Out Of Order


the 2 timeless gatekeepers of destiny and choice an free will….


Love and fear are the only emotions we as human entities are able to express. All the others are just sub-categorical emotions. For example, on love’s side there is joy, peacefulness, happiness, forgiveness, and a host of others. On the other hand, fear reflects: hate, depression, guilt, inadequacy, discontentment, prejudice, anger, attack, and so on.

Love and fear can not coexist. Where one is, the other can’t be also. The one will leave immediately, should the other enter its presence. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing great joy, and are suddenly overtaken by fear, the joy is gone! But it works the other way too: If you are terrorized, frightened, or otherwise threatened in any way, all you need to do is turn to the love within, and the fear disappears.

Learning to make the active choice to love and not fear in every situation is the way to find inner peace in this world. Yes, I said choice! We all choose what we wish to see in every situation, at every moment. Most of the time we choose based on what we learned in the past. It is what we were taught by our parents, teachers, peers, doctors, employers, etc. and what we were brought up to believe we should do. We act on laws that we made to control our behavior and that of others so that we may live in an orderly society. When someone gets “out of order” they may be disliked, fined, incarcerated or killed. Sometimes, entire countries get “out of order” and our answer is to declare war on them. These are all things that are done out of FEAR. We fear that, if someone is out of control, that is, not following the rules we set up for them to follow, they are a threat to us, and we fear they will harm us in some way. So we react to our fear by attacking them first. That is the way of this world. The law of the jungle so to speak; eat or be eaten; kill or be killed. That is the way of fear!

The way of LOVE is quite the opposite. It makes no rules, no laws, for they are not needed! If everyone lived God’s law; the law of love, no other laws would be needed. Laws that protect our bodies would not be needed because we would not wish to harm another. Property would not be in jeopardy because we would not wish to deprive another. We would not use drugs because our love for our selves would prevent self-destruction. We would not drive recklessly, or at excessive speeds or under the influence because we might hurt some one or our selves. We would not sue any one, or lie or cheat or deprive or take advantage of them. A world without fear would not need lawyers, courts, police, or jails, because every one would trust and care for one another. Prices would not go up, work would be done right by service oriented businesses, foods would not have harmful ingredients, workers would not be exploited, etc. But that is not the way of a world built on fear! We as individual entities, sharing one God mind can make a world of love. We can do this by keeping connected to our Source, which in fact we are, but need to open our awareness to it.

Love is LIGHT. Fear is DARKNESS. When you turn on a light, darkness is no more. There is not a trace of it left! There is not even a hint of darkness ever having been there! God is LOVE. Love is light. We are all children of God, therefore, in truth, we are only LOVE. When we act out of fear, we are turning out the light, denying our truth, and entering into the darkness. We leave our love behind and attempt to be something we are not. We attempt to be apart from our Source; apart from God.

Let us try again this day. Let us tune in to LOVE; to peace, joy, and happiness.

Father, help me stay connected to you this day so that I may know the peace that is my inheritance. Lead me through a world where I see only love in every situation. Guide me to make the choice for love and to relinquish fear. When ever I am tempted to listen to fear’s cries, let me listen instead to loves song and know it is my own many links to follow here if u wish to know a little more bout the subjekt

I have appempted to have a subjective analysis of this all…..recently to only find the above facts so true in my life and in the lives of the ones i cherish and love the most!:(

For Q is a broken Hearted soul over the Great Deceivers great power to cover the truth up with lies and make other believe once again that I think things I never have never will and do not:(

i don’t quote the bible much but 1 corinthians 13 has a lot to say bout what love is….and well since i believe in it all all i can be is heartbroken bout the decisions of the people i do so LOVE!

I hope u find it as informative as i have over the past couple of years!…not that it has helped a damn bit in my life:(…cuz i can’t seem to get by and over the dark force of the great deceiver – FEAR!-….overwhelmingly painful it is to know that people think i think things i do not!:(

but what can i do nothing:(

 forgiveness might be the only

 answer and love the only

 for fear not the answer….

 unconditional love is the only way

 forgiveness is the only answer!


 “False Evidence Appearing Real!”

 belief in that is insane as far as i am concerned

 to believe i think things i never thought

 to believe i said things i never said

 to believe i hid things i never hid

 to believe that did things that i never did?:(

 sadness exuberates as Many Angels cried today!

 and i jest have to remember this is not really bout me

 but about belief in false evidence and making it appear real

 for the sake of a certain outcome is what it is all bout

 and fears i was going to do something i could

 never even dream of?


  :) fer now this day I have recieved this Timeless Miracle:)

  QUARK: was a man on a mission ……..

 now a man who knows not

 bout much at all about anything

 but love and forgiveness…..!


 peace be to one and all

 as i shall try to find some on this day!:(






PS: some in this werld even some u may love may be and or are out of order

😦 jest something to have to accept, not that it is good is jest what it is:  😦

the disorder that is 😦

try to have an ok day ..an even if ur so called attacked by those whom said they love ya , let it go , don’t kill urself over it folks,,,as i have said many times before….

one can only be sorry they love 😦 sum folks is all  😦 for some egos believe that love and fear can co-exist so as a result all the love gets buried where the fear lays:( deeper into the rabbit holes they dig into thier own dismal eternity of actions against love and the “records”………namaste….Q


2 thoughts on “Out Of Order

  1. One other thing i have learned here is hw to hate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how to hate hate fior love and senseless neglect and denial and abuse of others souls jest plain hurts……is al i know,,,,,is insanity at its best! i guess…blame it on greed and selfishness and oh yeah the aurora borealis 😦

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