Call Me Cloud

Call me cloud
Final fantasy VII – wish you were here (love story)
Last Moments;……….Wish u were here,,,,,

Nope not a Floyd blog,,,but well those that know me personally know i have held 3 of the dearest people in my life i have ever known loved and lost as cloud holds his in this video,
Held them in my arms with them not having any “breath” after “bodily “death”..prolly saddest thing to me i’ve had to have done.also possibly the most enlightening!….Well,  wishes can be wished all ya want but well, 2 of those times i was late to my destination and or it might not have evr happened, so i have held guilt for many years over it… can’t bring back anything but memories to this life, is why i strive forward in an attempt to move forward without hesitation and get on with life, best thing one can do the way i see it, will jest have to find a way to put in proper perspective for all the folks that come into my life what is real and what is not, those that have a crazy imagination or haven’t grown up enuff to respect my life well, i can’t do anything to save them, i jest have to move forward and pray for them no matter how much i love them. Because i have judged and do not agree with thier version of love does not mean it is right or wrong is jest what it is ,,,another last moments award for mikey!..cept this one is still alive……..So, Point is LAst Moments.,, well important to some not so important to others. I jest want my last moments to be moments to appreciate instead of hate!….good not bad note how we go out ya see, well some of us don’t have any choice, and some of us even have out lived our time,,

becaused we loved !,maybe again and again to stay alive,

so if we are always loving at everything we do then when that magical moment happens,

at least we know, we were doing the very best we could do!
i am a firm believer love helps one stay alive yes it does and lack of well does the opposite…and that the holy spirit we are does not die either* believe it er not* for i now have prooff…thank u higher order of thingz:).
an i know the video well, is jest a game an animation, and is mixed together from two different games with cloud and tifa/aeris/aerith ..etc etc,, this vid is, those who know well, don’t knock it is jest a game right and how ya play it is what counts in the end, not in how ya mix it up, even if it does get mixed up, the outcome in the end right before the end is whats important to me:) after whats mixed is thouroughly be it:)… LIFE THAT IS !  the way i see it!,,,no matter who ya are:).,Was told recently Reason for everything mikey!,,well i am glad that person has it all figured out , cuz well, i still don’t have a clue, My god told me to come here to have fun… enuffffff,,,frum da eyes of Q @ 3 am

heres to u whomever u are wherever u be,an also, if u know a better way through, jest drop me a line 🙂 would love to hear frum U.,,Till then…make the best of ur night er day , cuz well, ya never know….

..enjoy,…y’….. namaste’ …..2 u frum….



is what it is,,So, enjoy every day as if it was ur last over and out…an don’t let the werld or anyone else get ya down as hard as it sounds……. .Q……Aka Snow Covered Colorado :)……..
PS; nice to have a phone back :)… 🙂 ……


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