Rally Time

Meeting and transcending the times.Year after year ,

What comes round here is the 4 Corners Motorcycle Rally 

2different rallys auctually come to the 4 corners every year, brings approximately 50,000 Harleys and assorted machines to Rock the Rockies!


is the most fun time of the year for me ever since i arrived in this area 18 years ago, i then took my 3 1/2 year old and bought him his first leather jacket and biker cap wish i had that pic now id post it…..Rally time here brings many different happenings….Calendar of EVENTS HERE!<

.Many things can be found to do on the 3 er 4 days or the week of bikes running round the 4 corners, Starting the 29th when the gates open there is music and a variety of fun things to see and do, music and entertainment of one kind or another till September 2nd…Below i want to show a few pics i got of Ignacio rally and this blog was bout where to go if ya jest want to see some injuns dance, some very kewl people all out to jest have Fun! and well for me is tiimes when i wish i could drink but i know better so i shall keep my senses so i can ride along free and happy a soul survivor


.4 corners 2012.Image

Designated drinking areas  many requiring a designated driver! :):)

Image………Image…whwre kid and adults come to have fun….maybe see the rodeo..er what not…


2012^^^ @ ignacio………Image.

photographic fun festivities galoreImage

an so much more Image

an hell if i am lazy and jest want a few fun shots i can go have my bike washed what the hey huhImage



Q says all in all it should be kinna a photogenic fun week, am broke, but have camera in hand werking bike and Time on myhands to escape reality of No reality offered to me, and jest be me and be accepted and enjoy what i choose to do

this week…


above shot is my little skeleton dude that rides with me……lol…..

in case y never clicked on aboyut Q well here is a pic of my bikes below, gees can’t ride both at the same time so ill have to pick an choose days to go play with what!


Raining outside now here so hope this moonsoon stuff don’t keep up all week,,will have to pick and choose when to go ride with the flocks i guess….okay till next time over and out


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