September 12 Silent Lucidity

“the whole universe is made up of tiny swirling particles of energy called atoms
Q”S WERDS FER DA DAY Re-create and recreation…an today Sept 12 is well the day i decided to come into this werld way back in 1956 has been a fun ride, with half a moon an half a brain i still maintain lol, hope i can keep riding a few days ….So well, because my angels have Katatonia , well i can only go here today and say i am grateful to be alive , and have enjoyed my stay!.This brings me to this song today for because of my Life…
.Queensryche sings Silent Lucidity Live at Arcada Theater 5-17-2013 Hush now don’t you cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye

You’re lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head

Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game
Of life

So here it is, another chance
Wide awake, you face the day
Your dream is over…

Or has it just begun?

There’s a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run through in the night

Relax child, you were there
But only didn’t realize
And you were scared

It’s a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the years
And ride the whims of your mind

Commanding in another world
Suddenly, you’ll hear and see
This magic new dimension

Will be watching over you
I am gonna help you see it through
Will protect you in the night
I am smiling next to you

In silent lucidity…

Visualize your dream (Yes)
Record it in the present tense (Don’t be scared)
Put it into a permanent form
If you persist in your efforts
You can achieve a dream control
(How’re you doing today?) (Better?)

Dream come true
Dream come true
Dream come true

Help me…

If you open your mind for me
You won’t rely on open eyes to see

The walls you built within
Come tumbling down
And a new world will begin

Living twice at once you learn
You’re safe from pain in the dream domain
A soul set free to fly

A round trip journey in your head
Master of illusion, can you realize?
Your dream’s alive, you can be the guide but

Will be watching over you
I am gonna help you see it through
Will protect you in the night
I am smiling next to you…


Queensrÿche – Silent Lucidity Wiki

“Silent Lucidity” is a single by the American progressive metal band Queensrà ¿che from the 1990 album Empire. The song peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #1 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart. The song was composed by lead guitarist Chris DeGarmo. Queensryche performed the song live at the Grammy Awards of 1992, for being nominated in the category of “Best Rock Song”, and featured a supporting orchestra The song did not win the Grammy, but it did however win the “MTV Viewer’s Choice Award” for its music video.

Because of the lyrical content, and the title of the song, it is assumed to be based on the subject of lucid dreaming. During the middle eight, a heavily vocoded voice even explains a method for this: “Visualize your dream. Record it in the present tense. Put it into a permanent form. If you persist in your efforts, you can achieve dream control.”

The song was recorded with sweeping orchestrations. Often the orchestra is not relegated to the background but instead is very prominent such as during the second half of the instrumental section (timestamp 3:16 – 3:51).

At the end of the song (5:26), a cello or double bass plays the theme from the traditional Brahms’ Lullaby – the typical English translation words being “Lullaby, and good night, go to sleep little baby”.

“Silent Lucidity” is ranked #21 on VH1’s list of Greatest Power Ballads


Love Me I Need You

All I can say is it was absolutely love at first sight

Trading one love for another is a hard thing to do

but knowing when marriage is right or not is what counts

Tending to fall in love easily and swayed a lot always at

how her body is and how her body fits mine, Lost Beyond time

I became as i cradled in my the cradle of my new love, Tonight

was quite the adventurous day id say today,

Jest to get to and to meet my newest love, Hopefully she will outlive me.

I want to keep her in the family! I do !

She will then be my wifes if i end up with one,,, or will be my sons when i die:)…….LoL……..


thought i was talking bout a wonman huh! welp in a way but not really oday.

It;s a mistU ! 3000 GT

today i rode the small harley 120 miles across and through Radical lightning

and thunder storm to get to meet my new love here,My New Red Bullet…Which will turn into a black bullet with a Red an Fine teardrop Blue streaks on da side sumday 🙂 Will lewk Unique.Maybe a custom artist I know can do some of the tears for me, since she does tears good, makes em goo id say!.even if ya don;t think tears are good , is what it is, jest a bit a blood sweat an tears! ya know , finally pays off, and a bit of faith and higher order guidence and not listening to ME jest following moment to moment or the miracle would have never happened.

The Saab is now jest an old love will be sold:) for a little gold.
So this brings me to well i don’t know .?? everlast?…well i am jest happy that the higher order of things were with me when i wished for this deal this am when i saw the guy post this car and asked him if he might want a motorcycle, and well he did, so he traded me straight across for this i feel good because ill be the fastest pizza delivery around lol and well anyhow is faster than ill probably ever go in it. Does 200 kph or 140mph in like a snap on the runway! wowza…So is another thing i own that needs a wing lol, unlike my ultralight airplane the wing on this ladys back, is to keep her on the ground at mach speeds….

Jest found out my mom and a couple of other close friends read my blog here so, i wanted to share this right away to let everyone know the higher order of things is with me yes, and if ya know me this is more my style than the saab and it gets good gas mileage also, next mission is studded tires for the winter i suppose, ok, over and out enuff from me..and well a few titles from some of Angelas poems in RED! and comments of mine in blue….okay over an out …Q yeah still dancing with the angel if she wants to , but well, I simply still do KNOT KNOW!:(:)..


Just Say Hello –  My dear

    What a MessNo Fear

    Proceed With Cautionand lewk Forthright

    Harmony or NotFearless when Thought alot

    Forgiveness ~~ and Counter blessingz

    Epicenter Love ~~~ A Way of Life

    Bubble Blast ~ Into a new life

    Bubble Blessing ~ a new life with a new wife:)

    Purgatorium no Longer has to be:)

    When Time PaintersCome to Time Everlast!

Oh How so much true blue here cuz i sure miss U!



an one last lewk at her behind lol………………

some of the Gaurds Red stays as part of the sheme i doing on the side of this lady I am Painting This Car 95% Black,,,,,,,,,,


so today i married a machine i hope she treats me well and well, loves me cuz well, i need her more than she can ever imagine, to bad she really can’t imagine, or id prolly sleep with her lol….I hadn’t been doing good for the last 5 years i guess at anything i been picking on to love, frum anybody to anything, everything and everybody seems to break, well not this time, with a bit of TLC,

The guy that ended up with the sportster will love it, i put 140 miles on it today alone jest taking it for the visit, I am sure he will get quite a few thousand miles of fun and rally time outa it, is a nice rally bike 🙂 I believe his wife will like riding it a lot once she gets the hang of it also 🙂 Best of luck to them, So, I am sure glad i did have evrything happen as it did today the failures got me to a success.was the end….., and am thankful to all the powers to be for this to be back in my destiny, at least my kid will inherit something nicer than a volkswagen Someday, hopefully not soon….lol:)….

an this time it won’t be the old story of TLC  MY OLD WAY WAS our old  LLC LoL {Takes Longer Costs More}…LoL…so well, hope this babe will love me back as much as i already love her, one damn nice handling car , i got to hand it to mitsubishi, since they used to make airplanes in WW2 to fight USA with ,,,now Car of my dreams, closer to the fj-40 than the Saab anyhow.handles more like my vette did but i believe better handles like the generation 6 vettes..ok, over and out for realzzzzzzzzzzzz…night alzzzzzzzzzz er day wherever u be:)


over and out Q

When Mother Earth Burps

Mother Earth be it so:)
may it be so do what ya got to do oh Mother Earth 🙂
we all know ur SOMETIMES A REAL RUDE BITCH and extra shocking sumtimes


LoL or jest  simply throw mad charges around

I am the peace and but er fear and er love that i do choose to show and be though.
Oh but this song and rainy night so the story goes,
rain on me Mother Earth from ur skys above
u also do so own:) i have been shown….
Universe’s are out there but i know this!
“we ALL AS ONE” Live on this mother Earth
This mother Earth that expands a lot evEry day
Growing as we humans grow
and unfolding new life
even upon destruction of the old lifeup above
and also even some of the young live below.
The plates shift move and grow vocanoes more for years upon years till the great day!
They say only the good die young..
So may it be so even if i am in physical pain from my disease,,’shall it evr be
that i am not always so purfect or good , cuz well i love this life
and if the good die young then let me be real bad for a few years ….in a gewd way , so i can
pretend to be young.
Mother earth consumes as with a volcano
always taking back what is hers and adjusting
to blow off many BAD FLEAS sometimes on the surface
Mother earth is over due
for the expansive process of growth in minutes into 2 days
is a common event in gods times,
is a reminder of our meekness
that we temporarily while
living on her face
a distorous place for many
it will be
when mother

I AM READY FOR U TO BREATHE! An Slip Slide Around~~~~
oh Mother Earth


~ SO ~



Jest don’t wanna be in the wrong place at the wrong time now !


There will be then Lightnin’ All Around…..

jest  a tellin U
jest Q

a shocked sumtimes Q


messages in the rain

The Sky is a Calling:)……What I am Dreaming of:)

jesta a few poetic titles? from a past life !?


 A nocturnal one I am> Sleeping in layte as usual…..

…..Dreaming of “Trading Yesterday”

only up early when the Sky that calls is warm and clear!:)

 listening to the spirit dreaming song,

 hope will be on my time this time,

 knowing that the love I give will not go away……*

: live what I am dreaming of 🙂

 May My Capricious Venus Never again be alone:)

One day soon she shall put on her wings so free

 and Fly Away Home to me:)

So, Yes its ur Love & this:)

That inspires this soul-song Transmute has been the keywerds since saying Happy Autumn ~ soon the leaves will be fallen

LIke a Wind Muse from far up north

 – Always where the poles come together a fire desire exists:)

 From this Canyon – with or without you –

on the other side I see u floating

With the imaginary Druid and the Dinos in Heart Harmony –

Realesed from any pain Lewking forward to the Fall and the Blue Expansion she says ~ Tell ME!:)



Seek Joy not Happiness

That is what the Buddha came to show us. He observed and was deeply affected by the joylessness in life. Many, including fellow Buddhists, miss this point. It is often stated that the Buddha came to show us a way out of suffering. No! He came to show us Joy and that we may all directly experience this. ” So very true aint it, Anoyther blog so apprapo for my life 2 day! PEACE OUT! Q

Endless Light and Love



Seek not happiness in life. Why settle for second best? Seek pure Joy. Happiness depends on what happens to you. Pure Joy has no limitations.


Joy is an abiding state. It has no conditions attached – no small print at the foot of the page. It is not dependent on status, race or creed. It comes not as a result of economic conditions or political policies. It is for all people of all times and all places.


That is what the Buddha came to show us. He observed and was deeply affected by the joylessness in life. Many, including fellow Buddhists, miss this point. It is often stated that the Buddha came to show us a way out of suffering. No! He came to show us Joy and that we may all directly experience this. But, I hear you say, isn’t this the same thing? Almost! Except…

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Murphys Law

if anything can go wrong it will ! ya can count on it…..

Mikeys Law: There is a reason for everything! i guess……..



an i werk 2 days taking my whole engine apart to find out they got me the wrong parts jeez………….

didn’t open the box till i needed em and check jeez…

I know that drill……………



Sentenced A Song A Poem A Life

The axe, the bottle and the rope
The feeling there really is no more hope
The thought of the great unknown

And facing it alone
The dark, the silent and the cold
The feeling I have come to the end of my road
Yes, these are the things I spend
My remaining moments with

And the wind blows through my heart
Shivers me one last time
As I now reach out in the dark
No one there

Why did it have to be so hard
For us to live our lives
Again I reach out in the dark in despair

The desperation and the snow
The feeling of finally coming back home
The melancholy and the hole in the soil so hard and cold

And the wind blows through my heart
Shivers me one last time
As I now reach out in the dark
No one there

Your love for me, my love for you
Things we somehow managed to lose
Now there´s only the ruthless wind
To blow right through
It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
To think we both will die alone

And the wind blows through my heart
Shivers me one last time
As I now reach out in the dark
No one there



yeah all cuz another day of waking alone and the help i was promised is not here nor there:(,,,jest been sentenced to the death of silence from my life with her as silence tears at the heart, once again, in this great unknown, when left alone. Dat I Know! When i had believed i had found the heart of gold i but found a

black diamond instead



It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
It freezes my heart, my desperate heart
To think we both will die alone

And the wind blows through my heart
Shivers me one last time
As I now reach out in the dark
No one there

Dreams of Bliss and Love

A Poem …well kinna…….


Lost in confusion and total self bliss
I’ve found the relation between dream and wish
A dream is a fantasy lived only while asleep
But a wish has a compass vast, far and deep.
A dream can bring true the wish never thought
As your mind wanders aimlessly and feelings are sought.
But a wish is a simple, momentous undertaking
A grasping of things while still in the making.
Now my understanding of wish and of dreams
Have broadened my scope – or so it would seem
But still I’m confused and nothing is clear
Because you are a wish, yet a dream so dear.
With the breath of each day, I wish for your sight
Visions of loveliness turned to dreams in the night
You’ve become such a fantasy with realistic tones
I long for your love and time spent alone
Sadly enough my dreams cause confusion
For all their purpose are meager illusion
And though the dawn of each day may be cheerful to sight
I fear the darkness and my continuing fight.
i fear it is what u wisgh for to be my plight 😦
For now its a war – a battle within
A dreadful nightmare which rationality must win
What should I do? Where shall I begin?
Should I ask for your love or even remain a dear friend?
In my dreams you’re my lover and my world is complete
But in life your a martyr to hope so elite
I’ve grown to know you and care with a passion
But fear lies within mutual attraction.
If I am to approach you with some indication
Would I strengthen our friendship or cause detonation?
This is the confusion, the struggle, the fight,
Until I am sure, youll remain a dream in the night..
an something i dreamed of all my life !
not sure where this came from…:)? but it was buried
deep in ones self…!
so to that end here sumpin i like to share whenever i get a chance
and its been a year er so:) so here it be:)

3 Dayz Laterz

3 Dayz later

His Five Fingers
Reaching out
seeming to be


Away we, went this am on a ride round the 4 corners region My self, Donald, Sonja and Chuck and Sandy, started out at his house by chimney rock, rode to Ignacio bike rally and around to Chimney Rock restaurant. Was the extent of another day in Q’s werld but wanted to share a few shots with the few that follow me…till next time take care,,,an keep ur chin up, no matter who rains on ur Parade, Life is Too Short.    

Peace out..Q


^^^ sonya an donald ^^^


^^^ donalds V-Max 🙂 ^^^


behind the 4 some with my cell phone cam lol ^^^ @ 60mph Lol


^^^ JEst hanging out – Took the sporty today! ^^^


Pert much sums up da day, burgers to end it off a smile and a handshake till the next ride, Tomorrow Weather Permitting, Screw being normal, this is a holiday and i have to werk tomorrow night but till then well, i gonna go roundy round a bit more, Peace out to one and all..

Quote of da day frum Q 2 U once again


“It isn’t that a warrior learns shamanism as time goes by; rather, what he learns as time goes by is to save energy. This energy will enable him to handle the energy fields which are ordinarily inaccessible to him. Shamanism is a state of awareness, the ability to use energy fields that are not employed in perceiving the everyday world that we know.”

Taken from ~ The Fire From Within ~ Carlos Castaneda


My left sidecover, the logo means ~ Infinity ~