Balancing Timely Destiny

When one know or thinks one knows whats going to happen in the future er not?  whats important,,,Da Balance or da destiny of it all>? Destiny within Time?


Balance or Destiny – Is Time Important or not this time?
Understand that no matter how many times we can repeat the action, We can not able to change the fate unless you realize the root cause. We able to fix one, but not necessary mean we can fix the next as well.
“The fool who procrastinates what is to be done waiting for an auspicious time will not achieve the objective. If you could achieve your objectives, that itself is auspicious. What could stars in the sky do?” – Lord Buddha

TIME & Destiny

Balance? is a matter of choice i suppose huh!

whether we balance time with destiny or balance destiny in a timely manner huh! 🙂
Balance- Oscar Winning Cartoon
Dir: Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Germany, 1989. Academy Award for Best Animated Short (1989).


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