Ride of the Century

~ SO ~this year was the year for the Ride of the Century!…Ride on everyone and enjoy this crrazee read! an view!


Well for some:)…..I’m not as talented or quite as Nutz as some of these guys, but if ya ride motorcycles ya got to check this out, is what i’d call talent anyhow…if nut in else LoL :)… enjoy this clip from ride of the century 2012..I am sure u ill be amazed jest a bit, oh and women do this too yep,,,,,,,call them crazy, but i call it talent :)..jest google Chesca Miles if ya don’t believe me!
.The man who kinna started this sport to me i mr Darius Khashabi an one heck of a talented guy…ith a great sense of humor:),,servin it up is a video of his i have at home and shows from the beginning to now of the learning curve and the motivation drive and Love to do something and keep on tryng till one gets it right , i what  i like bout Darius an all of his crew and now followers and very talented riders…

and oh yeah as i always say an very important point here i think today

“Crashing is Not an Option”


4 thoughts on “Ride of the Century

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