Another one bout Lewkin UP

Lewkin Up to Brighter Skys 2 day:) To Rise Above it All:)
photo: edge of my helmet and da parawing above:)
blue skys everywhere:)and links Galore on this page here i posting today,,,jest wave ur hand across the texts and photos an take a lewk see:)….
~ SO ~
^^^^^^^TO RISE ABOVE IT ALL^^^^^^^
When some particular difficulty has you feeling like you’re surrounded, which way do you go?
 The best way to go is up.
 A powerful strategy for overcoming the challenges
 is to get yourself on top of them rather than in the midst of them.
You have a powerful tool available to you. It’s something
you use all the time without even realizing it
, something you’ve been using since you are a child.
 It’s known as visualization
It can positively and definitively change your mind,
 your attitude, and your energy level.

And by so doing it can change the reality of your life.

When you’re deep within a difficult challenge,

visualize yourself rising above it.
 Close your eyes, and see the challenge surrounding you.
 Imagine that it has color and texture.
In your mind, give it a size and shape.
Then, using the same power of imagination,
see yourself rising above it, like a hot air balloon
or an ultralight, lifting off the ground and into the air.

Jest a Fly by to say HIGH!

Jest a Fly by to say HIGH!

Get high enough above it and you’ll see what’s beyond it.
 Imagine yourself high enough above that challenge
and you’ll know, with absolute certainty, that you have what it takes to emerge victorious.
Whatever challenge confronts you, give yourself some valuable perspective.
 In your mind, rise above it.Jest
Quarks Above it All

Quarks Above it All

 And in your actions you’ll find a way to make it through. Watch it though! think safe be safe!
have a splendid one:)
some video LINKS OF THE DAY FROM Q:) 2 U:)here below

Yoga Sutras: Yoga Meditation is outlined in 196 pithy statements or Sutras, summarized on one page so as to see the “big picture. See also: Summary page | List of 196 Sutras | Introduction | Narrative | Patanjali | Download | Chapter outlines | Seven Keys | Questions | Yoga Sutras in PDF.

~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance? ~
u can fly up above ur shadows
can fly above the rainbows
Risin above it all

Risin above it all

u can fly through the arch of a rainbow:)
but it may still may be ur only dance?:(..
so we fly very carefully:)..
know this: “crashing is not an option”, nor getting bucked off the horse anymore! ~
gettin sick of the horse game!~~~~
horses don’t have a throttle, and heck i’m safer flying:)..
no seat bealts or harnesses to keep me on the horse?
Especially if it’s the saddle of ur flying angel!
twisting the throttle or pushing it
sounds much safer to me:) than horses
Famous last werdz huh:)
but now my flying angel…..?????
she is a bucking horse i guess
maybe i should ride a mule lol…
Mikey jest don’t know anymore….Fame er life lol
he be da’ UpsideDownSmartMan lol hebeda jebeda lol
all i can do is keep lewking up and move forward…without hesitation, ride on or fly on into the yonder, and know da’ heart was true blue an one did the best one could…
is the best one can do:)
travel safe, however u travel this fine day!
Means-Moving Forward-Without Hesetation

Means-Moving Forward-Without Hesitation

Namaste’ to one an all that reads stuff here an dere!
Peace out

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