Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Not so COOL?
I thi-ink Dell is super cool πŸ™‚ he has hundreds of videos on youtube now,,Has trained hundreds of students, an even has kids that fly these now πŸ™‚ I am going to end up with a trike soon enuff to add to my toys list, one day at a time to get to that point though, till then I’ll put some Skiis on my trike and dream of getting one like dells.
Check out his you tube here > Dell Schanze he is presently training in Sandy Eggo , MY home town, hope to get there to visit mom and dell one day soon i do! and my prefered wing is the flat top..INFO ON Dell HERE: THEN WATCH THIS AND WELL HAVE A GREAT NIGHT,
http://u-turnusa.com Paramotor World Champion Dell Schanze does his trademark endless wingtip drag winning the WPPGA YouTUBE World Championship by an astonishing amount. No other pilot on earth can currently come close to matching this incredible display of masterful piloting. Powered Skydiving or Paragliding is the power sport for the 21st century. The equipment flown here is the 2010 Limited Edition Flat Top 200 SUPER with the Medium Eris III RS from Sky Paragliders. Incredibly the Flat Top paramotor flown here still maintains the highest safety record for any ultralight aircraft. Zero deaths and only one injury to date have ever occured on this particular model because of the amazingly innovative features. The only injury ever recorded was a Team Red Bull Pilot who death spiraled the aircraft into the ground at over 50mph and he has since recovered. 1 injury!! You may watch what these incredible pilots do and think they are going to die any second but remarkably this particular unit known as the Flat Top has so many safety features that just 1 single injury total and zero deaths, out of all the units on the market has ever been reported. That is just unheard of in any action sport. To contact the distributor for more information just go to http://u-turnusa.com or call them at 801-631-1731 or in the USA you can call them toll free at 800-707-2525. This remarkable aircraft breaks down in minutes to only the size of a large suitcase and can travel with you anywhere you go. Your own personal backpack aircraft with an unlimited number of uses.

Jest Jump – Into the drowning Pool πŸ™‚ be brave Lol..er not…………


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