Love Me I Need You

All I can say is it was absolutely love at first sight

Trading one love for another is a hard thing to do

but knowing when marriage is right or not is what counts

Tending to fall in love easily and swayed a lot always at

how her body is and how her body fits mine, Lost Beyond time

I became as i cradled in my the cradle of my new love, Tonight

was quite the adventurous day id say today,

Jest to get to and to meet my newest love, Hopefully she will outlive me.

I want to keep her in the family! I do !

She will then be my wifes if i end up with one,,, or will be my sons when i die:)…….LoL……..


thought i was talking bout a wonman huh! welp in a way but not really oday.

It;s a mistU ! 3000 GT

today i rode the small harley 120 miles across and through Radical lightning

and thunder storm to get to meet my new love here,My New Red Bullet…Which will turn into a black bullet with a Red an Fine teardrop Blue streaks on da side sumday 🙂 Will lewk Unique.Maybe a custom artist I know can do some of the tears for me, since she does tears good, makes em goo id say!.even if ya don;t think tears are good , is what it is, jest a bit a blood sweat an tears! ya know , finally pays off, and a bit of faith and higher order guidence and not listening to ME jest following moment to moment or the miracle would have never happened.

The Saab is now jest an old love will be sold:) for a little gold.
So this brings me to well i don’t know .?? everlast?…well i am jest happy that the higher order of things were with me when i wished for this deal this am when i saw the guy post this car and asked him if he might want a motorcycle, and well he did, so he traded me straight across for this i feel good because ill be the fastest pizza delivery around lol and well anyhow is faster than ill probably ever go in it. Does 200 kph or 140mph in like a snap on the runway! wowza…So is another thing i own that needs a wing lol, unlike my ultralight airplane the wing on this ladys back, is to keep her on the ground at mach speeds….

Jest found out my mom and a couple of other close friends read my blog here so, i wanted to share this right away to let everyone know the higher order of things is with me yes, and if ya know me this is more my style than the saab and it gets good gas mileage also, next mission is studded tires for the winter i suppose, ok, over and out enuff from me..and well a few titles from some of Angelas poems in RED! and comments of mine in blue….okay over an out …Q yeah still dancing with the angel if she wants to , but well, I simply still do KNOT KNOW!:(:)..


Just Say Hello –  My dear

    What a MessNo Fear

    Proceed With Cautionand lewk Forthright

    Harmony or NotFearless when Thought alot

    Forgiveness ~~ and Counter blessingz

    Epicenter Love ~~~ A Way of Life

    Bubble Blast ~ Into a new life

    Bubble Blessing ~ a new life with a new wife:)

    Purgatorium no Longer has to be:)

    When Time PaintersCome to Time Everlast!

Oh How so much true blue here cuz i sure miss U!



an one last lewk at her behind lol………………

some of the Gaurds Red stays as part of the sheme i doing on the side of this lady I am Painting This Car 95% Black,,,,,,,,,,


so today i married a machine i hope she treats me well and well, loves me cuz well, i need her more than she can ever imagine, to bad she really can’t imagine, or id prolly sleep with her lol….I hadn’t been doing good for the last 5 years i guess at anything i been picking on to love, frum anybody to anything, everything and everybody seems to break, well not this time, with a bit of TLC,

The guy that ended up with the sportster will love it, i put 140 miles on it today alone jest taking it for the visit, I am sure he will get quite a few thousand miles of fun and rally time outa it, is a nice rally bike 🙂 I believe his wife will like riding it a lot once she gets the hang of it also 🙂 Best of luck to them, So, I am sure glad i did have evrything happen as it did today the failures got me to a success.was the end….., and am thankful to all the powers to be for this to be back in my destiny, at least my kid will inherit something nicer than a volkswagen Someday, hopefully not soon….lol:)….

an this time it won’t be the old story of TLC  MY OLD WAY WAS our old  LLC LoL {Takes Longer Costs More}…LoL…so well, hope this babe will love me back as much as i already love her, one damn nice handling car , i got to hand it to mitsubishi, since they used to make airplanes in WW2 to fight USA with ,,,now Car of my dreams, closer to the fj-40 than the Saab anyhow.handles more like my vette did but i believe better handles like the generation 6 vettes..ok, over and out for realzzzzzzzzzzzz…night alzzzzzzzzzz er day wherever u be:)


over and out Q

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