I got this on my comments page Synonymous Deductive Reasoning

Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated you for a Best moment award. Please do not feel pressured to accept or act on this, it takes time, and some thought, but I believe you deserve it for the moments your blog has given me. Here’s a link to my acceptance post, which explains the rules as well.
Congratulations and many thanks, Jennifer.


Many thanks to Jennifer, who has nominated me for a Best Moment Award, It truly made my week much better and gave me a few things to think bout, since i do too little good for me self by doing an honest self seeking moral inventory, jest to keep it all straight! in me mind. So, I too as like Jennifer are into pay it forward and or move it forward practices and such things, as done with some of my old photo comp blogs etc etc. is great for morale, and also jest to get to know some new people or perspectives whichevr it might be. I have a little bit different perspective on life as of a week er so ago, i am still the same me but claryfying who i am one more time so i can move forward with my life, and not allow others to negatively affect me to the best degree as possible. This here is my publik response of appreciation for allowing me to do this again, an in another way making me do a self seeking moral inventory over night again as it was…an is…Thanks Jennifer Once again….Means an awful lot to me today to be able to have done this, have to do it {4th step}  ever so often as i trudge through or enjoy it whatevr it might be:)…….
The Steps of Life……………………… 🙂
Jennifer’s blogs and Werdz and can be found at
here are the rules for the acceptance of the award :

1. Display the award logo,

2. Link back to the person who nominated you,

3. State 7 things about yourself, here they are: An well being a man of not a few werds i don’t know how to condense every line of things i wanna say bout myself to 7 one liners so here it goes….an nominate 15 and forward it to them if so inclined, depending on ur readership:) Any way jest enjoy it:)…I have been blessed for this fun i hope it will be fun for u also:) ……..
heres my 7+ thingzzzzzzzzzz…………..I call this Notepad write…


1:) I LOVE LIFE even if I am not feeling well:
I personally have to be werking on it seems; allowance for what others do negatively “to me” and or say to me get to me; Turnt over and riled up in my soul, I have a problem not being able to not judge dishonesty in others, is a main reason why i blog is “for me” to attempt to realize “who i am” any more it seems like, to attempt to read all my werds i truly feel and to live by them to the fullest degree. The greatest reminders to me bout how to live i attempt to put down in black and white here so i can adhere to them and walk the walk of what i say, and not the opposite, Jest talking da talk! I am not one to “challenge” the universe or fate and or destiny anymore, as i have been reminded many times in the last week or so ” Life is too SHort” appreciate evrey monment of it whist one can.

2:) I Love the FEELINGS of FREEDOM:
and flying and motorclycling and driving to my hearts content to new different places i have never seen. I love experiencing new, and Old-new {that which is old but new to me}…takin the motorhome an motorcycles off to new places, and hanging out in new nature filled spots i never have are the memorable experiences i do so live for, along with the feeling of LOve and doing things one loves to do…again “Life is too Short”.yep…….

3:) I am a TRUE BELIEVER: of Say what ya mean and mean what ya say,,,and hate hipocracy and hate very few things really, but hipocracy and dishonor of word is 2 things which i have to hate and also learn to forgive in others i a devine Dichitomy…and move one with my day er life whatevr the case may be…Again “Life is too Short” so true! to me…..

4:) I believe in Quantumness, and believe that evrey persons connection to thier world can be spiritual and enlightening in wisdom, truth, & through nature and thier loves and environment if they so desire it to be so. Anything in this Quantum Realm of Dreams and Reality is a possibility…each and every day I live. I do so believe this…

5:) I believe i am not “too Old” or disabled,, to offer a life of goodness, love, light, and harmony to a woman whom might enjoy my company, or find a need in me like i do her….that need Is LOVE. I bellieve in planning the plans, i can;t always be sure of the outcome though!

6:) NO FEAR I MUST SAY! Sumtimes i feel like the happiness i werked my whole life to achieve, is nothing but a bucket list of sorrows, for others to create an dwell in. And in the end only brings me to Fact that ! the realization a day that which I need, is jest what’ll keep me alive, one more day,to stay alive , jest one more day…..”NO FEAR’ has been a motto of mine fer bout 15 years now since i choose to stop consuming alcohol and disengaging from my spirit for that spirit of booze.

7:) REcovery is part of evreyday life for me... A lot of days i wake physically ill, { I have PKD } and have to recover from virtually jest being alive, till i can find a way to get along with my day. from then on i attempt to lewk at my life evryday now as life is too short to be in sorrow over anything if i can help it. I truly realize that i need help to get along in my life, and cannot do it alone, as tough as i though i used to be. its a 2 person werld in my life and I am alone, is my daily realization as i take it all in stride, “One Day at A Time” OVERCOME an rise above it all! fly if i can!
An So 3 Thingz Offa da record i guess lol:) i don’t follow rules very well all the time but give it me best shot!:)….Q

8:) I feel 21 a lot but know that i am not! so as though the most important thing I or any person can do in life is
“To thine Own Self Be True”    no matter what ya do,,,,,, “Forgive others for what they might do”
for to hold resentments against them is as to hold it against one self.

9:) I do so believe that “Creation” is one of the greatest and one of the main things that I come here to Experience. “Creation” of all that i am possible, is what i am, all that is possible for , me You and me also…if it were true……..Can’t wait for a higher ower to “create” my day for me,,,for that is all up to me:)……Is how i wish to “create” the day every day that is important to me!

10:)     I am in LOVE with and Love anyone that can be on this level with me, an coherently “read my mind” it is the most fascinating of all my experiences as of yet on this planet, how those whom choose this connection have so “rightiously” affected me for all of eternity,,good,bad er ugly,,,in one way or another. I BELIEVE IN LIFE ETERNAL!.… matter what the average joe thinks…..well, since i have been dead twice an i am still here must be a reason for that now huh, by design er accident, whichever way,,,I can be grateful i am me and here today, and have the inspiration of also the blogs below i have chosen to represent in my life as being relevant and Impactors upon my soul….Thanks for being u Everyone:)……….Namaste’ over an out…..Q

 Nominate 15 (or however many you can) other bloggers for this award: Im Gonna do 10 cuz i had 10 paragraphs to say 🙂 lol….namaste to one an all thanks for being my freind.
I pondered upon this ever since jennifer sent me the link and honored me so here, i do so feel honored that i can be accepted for being me by someone out there and that what i have to say might mean something to someone in one way or another good… I Have many a good moments in my life and many moments were given from others to me also, which i do so appreciate from the bottom of my heart all the wisdom, and heartfelt messages i have gotten over the years, weeks, or months preceding. The MOMENTS , that have been given to me one way or another to affect my soul and life i live through the internet and wordpress are motivators for me, and i truly want to thank the ones that have helped to motivate me and or help me to overcome the Trials and Tribulations in my life as of latelyy……………….

MY Nominations for Best Moment Award Goes to the Following WordPress Individuals this year..
along with a sentence er 2 bout each>>>>.

Wisdom frum Beyond to help Us the grace for change YouTube Also

A courageous, educated artist an entertainer, a WiseWoman Attitude!:)

A B 4 thirty lol free thinker an amatuer poet she says.

Poet, Professional published writer teacher an poet with a sense of humour.

Talented Artist & Poet, has ayoutube and E-books an a Awesome dog! A Lady that has had a DRAMAtic Affect on ME LifeStory! 

a lady comfortable in Chaos; traveling the werld with her youngster an having a great time of it:) BUCKETLIST Publications is her Thing:) check it out

Werds of wisdom from the Buddatherical Realm to da max!:)

Auctually , the gurl that wanted to be the light but already is lol!

a Recovery movie in motion as so is mine also so love her stuff:)

Where its all bout Photography! an shootin whatcvha love 2 see:):)

bonus links> 🙂 hehe

a super sweet friend in recovery is a friend indeed:),,,great sense of humor also, i jest adore this kid an wish her an her man the best. all bout kewl photos again….. : always uplifting thoughts 🙂 to wordpress …. wow 5000 followers huh! hard to keep up with huh…well……jesta few awards 🙂 fun stuff, makes me smile to see some of her posts:) an another bout photography wow….can’t really leave her out  read all her stuff 🙂 read a lot of this stuff here also…

Hey so now i went over the 15 lol im done thanks jennifer for the funn from this one:)..HUGZ…
got another diff award nomination same style format but different

frum arvhee :),,i shall also respond to maybe manana…

Now another chore on my bucket list of chores lol, will be to notify all the 10 here i have posted, was kinna kewl going through and seeing my fav 10, i could go on with 15 but think this jest suits my last 7 months of wordpress jest fine..over an out love ya all lots and ur all an inspiration, laughs, crys, links, photos, memories, a few good times an more…well life with Q here jest is what it is ………”One Day at a Time”……….namaste…………..Q aka mike in rockies in colordo 🙂 4 kittys 3 dogs  lotsa clean air, lotsa winter{snow} lotsa sun {mostly yearound} good ridin an flying areas, an historic wild west stuff is fun 2 me:). Raining right now is Kewl & Cool:)…..kinna miss the sothern cali area where i grew up but have nestled in here for 18 years now! wow,,,seems like yesterday!….kewl:) still got a memory i guess hehe..have a gewd one all!……..


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  1. Such an interesting read Mike. Thanks for sharing some of your story.
    Congratulations on being nominated and thank you for considering me as one of your recipients! I’m very grateful 🙂

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