CustomFighters 2 StreetFighters


Da Streetfighterz gang

only real kinna fighterz i like ๐Ÿ™‚ lol…


was able to pull it off another year, here are a few clips of this years adventure, if ur interested in joining in on the fun jest check onto the streetfighters ride of the century website to learn more and do a bit of research. So anyhow ya won’t see me out there wheelin’ round , but ya might see me jest ridin with the pack ๐Ÿ™‚ lol….Anyhow, I jest could not leave this alone another day showing what the 2013 spectacle was about also, and someone asked me why i have 3 different kinda motorcycles? well 3 different reasons!…. one for on off road,which i need way up here…but is sittin in back of garage broken at present, another projekt it is.


one for loud and proud and going to event with etc etc an shows an to keep in family as an heirloom so to speak if i don”t ever hurt it for my son when i pass away. Was a build over 30 thousand dollars, and an incredible one of a kind machine my rhino bike is!


…. and then well i got the 1200 sportbike below here

i call Ol Blue’ for road trips etc etc,


and i have a GS for well my son he hasn’t came to pick up yet but is a fun pocket rocket 500cc. Will have it done for him by spring, anothr projekt ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Painted an all! it’s like in the vids here but 500cc…so anyhow this is 2013 ride of the century and i’ll leave the subjekt alone till next time round….

Time for mikey here to put away the bikes and get the snowmobile out !

Namaste’ 2 One an all!ย  ride Safe and remember

“Crashing is Not an Option”

…unless ya want it to be!


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