Chanting Love & Livin on the Edge

A couple a beautiful women with souls that touch my Universe, have made my day.

i will leave them annonymous for the sake of they know who they are, and i thank both of these ladies frum the bottom of my heart! For helping me in my Journey, we call life.


One spirit i know know here at werdpress said : “God knows though how I’ve tired to break free, break free from the sorrow and pain. I really got a meltdown this winter and found myself in a psychosis”….

I SAID TO HER Simply seems as though i found myself in this same place because i allowed another to use me like a rug, for their pastime whilst i waited at home alone second winter in a row for someone that will prolly never show…will be 3 years december:(. So be it i get the drift here and if i read it all right , we got to rise above it all…

i agreed and it reminds me a blog i did a while back on multiply bout not killing urself over it. So was good for me to have that reminder and time to ponder and respond to that blog today!…was a healthy thing for me to do, is to tell my peace to another honestly also, and jest well, pray i am accepted for being jest me for a change again in life. I am almost well assured the universe don;t want me to spend another winter alone, nor in misery, and if I am alone well, hop ei am assured of well one thing LOVE …in my heart for another! We shall see whats in store i am a believer in miracles “one way or the other”……ussually the other though; i plan the plans and well, don’t always know the outcome.

     An well: another lady told me this in her blog werld;  love is and we rest in the heart of life’s loving kindness and loving cruelty everyday. For love uses both to teach. Second we come from within the universe and are made of its very everything. We are the brethren of the stars and suns and galaxies of this great universe we sit in the middle of;And last but not least there is not a word,spoken or thought nor an action taken that is not heard nor seen by those who have always been….

“And last but not least there is not a word … spoken or thought … nor an action taken that is not heard nor seen by those who have always been”….

quark sire adds to this> : believe it er not!

can u maybe believe the last sentence er what,well if? i wont tell u what to do only i can only wish if not well is the universes desire for mikey now!

i was going to re-blog it but i figured id keep it to me, and if either of ya ladies wish ya can post a link to ur page in my comments section, i know whom ya are and that is what is important today. i have also no need to stir a pot that don’t want to be stirred by me without the request to do so out of honor and personal integrity….yes long blog to follow!……been werkin’ on this all evenin’. Since i couldn’t sleep and the thoughts of someone seems to be in me head! is kewl though! i do so love the feelings  have right now, instead of the ones i had last night of sorrow and simple misunderstandings created out of fear and fear alone. For that i have to offer forgiveness! for today i lived with no fear for a change , an no tears also:) i feel good a jennifer helped me snap out of my craziness:) thanks Jennifer!..and thanks to u to Sher!…..for being u!

a life with no more real strife i do so pray this fine day!WHY I WILL BLOG til the end of the internet!…if there ever is one!….
IT’S ALL BOUT VaRiAbLeS ya see..

…..and things that change!…like sumtimes ones mind.


i sure hope not auctually, i do not receive tv reception in my area and the internet is cheaper than anything for my media and entertainment purposes. And it is geeeeorge Jetson style for me to be able to have a messenger:) very kewl. When i was a child there were no such things in life. Jest black and white TV’s if ya were lucky enuff to own one. The days when it was every American dream to have a ford or chevy parked in the front yard a tv at home a wife that loved ya and kids also, a german shepard or lab, terrier if ya like fiesty animals, a fonzy style motorcycle in the garage, a boat in tha backyard, maybe a swimming pool too!…. lol….stable finances, stable folks to hang out with etc etc.  Those were the days, but the days have changed quite a bit.

A MAJORITY: ABOUT MONEY SAD TO SAY MONEY   some moral some immoral!?:()

     Things jest aren’t spit out to the majority but  few on a silver platter these days, as a result of more people being around there is less of some things, more for others…the gap keeps getting exceedingly wider between all classes in every country. would be nice i think if everyone could only grow to be so big so powerful and so rich and thet was the limit!….ya couldn’t get any richer . and if ya wanted to all the excess capital gained would go to any charity fund u wanted, but you could not own it!cuz one person only needs so much based on the economy to live a life of luxury whence u get to that level of being rich anyhow.


     If one can find the time life becomes more than jest some rhyme er fairy tale ya see, I a guarrantee ya ya haven’t see nutin’~~~ yet compared to what has beeen before sometimes and sometimes what will be after…but nevertheless I see a lot of life is bout taking chances, cuz ya might not get another chance er go round with the same offering that you might have been given on a silver platter!
    When it is a offering of love i’d say don’t give it up to the powers that wish to take it away too easily, if u are forced to try and to do it very gracefully. Don’t need to make it any harder on the person that is making it hard on u ….cuzz well if ur relationship is a 2 way street Patience will be a great asset here! in these kinna situations also, the kinna situation where you have to choose between right and wrong! …of spirit or not of spirit? which is it i must ask myself before taking every next best move or motion i take in life…I’d rather have the baby so to speak than the abortion, jest is not right, not in my eyes i love kids! is an insane practice and very inhumane , {another blog}..

Then it comes to this for me…THE BRAIN OF A SHAMAN! THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE –
for most to fathom.
hope this blog won’t bore you because it will be very long i am warning you, so go get a cupa coffe sit down shut up and read, it might be werth ur while if u are a voyager like me.

A LIFE OF A DIFFERENT SORT!frum trancendence to variables in perceptions

 FRum urs truly the trancendent Q lol… of several books i plan on offering to a publisher next year er so is my  goal…well one of many. Damn so many wishes dreams and goals and only so much time and money to get em all done….i’ll have to leave some certain things for desires i wish to have in my next life also!…That comes to a blog bout finding each other i am werking on on the side…soon to come: When u multi task life like i do ya might find and if ya like to have to not only keep an open mind and be around clearly of ur surroundings cuz u are aware that u live in more than one Werld at once{believe it er not}

    sometimes i wunder if i can ever keep up with the mind that thinks up the stuff i write on the net, a lot of my stuff is spontaneously written in the middle of the night in the wee hours cuz i become nocturnal squirrel , grabbin some nuts er sumpin ….woke thinking bout sumpin’ er what not either way or a late night out…i do my best thinking after i have been awake bout 30 hours but i have hard time staying away. Something clicks about then in the brain fer some reason, some levels of something change after being awake 30 hours, not sure what it is but i am addicted to it being an addict sometimes an have been addicted to this trance state of mind for several years because of the valuable benefits it has brought my life and brain!……Besides clicking lol….i of course become very tired……but in that relaxed state of staying awake and alert the consciousness slips into a kind of trance state i would call it ……i have maintained up to 70 hours plus without the help of alcohol or any chemical drugs…….after 3 sun-ups and sunsets of being awake. Dennis weir i believe his name is wrote a bewk i read once about trance tecknology that i really enjoyed. about trancendence through finding the trance state somehow. There are many ways to do it…even wrong ways that could make one violent…like alcoholism, or drugs. But this blog is not bout alcohol or drugs to attain that state….There are some very pleasant ways also if ur in the state of mind to attain the same trance state… the spores one can eat and also have an extended 2 day awake over and over sexual encounter…tantric sex foor 2 days would prolly be harder on a guy like me over 50  i’d jest prolly suggest hehe…go at it slowly if ur an ol guy hehe.anyhow rewards might be greater!
     Extended periods of continued consciousness without to much negative or positive input for a couple of days is very health and puts you in this very state of mind if ya can allow it to….some can play solitaire over and over fer like an hour er 2 a switch clicks in their brain and they realizing they are playing a game and thinking a string of thoughts all along . Doing 2 separate things at the same time….maybe even eating dinner on the side subconsciously

WATCHING YOUR THOUGHTS!. like i have said in previous blogs:)
    I used to achieve this state of repetition like 2 sides of reality a lot i found doing different types of jobs over the years. Sanding Cars for hours and hours upon a time, Monotony i found when in high skewl was great for the mind…over and over and over the same thing over and over would do the trick and put me in that state of mind whatever it was. It would wander i found and think bout other things consciously as if in school…could even have visuals put to it also…all while i was a sanding a car. was a trip. could watch a movie in ur mind and do something else at the same time! Even whikle i was spending an hour spraying a car! sometime when and after achieving that state of mind ya find ya can be there for days. Consciously aware that there is a second consciousness and maybe more werking within ur brain all at  the same time playing out this so called movie of life in ur brain, all different for everyone cuz every life story is not the same. And over the years through different forms of repetition we develop and create the life and lifestyle with which we choose to live. Cuz it is all bout choices ya see. Not a random number generator are we. Not so specific, we as humans have variables we can change therefore learning to grow, instead of fail in our life or loves mission! live. Taping up printed circuit board is very monotonous and when ya get good at something that is monotonous and repetitive ..after doing it for extended periods of time if u are AWARE you will see and hear this movie playing 24/7 in ur brain:). IE?:)..a healthy brain is a healthy movie! A simultaneous movie…kinna like being able to write 2 blogs at the same time the same night on 2 different subjekts and kinna make em one…i find myself doing that a lot. cuz one topic leads to another to another. So be it!..Make it so! I SAY! Flip back and forth, pick whichever one ya finish first and park the second fer laters, try to blog and share as much as possible is a s good for the souldier and soul  within a lot….to let steam off or light up or darkness out whatever it is jest get rid of it and go on with life. So back to the subjekt flippin back an forth here i am got to stay focused and to the point!…. trancendence through repetition: thats what i was talkin’ bout. An artist that does line drawings like a zillion lines or dots to make one picture they are drawing they will find themselves transcenc=ding and doing this also. I used to get it a lot when having earmuffs on standing on top of a rock crusher for 12 hours a day all through the summer months. I’d be watching a private movie in me brain, a fantasy, or a dream, or thoughts prevelant even thoughts that would arouse or sadden the emotion , thinking of the gurl the night before, er the day before when ya went flying , thoughts keep a whizzin throught the brain, all while crushing rocks all day long. Eat sugar for days too much of it will give ya the same effect very neurotically, is why i believe many sugar addict become addicted they feel it but don’t know what it is …evrey time they do more they get closer but not quite is a very illusive product folks, cuz it won’t GET YA THERE! it will JEST MAKE U FAT AND NEUROTIC! almost as bad as alcohol.
     Many books over the years have been written bout this separate reality, one of the first that got me into it when i was a child i read carlos castanadas book ” A SEPARATE REALITY”.

that was back in the days of sanding cars jest learning how to get some wits bout myself and have a life of my own after moving out of my child hood home. Soon after that even without the use of drugs i became exceedingly aware that there was more to life than jest this body. If not well then i was becoming dillusional. But only to come to realize that what was happening on the other side of silence and repetition was this trigger in this thing called the brain, it was a RECEPTOR FOR THIS THING CALLED THE MIND!,,{believe it er not}….We need to do a couple a few things if we need to evolve from this stage of jest mastering seeing ur thoughts or hearing ur own music so to speak! First after sittin down or whatevr ur doing over and over…once ya start seeing ur thought  TRY THE EXPERIMENT: see if something u produce in ur mind as a thought first can become a reality for u? then after that question ya might ask yourself:? how do i do that..isn’t that called manifesting? only magicians can manifest things and that aint real anyhow so why should i try one might ask? But what if ya could manifest things in ur mind? what then …how would you lewk at and treat ur life? is a whole another blog, or chapter{mark}….ya ask like turn water into wine? like that…precisely little grasshopper says the master! My point is that when ya think things they can become things in many ways depending upon the power of mind u have been granted or recieved in life naturally. My other point is, that in this we are one theory of life there are tiny fibers that connect you to yur universe.{believe it er not}…..the planet and the whole of cosmos is also connected with the same fibers; I call these the “QUANTUM “fibers of life. Dogs know! Why don’t humans i wunder sumtimes…bout this telepathy…don’t exactly know but i believe they speak their masters language and are as smart as their training. If ur married and at home and have a wife at home try this experiment:) jest a iddy biddy weird one:
     When ur ready to leave after doing the last thing in town even if ya live 30 minutes away …..right before u are getting ready to leave…pulll over to the side of the road …VISUALIZE UR DOG…..and say with him clearly in ur mind:) especially if ya know right where he is,,,,zoom in on that setting in ur mind and say! ‘”hay rover buddy i am on my way home bringin ya a treat!” AND always remember to be honest and bring what ya promise home! do this daily on ur way home no matter what time u leave to go back home. don’t let ur wife tip ff the dog either by a phone call! “play fair!”
     anyhow every day now at the time u leave do this repetitiously and have ur wife on the other end; have her notice and observe the dogs behavior, notice if there is sumpthing strange bout the dog by herside:) bout the time u make this anouncement! privitely to the dog with visualization and vocally into the thin air of space…anounce a outloud …”OK ROVER HERE I COME home…MAY B Q FEW TIMES TO RIENFORCE IT:) THEN THINK OF UR FER A FEW WHERE HE MIGHT BE ER WHAT AND HOPE HE GETS THE MESSAGE{best onE can do}……….lol… what i’d like to hear from ONE ER MORE OF of ya that try S thiS experiment that it werks:)….you may find if u have a strong connection to ur dog and are in sync, well that jest when u anounce it ur dog will be going to the front door and get all excited till ya do arrive home! Yes folks another{believe it er not} TAKE CLEAR RESPONSIBILITY EVERY NIGHT WITH CLEAR INTENTION – while doing this. Lo k for the truth in what happens after lotsa repetetion!  Like repeating a phrase er verse over and over like the chanting shaman! When u arrive home appreciate ur dog for listening and thank him for knowing! ab=nd give him his treat!….Honestly extend compassion to his soul for all u know he does realy know…..and thatis how to communicate telepathically with their werld and environment the best they can receive and resonate 2 factors to blog on also another time:)
^^^ MY dog sash says i’m making her tired lol ^^^

WILL GET YA THERE – NOT UR DREAMING ! or fantasies, or delusional streams of fear thought bout WHAT IF”S?
some get there by jest being who they are…living in between the good the bad and the ugly
taking the best and leaving the rest:)………


note: VOTE yes NO-DUALISM – vote no! on dualistic behavior…puting every thing in one box….is not the way it is or was ever intendd to be.
vote yes on non-dualistic thinking foks, and  well what that means to a guy like me is that there are always 2 ways to lewk at things, not absolute is all , not all is absolute, all is what it is,is exact and right ya see. There is good fear bad fear!…there is no set and dry boundries for which side ya live in and for how long…fact remains u have a choice and it is now to choose to make the best next decision ya can bout anything ur gonna do in ur life today or tommorrow. Whomevr u are..ull have a better off chance if ya use ur fear wisely…and live ur love largely for the truth that unfolds in love is sumtimez inexplainable,,,, FOR LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS FOR WHAT IT IS.
I say to myself to try to be the cleanest example of what i know myself to be, all other aspects will show there light when the time is right!

LOOK FOR THIS LIGHT THAT YA FIND WHEN YA CONNECT….THE LIGHT THAT IS NOn-DUALISTIC! – BUT ALTHOUGH THIS LIGHT MIGHT COME AND GO KNOW THE LIGHT IS THERE, NEVER THE LESS , JEST LIKE THE SUN BEHINDS’T THE CLOUDS. cHOOSING THE BEST HING TO DO WEATHER FEAR BASED OR LOVE BASED ALTHOUGH DOES HAVE TO BE BASED ON TRUTH! IF not all things can go outa whack!, can even be truth n the fears,one might be in troublee an have to examine them if so i think ,but what do i know, jest rambling at 1;30 am:) here,,,Still though ya got to be careful bout what ya think ya know , cuz what happens to me then is i’m then shown i don’t know jack – nor chit…oh well…so one has to learn to focus right ….Take the best and leave the rest out of all things that ya come across in life:)

PS: S:

     Yes folks, THOUGHTS  ARE THINGS…..NOT QUITE LIKE concrete though even though they can go right through concrete{believe it er not}

will pick this up where i left off with a few more chapters…. as to not put to many chapters into one train of thought!

so; Train of thought for the day…..& tomorrow…..LOVE & FORGIVENESS!
& moral support for love!

have a great day everyone ………………………Q

Typical dualistic thinking which will always bring highs and lows and depend on external circumstances…Money will not make you happy for starter will tell ya why in a bit. or someday laterz…a big subjekt it is….Dualistic thinking is based on separation…an no real truth!
To separate and visualise which reality is which goes back to lewking at ur self and ur own mind and watching ur thoughts!. an actions or LACK OF actions as a pure result:)………..keeping these 2 realms separate and not joining them in the ying/yang theory well, then ya have to pick one side or the other,…..
THE MASTER OF HIS OR HER MIND IS ONE WHO CAN SEE BOTH SIDE JEST FINE , Mainly FOCUS ON THE LO v E SIDE…and use fear for what is best self protection an s self preservation…not to be the cause of no action or ignorance in or of life…..
...Be aware see it all…that is okaywerk from the right side though , do what is best out of love, and leave the rest…………more to come!

removin’ the lines of time that are embedded when we remove da mask and see who and what life is… sometime a hard reality, removing that line left on th edge of reality on the edge of the cliff!:)
see when the positive charges hit the negative charges here …..lightning the season of the year here:) see if i can catch some lighjtning this year! on FILM<

to be continued:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

psss: ride-ing the lightning and clouds of fury the furious little  hummers are back all summer here!hummer09



love & light to all!

frum a different perception sorrow an pain can become

light & love ,,if thou so wish ith!

Jest for: today: an as long as i can; let thy keep thy perceptions filled with love and good thoughts for all the ones  wished to be inviolved in ur Movie,,,to help u co direct and direct it and go on with it!

this lovely thing! i percieve it to be. Life!

Peace & Namaste 2 one an all



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