Go For It

{if} U listen Carefully, you get to hear everything u didn’t want to hear in the first place.   a quote by; Shalom Aleichem



Some folks declare that the Universe is fully supportive of what I want , and also i am told it is up to me to Go For it ,,,whatever it is i want or dream of if i want it if i do. or not is my choice….Well i used to live by the “Go For It” attitude a lot when i was younger, cuz i could physically and or mentally{depending upon the challenge}handle the “WHACKS” is i whacked or fell, er whatnot.

Seems as so many folks are Directed by “oneforce” or another…Other Times a life might feel as though it is being pushed or shoved in some particular direction for one purpose or another. Our thoughts, dreams, desires, fears, fates and destiny rides along these lines of thoughts that create who we are then , right!…all the thoughts and fears etc etc, come because they are echoed to u from the media and various sources. So does the message that one gets from the real Werld, embedded with fear and whatnot, does that message on the deepest of deep levels inside of soul feel “right”…does it fee lLOVE” or “FEAR“? what does one choose to hear?…Maybe one is being told by the higher guides to move away release themselves from the bondage, of being an enabler, maybe one is told to go out and pursue a new interest talent or sport one has never tried before, do we act with fear or love, or think first with fear or love?. Maybe one is being told to honor all u ever said because of “love”..
    What is it we choose to “GO FOR?”,,,when is it that taking the step and doing something bout it and not procrastinating bout it any more to watch it wither, for the ego to say.“i told u so!”…what a loss.. all because of fear, and false flags and the egos lies?:(…
    what is the step we should have or should take in action to go fot it” a they say is to meditate …and meditate more lol… till ur done and u have a conclusive answer, based upon either love or fear,,,If ur open to listening to the higher order of things that set it all up in the first place , well, then u can then take “acton” and go for it or not! based on fear and or love, whichever way u choose to perceive it from?right?…………well……….
     Whatever happens as a result of this thinking always happens inevitably er not whether one desires it er not is a fact of mental holographic projection the way i see it. {for Q believes-Yes thoughts are things!} once we make the desired decision to pursue our inner urgings and desires, it appears the universe then sets into motion the ways and means for all sorts of crazy details not even imagined to come into play and help to resolve and werk things, out… i call this devine intervention!…a kinna reverse karmetic strategy an happening!
     This is when a sense of peace abounds within ones soul, the “soul that KNows” because we now know that any questions asked will no longer make us wunder if our dreams were ever or at all possible, but rather, how to every day and minute of our lives make them happen. Instead of taking us away any more fro our goal at hand months or years back, these questions now will only clarify our personal focus to then allow us to move forward without hesitation. The new attitus=de and belief that we are also part of all that is will also attract and bring to us the same like minnded people to assist us in our journey through this universal spacialitity of time we travel in, each an every one f us,,,your very own personal spiral so to speak. At times like this we are given the opportunity , to call upon and have the most unlikely and also most likely angels we do and do not know to come and assist us in our journey also. They may transport us the correct information wee needed for our journey to be able to be completed. So we can again find the “WHOLENESS” that was originally desired for you in the master plan…..Believe it er not!” once again in Q’s werld…
    Whatevr u planned on doing , jest do it, don’t fear,,,whatever U love,,jest go for it, or it will move on,,,,Today is the first day of the last dance if ya make it so , or ya will have to find a new dance, all baseed on whether one acts based on false fears false flags, fears or love or honor?…is all up to the individual,,,i am jest supplyinng myeself and u with some fewd for thoguht on a alone evening in the rockies here,,,,I know many should grab ahold of and TAKE ACTION! and MANIFEST their inner souls urges that cry out to them,,,,and Souls whisperings,,,but some because of the “fear ” response “fail” and take 2 steps backwards on a day when they should have take 3 forward! an 2 back……..
     freedom of choice for the liberated soul sometimes finds fear ruling their choice along with the false ego…so, beware is all i can say watch ur thoughts! manifest ur dreams into reality and have splendid life..Ur choice er not…This Fine Day!……….Quarksire…..7-20-2013 @ 2;30 am rocky mtn std time!

follow ur dreams- follow ur hearts desire-Go For it er not -Ur choice! er Stagnate:(……Colorado Q – Over an Out…Namaste’




“It isn’t that a warrior learns shamanism as time goes by; rather, what he learns as time goes by is to save energy. This energy will enable him to handle the energy fields which are ordinarily inaccessible to him. Shamanism is a state of awareness, the ability to use energy fields that are not employed in perceiving the everyday world that we know.”

The Fire From Within ~ Carlos Castaneda


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