Da Poet an Da Bear

When a little Gurl her life suddenly
changed?? The bear but won?? the poet sent her teddy bear whilst she slept….@ 9:11 imagine dat lol…..


was it and he really all a dream?
~~~ So it seems 😦 ~~~


~~~not so lewking at this 😦 ~~~

Well can ya say the Bear WON?????????
I can ….is all i know today……

the day after………

LoL…not funny
The poet sent the bear,,,, 😦
but truly the bear won,, he walked away…..
wellp, so did I? 🙂

So goes the story of the sleeping poet and her bears :(all but a deadly suprise to me,,,and the bears said fu

after rolling over hit at 55 mph and walked away LoL as i skidded into oncoming traffic in a full lock sideways slide…, not to woory though, i hope i only nicked the guy, as everyone involved knows the bear won,,,unless he died and the birds ate him who knows huh…ok over an out frum

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