Not Heaven Yet

This ain’t heaven”
more news frum lot 420
“Get A GRIP 2”

Say why? Why should this matter to YOU? Here’s one very good reason! “THC blocks an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which speeds the formation of amyloid plaque in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s drugs Aricept and Cognex work by blocking acetylcholinesterase. When tested at DOUBLE the concentration of THC, Aricept blocked plaque formation only 22% as well as THC, and Cognex blocked plaque formation only 7% as well as THC.” (WebMD, “Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer’s”) More articles and studies on CANNABlS are available in “Granny Storm Crow’s List”- free online!
You would think a drug that causes thousands of deaths each year from it’s abuse would be illegal, but since prohibition didn’t work, and there is revenue to be made, alcohol won’t be prohibited again.
You would think a drug that kills and deforms thousands each year would be illegal, but you don’t see anyone trying to prohibit tobacco.
But because of a social stigma about marijuana, we have hypocritical “selective freedom” based on individual opinion. If I don’t like it, you can’t have it. From the looks of it, this isn’t working either.
Some people do juice the entire plant. The seeds are an awesome oil and protein supplier, the stalks are great for making clothes, the leaves are great for making butter to bake with and get baked. The first Ford cars had hemp panels and were supposed to run on hemp oil..check it out. All true and yet this amazing plant is not legal. The medicinal properties are amazing and it’s just shameful what fed policies have done to vilify this miracle plant. Call it what it really is: Awesome and Mother Nature at it’s absolute best so of course man has pucked it all up…par for the course unfortunately. It’s also grown with little to no pesticides. See the fact is it’s too perfect cause it doesn’t need all the support of chemical and pharma companies, it doesn’t need pesticides, it doesn’t need special soils, it doesn’t need commercial growers for the typical individuals use either. It’s as easy to grow as any weed in your yard. Now you could boost it in many ways but no need. get a good strain which is easy to do, plant a seed and water it in your backyard with decent sunlight. The facts scare the hell out of big business. F the feds…do we still live in a Democracy? Does your vote mean nothing? Obama, whom I supported  thinking here might be a president that might actually relax or reschedule the MJ laws at a federal level has been a HUGE downer. He has a few years left to do something that could really impact the nation but my hopes have faded and expect more of the same for several years to come. The President and Govt that finally changes these Fed laws will be true Patriots IMO. Peace
God made pot and man made alcohol, who do you trust?
It never ceases to amaze me how scared ignorant people are of pot,yet they get a smile on their face every time someone tells a story about how they got whiskey drunk and did something stupid. Liquor is a dangerous drug,marijuana is not. Stupidity is the only thing that is keeping pot illegal.
If Coffee was discovered in this day and age, they would term it a narcotic and make it illegal.
Drug Free workplace, free coffee, quite a contradiction. If You like your booze, if You smoke cigarettes, if You love Your coffee then don’t be a hypocrite..
Growth of industrial hemp could turn our economy around and stem the use of petroleum products. Marijuana is a wonder plant. Big business squashed the potential industrial applications eighty years ago. U.S.A. is the only industrialized nation (due to corporate lobbying) to outlaw growth of industrial hemp.

Does NORML still exist?
the way i see it , since i was readin last night that in order to be totally legal in all aspects of “LAW’ of the world well, Laws concerning hemp and mj will have to be changed at the world level also, because at the world council level it is still also considered a controlled substance? does that mean anyhow controlled substance” like they control it and keep it out ur hands is more like it, mainly for fear that it might hurt their lie based pocketbooks:( that are against the plant:(..what a crime that is to me auctually, to be a hipocryte and liar to one self and to the world , why , and will the united nations evr get a grip, well ask ur pres, maybe he can still do things bout it as ingrained into the un as he is..well,,ya never know he still might be ur miracle child, i wouldnt put it past him to help make some drastic affects and good things happen as of and on account of this budding useful plant :)…but prolly so is the fact that The whack jobs, evangeliCONs, neoCONs, insane obstructionists would never allow it.
An well in my community it is necessary to protect the crop because Deer are graceful and nonviolent and they love weed. They jest tear up bud if ya know what i mean, and the fibers are or not good for the deers stomach i dont know all i know is they sure love the budding budd… gee i wunder why? well, have u ever had food products made with Mj then ud know what its all bout, and that wow , instead of cloggin my breathing passages and making it hard to breathe like nicotine{whilch should be consumed differently and not smoked} and well when one that has Athsma like the Q here smokes the mighty bud or ingests it in food product either way,,the air passages of the lungs get free and breathing becomes easy and normal again…Imagine that non smoker and non believer in me!..not quite a vegetable and not quite 100% an herb either …MJ is “SPECIAL ” in that matter of a fact! to me:)
well, this isn’t the 1930′s anymore, were educated, {many more are anyhow}unlike our politicians? so lets do the right thing and eliminate the deficit as well as help the sick, if you cant take it? don’t use it! but theres enough people out there that can, and the revenue from it would astound god, and solve our budget problems…is back to the who owns thew werld issue again, and well, those powers want to be the ones to have the say, well i think they all ought to light up! 4 a day !@ 4;20 adjourn till the next day of arguing and come back the next am smoke one and have a nice talk bout it:) but that’ll never happen will it , cuz this ain’t heaven! believe me:)
Marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer. Marijuana doesn’t cause emphysema. Tobacco does. Marijuana doesn’t cause cirrhosis. Marijuana doesn’t damage any organ in your body like alcohol does. Pot makes you sleepy, hungry and happy. Tobacco and alcohol both kill you. Today, it is more likely that if all three came up for approval for public use, two would not be approved and one would. Tobacco is addictive. Alcoholism – well that speaks for itself. I was an active alcoholic for 26 years:( destroyed both my mind and my spirit with the spirits of alcohol, also destroyed my pocket book putting my hard earned green in the hands of the Anti Green folks out the the pharmas and the Steel plastic an paper companies,,,seems like the truth has it that pot has and controls many things that the drugs companies manafacturer ,,etc etc plus its thousands of other uses for the fibre etc etc,,Ignorance is no excuse really, an well i voted for mr. Obama cuza the shroom gang and beleieved he would do something to help educate the “whole werld” bout the truth of the lies foretold bout da amazing 420.
PS: The leaves are tender and are tasty in a salad, they are also good in soup. With a little sugar it makes a nice tea. It can be dried, ground and added to flour to make a heavy bread.
Well, more  to come on this subjekt , but enuff of a rant fer da day:)..bout the bud bud,,
time to go find so mind time 🙂
enjoy ur life do the best ya can…don’t hurt on others ..people places or things on the planet, be kind as one can, and enjoy life is all i gots to say!


PSS: Link of the day! 

Denver Post Marijuana Editor: Pot to Generate $40 Million in Tax Revenue–this-job-has–been-a-trip-172605621.html

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