Market Yourself by Jennifer

Market Yourself is a video done by a fellow blogger friend of mine whom is finding the best of times jest being herself and being free:) hope u enjoy, i congratulate her on the amount of views she has had and hope this has helped boost her career she is so desiring…

I jest adore this woman! She has helped me a lot emotionally and spiritually and that i have her to thank for so i wanted to share her video here:) Jennifer gets my “blogger of the year” award” for such an uncompromising act, which aint no act at all, thats life folks 🙂 A realization a day sumtimes is what it takes to keep da doctor away 🙂 lol Enjoy!  Hey body gaurd for hire jenn when ya need one 🙂 I come Loaded! 🙂 lol 🙂 take care one an allzzz. Q

till i get my net back i suppose 🙂 over an out 🙂 happy holidaze,,, an remember Forgiveness is the Key to Love even if Chains Have to be Broken!


above art by jennifer b chaz

🙂 peace out

A Song and Music Video highlighting how the world is today. Available on Itunes and Spotify.
Music video by Thorbjörn Ljungeld.
Screenplay: Jennifer Isabella Sundström
Director: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Camera operator: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Editor: Thorbjörn Ljungeld
Assistant: Tomas Jakobsson
Make up: Asta Lopatin
Hair: Anette Sundström

Contact:Jennifer B Chaz

oh PS: Speaking of marketing oneself Guess i’m Free BCHAZ 🙂


better than clueless

namaste 2 one an all


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