Inside – Out – with a Peanuts Brain

Constantly seeking for years to and up in Lima Peru hanging out for weeks with the guys hangliding and paragliding on the cliffs of the Mira Flores park, called love park is absolutely awesome, one even falls in love with the culture and music enuff that it stays in the soul the sounds that are of the instruments they use there. The culture is incredible and goes back thousands of years clearly documented also. For those bible thumpers , yup there is and was life before the book! ever was! yep yep sorry to rain on ur parade, but hwhen ya visit a place like this and see things thousands of years old that prove every theory ever thought up, well is a pert amazing place to say the least, if ya evr get the chance , go there jest hang out one day at love park, then tell me what ya feel think etc etc,,,and go fer a ride whilst ya are there is fun and inexpensive, the expensive part is getting there to Peru that is! I had help frum friends an a local travel agent and without would have not been possible i still owe them for my trip…Although if ya don;t know spanish or have a guide i would not suggest going there! and werds for the wise, don’t try to leave Peru dead broke, or u will not be able to leave, they charge u at the airport one last time 60 bucks to get outa the country and well if ya don’t got it gues what , ya miss ur flight and if it is a non returnable bi refundable etc etc, and ya dont have a friend or money to get home ya get stuck in peru, i met a couple of guys there that is what happened to them. One frum Texas and one from Arizona, whom both missed da bus! …So anyhow with my friend Alicia’s help and her mom, brother and sis for the month i was there i would have been truly lost!…..


Most things in life won’t remain the same but some will:) Even Q’s Mumble Jumble:)

Oh What I Will to Do.Till i Get to see u!.hmmmm…….
Ahhh but a
..question ah i e and maybe an answer or 2 tis’ day
Depends upon which way ~ the thoughts should sway:)
Can my inner will energize my outer existence?
and in such a turn cancel but cancel out;
all the un-immaginable but true {illusionary}
Ideas that I had ever had about myself?
Can it all but cancel out even
all the illusions i had of oneself,
those of excrutiating pain & suffering;
Can and will they all be resolved?
Even those pertaining to physical death?
~For will power used correctly can help us overcome addictions~
so, for as if you or me have an addictive personality, we learn that
Will Power is a must! ~ We then must shift our focus ~ To Learn to trust
Learn to trust without judgement
and absolute faith in the miracle:) of life
Assertiveness over which could be interpreted as will power
 fullfills us withhigh regard and an exuberating compassion ~
compassion from love
Never realized compassion from that which was thought to be from above.
To only forever know ~ that it’s all really just from deep within
For Compassion and Forgiveness are 2 of the divine lights
of the so many that there are on this planet of ours,
 graced by some , disgraced by others.
For these lights of love , they help guide us {believe it er not}
through this plight we so call life;
on this physical plane even they help us to see the realitys,
help us along this here journey
through and into knowing 
eternal knowledge from deep within,
then surpassing even time and all space ~
they will finally find this wonderful place,
a place ya can kinda taste:)
if ya can at all relate
to find this correct space ~ one, ya can sense is but is not ~
what is a part but a part of ~ really now? how could this be? hmmm…..
well we have to find this answer through peace, serenity & simplicity;
correct choices ~ correct side of life…..chosin first for no strife……..
choices to be
Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Honor & Peace 4 release
for they are all i have today living on this way to a new multi-dimensionality!~:)
~Bottom Line is at all facets of our life ~
~ even at an etheric ~ or mental level ~ We are still using Will Power.
Even if we choose not to make a choice,
to deny and or hide? or escape,
our own power and destiny is still all just a blink away,
buried deeply inside ourselves:)
Thought fer my day to myself bout al dis’:?
may I always use corrected will!
and not just Free will!
May I always ponder upon and recognize uncorrected will for what it is until it is made right!
For may every day i then fly a new and more corrected way, and be blessed fer the day:)
without much haste ~ but very much in Grace
Mind evolution is a thought process that we constantly
and continually going through.
and until we either get to a place we wish to be ~
or we get stuck in a spot we don’t wanna be
either way we gotta create a healthy co- dependency:)..
.between us and ourselves first
then between us and those whom we choose to relate:)
we wish to stray from and form of complacency,
So for this i choose to change now:) today:)!!!! and every day
into new action and Right Will with Faith and Sincere Intentions
it will always be there for me then~ this spirit thats in us you see ~
inevidibly, u see,

Right use of Will and these 5 forms of my life
are what i choose to see,
and Corrected use of my Right Will,
shall always be the highest choice fer me🙂
Also sometimes the hardest u see:)
any how enough ramblin’ from me,
,,,for sometimes i wanna push delete’ on a message 2 be
cuz this is off the cuff but what the heck…here it goes.
and not bonded to any generic reality
Even if sometimes a little lonely:) ~
It’s then gotta remember, I’m really never alone u see:)
then this makes fer me tu see a new reality:)
As more and more I come to trusting the Spirit in da sky:)
to help me in seeing things differently,
the more I come to desiring That alone.
To but always be shown:)

hopefully there is 1 sentence that makes cents$:) werth
~since i can just think now bout right will ~
and my correct choices will I choose fer today
to help me keep sane and directed and connected
Fer’ Jus’ 1 mere Day:)
Jus’ my 2 cents werth:)
reminds me of a blast from the past also
here it is below:)

“A Person of Will Power braves all the Storms
 and Tempests in Life”
What else can will power do? I ask?
This will power so called the souls light,
can enter into perception and reality sooner than at once!
We Knock on the door of reality,
Through pure perception with our sinless security,
knocking with sincerity, our purity, our Aspirations,
our devotions, and all our dedications.
We then knock on this door of reality, but it may
take some patience and much time,
Before the doors auctually open to us:((
Patience is the Key here, and Faith in ourselves.
So, When this Divine determination, Devine Will Power,
and Devine Perception sees cleary,
Immediatly, this Door Swings Open Wide:)
For You have tried.
Where u have not succeded.
That does not mean
That you will not try anymore.
Try again says sam the man!
Try once again:)
For there is no mistake,
u were just off the mark:)
You will not only succeed if u try again;
~In this Life that Just Becomes~
So do this also, and try to proceed:)
In this Life that Eternally “is what it is”
over & out!

 this one is like way more funn:)……more appra po

The Video Posted below that is:) 

I have hours of video standing here evry day after day with all the glider joks from around the werld:) an a hour er 2 of airiel video someeday to post here aklso. til then Enjoy! Q aka Windrydr 🙂 aka mike 🙂

……so…….save changes:)

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