey love each other er not, even different species dey might be:( they might still have the same :G” lol.god? imagine dat ! lol.

and even be able to love each other!….



and i must well, comment on my own post here with a VIDEO Comment cuz, i wanted to show both of these in the same context! 2 Day:)…

adios!.over an out,,,frum….Q

If ya thought da guy in that vid was kinna upside down,an Doggin’ It!, Well Then, check out this KAT LOL….AGAIN………ENJOY!

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