Lost in Time

Back To Life- Pink Floyd – Come Back

animes: wolfs rain & ginga densetsu weed☯

Ein ziemlich altes Video… 🙂


Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun
Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun

Back To Life- Lyrics by Pink Floyd

~~~~Brought 2 U by Quarksire ~~~~

Howloween Dawg Punks


Some Dawgz are on top of it all

& Some are not….



“What the catapillar calls the end,

 The Master calls a butterfly”


&Honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it.

No ulterior motives.

No hidden meanings …

 an absence of hypocrisy, duplicity, political games,

 and verbal superficiality.

As honesty and real integrity characterize our lives,

there will be no need to manipulate others.”



Each friend represents a world in us,

 a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born .





<<Pride &

Dignity:) below:)






One tree can start a forest,

one smile can start a friendship.

One touch can show you care,

one friend can make life worth living for!!


There is a Spirit who is awake in our sleep

and creates the wonder of dreams.
He is Brahman, the Spirit of Light,

who in truth is called the Immortal.
All the worlds rest on that Spirit

and beyond him no one can go. !!!


Some Dawgz are on top of it all

& Some are not….

Like i said @ da’ beginning

Happy Halloween



Getting High 4 Halloweed

Quark Likes Getting High

4 GETTING HIGH – is a bit better than Being Low
Lockheed U-2 Flight – 70,000ft (2 Seat TU-2 Trainer)

Yes, it’s James May, aka, Captain Slow of Top Gear fame.
– No, this isn’t from an episode of Top Gear. This was from a TV special called “James May On The Moon”, which was made to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landings. James May has made several series that are completely unrelated to Top Gear.
– The music is called “Flight” performed by Ty Unwin especially for this show.
I’m sad to say that it is not currently available on its own.
– The chase cars on take off and landing are a standard part of U-2 operations. They are there to assist the pilot, especially on landing.
A combination of fragile and unstable rear landing gear, the aircrafts reluctance to descend and a high approach attitude that gives the pilot poor visibility of the ground has made the U-2 very difficult to land and so another U-2 pilot follows behind in the chase car to quite literally talk them down for the last few feet.
Surely the most amazing and humbling views to be seen by any human on a regular basis. The view from a U-2 cruising at 70,000ft as the sky above turns black and the curvature of the Earth is visible.
Despite first flying over 50 years ago, the U-2 continues to serve in the USAF, having outlasted its Mach 3 replacement, the SR-71 (also from Lockheed).

The only people to have gone gone higher on any sort of regular, day-to-day basis were SR-71 pilots.
Emphasis on the day-to-day part.
Astronauts have, of course, gone higher still, but their missions are few and far between.
Same goes for special one-off record setting flights such as those by the MiG-25 prototype, F-15 Streak Eagle or any other zoom climb that exceeded 70,000ft.

There is a special message at the end of the video that I hope can be taken to heart by all.

Quark 🙂

Hangin in Dere

 Explanation of the Densities beyond ‘normal’ human consciousness is another question though..and also the destinies too!…as one forever calls one back, over and over and , well there is no answer TO MY CALL BACK  jest infitile invisibility……..ah, but if life was only bout honor an truth an dignity huh!…an i even said Please 🙂 anyhow i jest remain hanging in there….with limbo ….the answer 2 my callz :(…

 🙂 Well……heres to Lewkin’ @ You Kiddo…………. 🙂



iam going to stay with the theme of the moth beign Halloweed month here: below is a post frum Angies werld she said once upon a tyme was a poem an post towards me,,,ever since i been trying to call her back now to now avail….well such as life i guess,,,The title of the aformentioned blog was

 Call Me Back

I am with you only

like pensive cries of the panther

in a far country

patrolling raw ruins of forests

I am with you only

as fair lily is with summer

in a far country

where snow is an imagination

I am with you only

driftwood upon a green sea foam

in a far country

where I dream hearts’ confluence

Please call me back

as a flute player serenading

for my cobra energy

heart core of fire unexplored

Please call me back

as volcanic earth surges sing

for my cobra energy

solar flares calling to your sun

Please call me back

so together we break our hearts

for my cobra energy

bewitch us beyond death’s black moon


below here i am posting this vid of angelas on account of my broken cobra heart

all but for her cobra energy to all but consume because she my angel decided to become


Days after i am told i am her Embryonic star 🙂

so since i feel like i live within her fairy tale for the last years of my life and the guy that hangs out waiting for my apparent Destiny? or is it Fate? heck i don’t know anymore. anyhow her stuff is jest too kewl for skewl and i don’t share enuff of it 🙂 so here ya go :


Integral Post


Integral Post is a free high-profile blog series that features writings and articles from many of our favorite integral thinkers and leaders. Updated every week, Integral Post offers exciting updates, observations, and applications from all corners of the Kosmos—reaching all the way from academia to pop culture to the innermost heart of the world’s great spiritual traditions.If you were to Google “Middle Way” you’d learn it’s a central tenet in Buddhism. You’d probably read about the story of the historical Buddha who started out with a life of privilege—the son of a king. You’d learn that he abandoned that life and studied with ascetics who trained to tortuous extremes. And you’d learn that once he enlightened, he came back to those ascetics to tell them of this Middle Way (or Middle Path), which is neither dwelling in indulgence nor stuck in ascetic extremes. You might think this is another example of Benjamin Franklin’s “moderation in all things;” that it speaks to splitting the difference, or balancing extremes. Depending on your attitude toward moderation, you might think this is good guidance for leaders, as they need to balance so many paradoxical differences, such as cost and quality, people and performance, long term and short term, work and life and on and on. Or maybe you discard moderation, and lean into the image of a “monomaniac on a mission” as the only type of leader who accomplishes big things. Forget the Middle Way, you may think, and all that soft, Buddhist stuff.

But if we think of the Middle Way in this limited sense, whether we embrace it or discard it, we are missing the Buddha’s point. As we see so clearly in the stages of development pulled together in Wilber’s Integral Theory, how we regard ourselves and the world, how we act, think, and make meaning changes at every level. One of the challenges of all great world religions, as Wilber and others have observed, is that they’re inspired by spiritual geniuses and interpreted by ordinary people. What we interpret as the Middle Way from an ordinary stage of development is vastly different than what Buddha would have meant, operating from unity consciousness.

Table 1 summarizes a few of the developmental stages we most commonly see from leaders, progressing up to the stage of “all is one,” unity consciousness. Each stage is identified with how it would likely interpret the Middle Way, or even why it’s important. Recognizing that these stages are not all or nothing, that no matter how developed we are, we can always regress, and that we may live parts of our life in one stage and other parts in another, you might reflect on your own life and leadership for where these different interpretations ring true in your experience.


What’s clear as we progress through these stages is that the point or purpose of the Middle Way changes at every level. At one level we want results or a self to be happy. At another level we concern ourselves with not only our own results and happiness, but also what’s best for a bigger picture. At still another level, we dance in the Now, free of a self and self-serving actions, and the whole is naturally accorded. Moreover, how we’d interpret what it means to follow the Middle Way changes at every stage. At one stage we’re trying to split the difference, at another stage, we find a dynamic balance of opposites. At causal consciousness, free of self, we are like a “ball on fast moving waters.” Can you sense how every stage increases our scale of thinking and agility of action?

Wait a minute, you may say. The Middle Way gives us guidance about spiritual development, but what does that have to do with leadership? If by leadership we mean—as Kevin Cashman would define it: “authentic self expression that creates value,” it’s clear that, at its core, leadership is a creative act that reflects the condition or maturity of the actor. Who is that actor? Is it a fundamental self who sees only a world of right and wrong and rules that must be obeyed? Is it a rational self who is looking for the facts to support an optimal solution between extremes? Is it a more strategic self who will recognize that opposing “right” perspectives must be dynamically managed to reach more excellent or sustainable outcomes?

For example, in a global organization, there’s always a tension between the costs efficiencies of standardization and meeting diverse customer needs through differentiation. What’s right to save money at headquarters might be completely different than what’s right to serve customers in Thailand. Fundamentalist leaders situated at headquarters will insist that their standardizing policies be followed, end of story. Rationalist leaders might look at the data on both sides of the story, but still arrange and weigh the facts in favor of pre-conceived values as to whether it’s more right to save money or to meet customer needs. Regardless of which side they choose for, they will think they’ve made a fact-based decision and that the matter is settled. Strategic leaders will recognize that both sides are legitimately right, that no static solution exists, yet still they must decide and act. To do so wisely, they’ll consider the needs of both sides and perhaps set some thresholds for what’s necessary and what’s sufficient (e.g., what costs can we not tolerate and how much savings is enough? When do we know our customer service is intolerable and what’s good enough?). They’ll decide this matter based, yes, on facts, but also in this broader context, and if they decide for one side today, they may decide for the other side in a related decision next month. Frequent readers of these posts will recognize that this is the process described in a paradox mapping guide from The Zen Leader, which you can download if you’d like to try this dynamic balancing act on an issue you’re facing that simply doesn’t admit to a point solution.

In more general terms, the guidance of Middle Way is: don’t attach to this, don’t attach to that, don’t remain stuck anywhere. But trying to follow this way we’ll find it’s easier said than done. Maybe we can be unattached from casual preferences, such as whether we install Macs or PCs in our offices (OK, so maybe that’s not such a casual preference), but when it comes to strongly-held beliefs, great fears, or deep desires, detachment may seem out of the question or even hypocritical. Yet the message of the Middle Way is that in the moment-by-moment movement of life, anything in us that cannot move (i.e., is stuck), will eventually present a problem. For example, frugality is a fine value. But if I decide every leadership situation in favor of frugality, I will blind myself to opportunities when it would be wise to spend. If I take frugality too far, I may become known for stinginess, get panicky when investments decline, or live in fear of never having enough.

But the bigger problem of being stuck anywhere is being stuck to the self who is stuck. Because the actions that come from that local self will somehow end up serving how that self perceives its interests. Granted, as that self matures, as we’ve noted in Table 1, it perceives its interests more broadly. But it cannot be completely free to create its greatest value or free from suffering so long as it’s stuck in the agenda of a local self. The more stuck we are to a self and its attachments, like flies on flypaper, the more we suffer when things don’t go as we’d like, and the more we perpetuate suffering as we protect our interests. As we drop our attachments, it is like freeing ourselves from the flypaper, one limb at a time. With each bit of freedom, we find greater agility and create fewer problems. But if even one tiny point of attachment remains, we still can’t fly.

If we want to take the Middle Way to its ultimate, and lose that last bit of self attachment, we will need the support of a rigorous spiritual practice – not torturous per se, but what we call shugyo, where we put our entire self into it. No part of the self we think we are can remain outside, playing it safe, or else that will be the limb that never comes off the flypaper. This is where meditation becomes, not a nice way to manage stress, but an all-in activity, conducted over days, repeated over years. Eventually we see clearly that the local self we think we are is nothing more than a well-reinforced, neurotic formation. When all that we imagine we are (that we’re really not) is stripped away, what remains is boundless—creative activity at the intersection of emptiness and existence, between radiant possibility and manifestation. Dancing at this point of Now, free to move in any direction, is the ultimate Middle Way. This is where leadership takes its greatest form, rather than serving neurotic illusions, creating wondrous value, according the Way.

About the author: Dr. Ginny Whitelaw is a leadership expert and Zen master in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen. She is the author of The Zen Leader, President of Focus Leadership, and founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership.

The Zen Leader
Ginny Whitelaw and Ken Wilber

Ginny Whitelaw talks to Ken Wilber about her book The Zen Leader, which offers an exceptionally simple guide to help maximize your health, happiness, and productivity. What’s remarkable about The Zen Leader is that it doesn’t just present useful concepts to help you think about leadership in a new way, but offers practical ways to continuously check in with your own body—right here and right now—to gauge whatever resistance and self-contraction you may be experiencing, and follows with simple practices to help you sustain a more open and creative state of mind. [+listen now]

Leadership and the Middle Way
by Ginny Whitelaw


for whatevr its werth!




Out Of Order


the 2 timeless gatekeepers of destiny and choice an free will….


Love and fear are the only emotions we as human entities are able to express. All the others are just sub-categorical emotions. For example, on love’s side there is joy, peacefulness, happiness, forgiveness, and a host of others. On the other hand, fear reflects: hate, depression, guilt, inadequacy, discontentment, prejudice, anger, attack, and so on.

Love and fear can not coexist. Where one is, the other can’t be also. The one will leave immediately, should the other enter its presence. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing great joy, and are suddenly overtaken by fear, the joy is gone! But it works the other way too: If you are terrorized, frightened, or otherwise threatened in any way, all you need to do is turn to the love within, and the fear disappears.

Learning to make the active choice to love and not fear in every situation is the way to find inner peace in this world. Yes, I said choice! We all choose what we wish to see in every situation, at every moment. Most of the time we choose based on what we learned in the past. It is what we were taught by our parents, teachers, peers, doctors, employers, etc. and what we were brought up to believe we should do. We act on laws that we made to control our behavior and that of others so that we may live in an orderly society. When someone gets “out of order” they may be disliked, fined, incarcerated or killed. Sometimes, entire countries get “out of order” and our answer is to declare war on them. These are all things that are done out of FEAR. We fear that, if someone is out of control, that is, not following the rules we set up for them to follow, they are a threat to us, and we fear they will harm us in some way. So we react to our fear by attacking them first. That is the way of this world. The law of the jungle so to speak; eat or be eaten; kill or be killed. That is the way of fear!

The way of LOVE is quite the opposite. It makes no rules, no laws, for they are not needed! If everyone lived God’s law; the law of love, no other laws would be needed. Laws that protect our bodies would not be needed because we would not wish to harm another. Property would not be in jeopardy because we would not wish to deprive another. We would not use drugs because our love for our selves would prevent self-destruction. We would not drive recklessly, or at excessive speeds or under the influence because we might hurt some one or our selves. We would not sue any one, or lie or cheat or deprive or take advantage of them. A world without fear would not need lawyers, courts, police, or jails, because every one would trust and care for one another. Prices would not go up, work would be done right by service oriented businesses, foods would not have harmful ingredients, workers would not be exploited, etc. But that is not the way of a world built on fear! We as individual entities, sharing one God mind can make a world of love. We can do this by keeping connected to our Source, which in fact we are, but need to open our awareness to it.

Love is LIGHT. Fear is DARKNESS. When you turn on a light, darkness is no more. There is not a trace of it left! There is not even a hint of darkness ever having been there! God is LOVE. Love is light. We are all children of God, therefore, in truth, we are only LOVE. When we act out of fear, we are turning out the light, denying our truth, and entering into the darkness. We leave our love behind and attempt to be something we are not. We attempt to be apart from our Source; apart from God.

Let us try again this day. Let us tune in to LOVE; to peace, joy, and happiness.

Father, help me stay connected to you this day so that I may know the peace that is my inheritance. Lead me through a world where I see only love in every situation. Guide me to make the choice for love and to relinquish fear. When ever I am tempted to listen to fear’s cries, let me listen instead to loves song and know it is my own many links to follow here if u wish to know a little more bout the subjekt

I have appempted to have a subjective analysis of this all…..recently to only find the above facts so true in my life and in the lives of the ones i cherish and love the most!:(

For Q is a broken Hearted soul over the Great Deceivers great power to cover the truth up with lies and make other believe once again that I think things I never have never will and do not:(

i don’t quote the bible much but 1 corinthians 13 has a lot to say bout what love is….and well since i believe in it all all i can be is heartbroken bout the decisions of the people i do so LOVE!

I hope u find it as informative as i have over the past couple of years!…not that it has helped a damn bit in my life:(…cuz i can’t seem to get by and over the dark force of the great deceiver – FEAR!-….overwhelmingly painful it is to know that people think i think things i do not!:(

but what can i do nothing:(

 forgiveness might be the only

 answer and love the only

 for fear not the answer….

 unconditional love is the only way

 forgiveness is the only answer!


 “False Evidence Appearing Real!”

 belief in that is insane as far as i am concerned

 to believe i think things i never thought

 to believe i said things i never said

 to believe i hid things i never hid

 to believe that did things that i never did?:(

 sadness exuberates as Many Angels cried today!

 and i jest have to remember this is not really bout me

 but about belief in false evidence and making it appear real

 for the sake of a certain outcome is what it is all bout

 and fears i was going to do something i could

 never even dream of?


  :) fer now this day I have recieved this Timeless Miracle:)

  QUARK: was a man on a mission ……..

 now a man who knows not

 bout much at all about anything

 but love and forgiveness…..!


 peace be to one and all

 as i shall try to find some on this day!:(






PS: some in this werld even some u may love may be and or are out of order

😦 jest something to have to accept, not that it is good is jest what it is:  😦

the disorder that is 😦

try to have an ok day ..an even if ur so called attacked by those whom said they love ya , let it go , don’t kill urself over it folks,,,as i have said many times before….

one can only be sorry they love 😦 sum folks is all  😦 for some egos believe that love and fear can co-exist so as a result all the love gets buried where the fear lays:( deeper into the rabbit holes they dig into thier own dismal eternity of actions against love and the “records”………namaste….Q


Fishing DwagonFlyz

shake shake shake
i tell ya i adored here
and then i adored her:) more 🙂
so did my little snake
shake shake shake
an well
if impregnated lol
she bakes bakes an bakes
for 9 months that is
till forever is
another life
shake shake shake
bake bake bake
cuza da little snake
once upon a tyme
was his fate as was hers
they then found out upon thier wake
from their holy fate
what happens when ya
shake shake shake

sayz it all!

~~~Then maybe if ur lucky er not enuff ya might get freedom once again in 18 years

 ~~~L 🙂 L~~~

Da’ Flytec boys jest spinning out:) fer fun:)
Mind games mind games
whats the story today
cant get the blubbering story outa my silly head:)
really going outa my head…
this Werld spinning out to fast fer me
thought i saw her last night but it was a bad guess
i was jest moving all outa my head

in a movie picture freeze framing again for winter 😦

PS: THE DRAGONFLY is The Yellow Towplane  IN THIS VID jest so ya know

Namaste 2 one an all……:)


🙂 Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones – Skótoseme (live 1994)

Share of the day frum quarksire…a blast frum the past
is October halloweed month fer me and who else could i
think of but this Voice.Queen of Goth An vocal Range of Creation she is.

Diamanda Galás & John Paul Jones – Skótoseme (live 1994)


~..was reading an article bout
John Paul Jones
an Diamanda Galas.

An what Robert Plant is up to with Supersilent.

..etc, etc, so
brins me to share fotth day for anyone ho never heard
of this Twin Flame Kinna tour de force in 1994

The Sporting Life. Alternate. Full album

Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones. Tour. 1994.
00:00 – 06:35 Skótoseme
06:36 – 10:14 Dark end of the street
10:15 – 16:30 Devil´s rodeo
16:34 – 20:30 Do you take this man?
20:45 – 27:40 Tony
28:00 – 31:20 Solo John Paul Jones
31:20 – 37:18 Last man down
37:21 – 43:09 Let´s not chat about despair
43:10 – 49:28 You got to move
49:27 – 54:57 The sporting life
55:22 – 1:02:44 Hex
1:03:03 – 1:10:19 I want you´ re mine
1:10:20 – 1:15:01 Baby insane
1:15:02 – 1:17:22 Communication

~~~~~DA TWINZZ^^^ZZZZ 🙂 ~~~~