Running Uphillz

Running Uphillz

Rocky Mountain View
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Running Up That Hill


Says my Shadow an my shadow knows πŸ™‚

I seem to be jest running up that electric bill
on this snow covered hill…..staying warm…..
so overcome by no chill – on this snow covered hill…
Cuza da’ warm Feelings of Grattitude.
Gratitude for the days i have had, delight for that night i lived
Once upon a time up on this snow covered hill……..
Standing there lewking at the picture once created
a snapshot within the “scence”, of this thing
lives full of memories,,in the end, do the memories remain?
how an how in all does it happen – especially at the top of the hill.
so, if ya are on a hill – or in a valley below – either way
message is – go conquer it!
No pressureΒ  πŸ™‚
No Problem – πŸ™‚
runnin’ up dat hilll runnin up da’ bill! πŸ™‚
whilst hangin’ on Still!
time to go out and shovel snow….
and see how far one can get away from the house
so one can hopefully manana get off da hill πŸ™‚
Peace – Out
Q and me missy dog πŸ™‚

final fantasy Versus XIII
Song Track ; running up that hill by Placebo πŸ™‚

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