Little help from my friends

“it’ll be different”Do ya believe in Love at first sight, what do ya see when ya turn out the lights?
 The Song Remains the Same  – an this is not bout Zep either 🙂 …
..another story But Nevertheless….


little help from my friends – The Song Remains the Same …but Boy how do people change:)
…when ya sing the same song over fer years and years well, one tends to grow up someday…especially when they have a little help from thier friends,,,since ya can hear all the lyrics on this song here it is a gem from my past i grew up with from many years back, yes i even had the Vinly album once upon a time…shoulda believed in that friend that told me all my vinls would be werth a lotta money sumday especially the unoopened ones,,,but well, i didn’t trust in the friend, any more than the friend that told me to buy stock in yahoo and microsoft 15 years ago…oh well heinsight huh,,,sumtimes better than forsight, well lesson learnet is i am going to start, accepting help from and helping friends 🙂 for that is what life is all bout right…a thanks to everyone that has been my continued friend also..namaste’ to one and all this fine day :)..snow blanketed 4 corners here and best friend this am was my snoww shovel and fireplace and Dog:)…..Lol..hasta.frum Q….an oldie but GOODIE! BEFORE WOODSTOCK ! DURING A REVOLUTION!


***An AT WOODSTOCK 1969 –
and as we grow grow grow :)expand as u grow 🙂 so agreed,,,things jest get better 🙂

*and well as of recently yep Joe is still alive an roockin 🙂
some people more an more jest get better with ago over the years:) an joe is 12 years older than me an still rocks as far as i am concerned, he is 69 now ! but now has more HEART!………..Enjoy!..Q

*Verbinden mit Joe Cocker:

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Joe Cocker
John Robert Cocker.jpg

Joe Cocker performing in mid 90’s
Background information
Birth name John Robert Cocker
Also known as Vance Arnold, The Sheffield Soul Shouter
Born 20 May 1944 (age 69)
Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Genres Blues, rock, blues-rock, blue-eyed soul
Occupations Musician, songwriter, actor
Instruments Vocals, harmonica, guitar, drums
Years active 1961–present
Labels Regal Zonophone
Associated acts The Grease Band

John Robert Cocker OBE (born 20 May 1944) — known as Joe Cocker — is an English rock and blues singer, who came to popularity in the 1960s, and is known for his gritty voice, his idiosyncratic body movement in performance and his cover versions of popular songs, particularly those of the Beatles.

have a Cocky day allz.LoL…….Q*



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