Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Quarks Pic

sasha knows!
all good dogs know not to FEAR!

here here!


Say What?
well, i jest had 5 puppies! 6 weeks old!


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (21)

below is michelle’s collage she made with last weeks photos 🙂


Dear BlueAngelWolf


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change{you}
the courage to change the things i can{me}

I AM Now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad.
I pray that u now remove from me every single defect of character which
stands in the way of my usefullness to you and my fellows.
Grant ME STRENGTH as i GO FROM HERE! to do ur bidding……AMEN!

Grant me the strength not to attack back as visciously attacked:(




Grant me the Strength to know i don’t have to defend myself against FEAR? anymore
{FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL}…that it is jest what it is a LIE!:( by FEAR!

i GIVE ALL UP TO GOD NOW! my whole life!…..
 God, I offer myself to THEE!
to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.
 Relieve me of the Bondage of SELF.that i may better do THY WILL


Well, is easy i said “ONE DAY AT A TIME” My mom told me when i was a child i shall never forget
one day when i was complaing and it changed my life from that moment on when i was 12  well,
CHANGED FOREVER! she said to me
  I have for 5 years now been since the passing of Crow have been blessed with
numerous MIRACLES!  He is now shaking his head up and down and sideways also for the different directions the HOLY SPIRIT has led me! uP AND DOWN FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED & SIDEWAYS IN DISSILLUSIONMENT?:( AT WHY PEOPLE DO THE THINGS THEY DO?
Thousands of dollars and 5 years laters i get this now after all the dark poetry against my soul, when she said “i’ll call ya tomorrow” day after i got out of hospital 3 weeks ago, have jest seen silly poems in response sent and been told now this<link,,,I loved this lady more than myself and all things in my life!,,life sucks when abused for years by another ya love with all ur heart and soul but what can one do huh 😦 but cry cry cry , no matter who ya are it hurts when those ya love betray ya 😦 and lie to ya and decieve ya and neglect ya and are in denial of anything that resembles truth anymore :(. well is what it is folks 😦 .all i can say 😦
     FOUND MY CAUSE WHICH WAS AND IS WHAT I AM love AND WELL I ONLY TOLD 1% OF THE LAST 4 YEARS ABOVE:( WAS A VERY CONDENSED VERSION:( PLAUGERIZED BY FEAR IN OTHERS LIVES MY LIFE HAS BEEN. Folks that are suicidal mentally and forget and loose track of who they are because they listen to the FEAR inside:(…for she don’t even have the courage to show her face or talk to me anymore but will talk to her new man here:(..to throw it in my face well, KARMA will be the best friends of those who betray love and saint peter will say nope to them when they wish to enter heaven! cuz well, hell say u go back 3000 years plus you got more lessons to learn u are not ready to ascend!:( a sad story in Q’s werld right now it is:( was not ever going to post this but figured if MISS BLUE ANGEL WOLF WANTed to make publik her affairs and her personal life well then so be it there are 2 sides to every story!.thanks for commenting mill love ya have a great day! er eve as it is!..mike…these are the kind of things that women make men die over them for one way or another:( is a drag i do not like the new movie the one i LOVE MAKES:( IN HER HEAD AND LIFE WITH MY ENERGIES:(

Can change some of the things in life but can’t change fear based people to make them love based nor can ya change an alcholic or druggie into a sane person, the person has to want to change themselves, i am powerless over people places and things, and things i can’t control i knew that years ago, but is not what true love is all bout, to bad she forgot that along the journey in her book of life 😦 karma will be the lesson in the end for the “GREAT DECIEVER”!

Those Were Da Dayz


Ya know guns have always been round, for hundreds of years and access pert readily available for em for anyone whom wanted to have one or use one, even the young man or woman that might {need} to use one. But now it appears that the reason for , and reasons why guns are used is varied as redily as the reasons for why a knife might be!….what a society that is not focusing on mental illness issues brings to the table of the werld as far as i see it is nonsensicle as far as i can see it at the present!.

    In the 50’s and early 60’s there was over a half million beds for psychiatric patients. Now there is less than a hundred thousand even though the population has increased. Granted that in those days many were warehoused on the wishes of family members who didn’t want to care for even the least affected person. Patients were turned loose to the streets under the guise of (patience are better off in the community.) Today, in this “civilized” country we are armed to the teeth in the belief that we will be safe from others if we are packing. IN the old days and where i live most arm not to protect themselves from humans, but to protect themselves from predators like the mountain lion, er bear etc etc, sometimes only a shot saves ur life and the predator runs, in the old days one would have a gun so as to bring food also in to the house as many still do that live in wilderness areas like i do, in the old days did the kids take the guns to Skewl and shoot teachers or other kids with em? Whats Changed?
Every day someone proves that statement is not true. {only if i were packing} Nor are the mentally ill safe from their sad and scary illnesses. We do nothing for them except buy guns for ourselves. We send billions in arms and aid overseas to no avail. That helps nothing, it gives us more seriously injured mentally and physically, again which we do not treat in a timely or appropriate manner. The USA has one of the worse mental health records in the western civilized world. There is no excuse. Stop the wars, bring manufacturing back to the USA, make fair trade really fair, and remember, a real market economy must include humane treatment for all. So, point at hand …There are not enough psychiatrists and not enough beds to treat people with mental health issues in the U.S….
Back in the olden days when I was a kid, we’d meet somewhere after school and punch each other silly till we had our argument settled. I even had the the principal at my school offer to take us down to the gym and give us some boxing gloves so we could settle things. In the olden days whence i grew up well, if’n ya messed up in skewl ya might get urself 12′ inches of shock as my high skewl vo teck teach would say, and welp itr was true, and the 12 inches of shock was a kick in the ass with his shoe, so maybe ya would get back to werk and quit lolly gaggin round. Now the kids bring a gun back and kill the teach WTF foilks? is wrong with this picture i say?:( Lack of Respect learnt! id say!
Although I do agree with those people who have said that we need to teach our children to stand up for themselves, although what is happening across the country and werld in skewls is insanity. Whats it going to take to get a grip on it is my question, first things fiorst we ought to teach our children the truth bout things and not lies for and during thier formative years. Or the kid might even grow up thinking santa claus has to take care of him evry year, get my drift. Keeeping that part of this topic simple as that i will is another part of the insanity in fear based thinking and reward verses punishment s and the way we raise outr children…..Recently i ran into a little gurl at the pizza store..and well at 9 years old this little gurl carried a dollie and believed in fairies and goblins and santa claus and the fairy tales as if they were part of her very own life still. her mom had supported all the fairy tales so greatly and grandly that the identification of the child is as if she is living a fairy tale forever!, so point is what do u want for ur children to believe in when they grow up, or worship for that manner. I see so many raising their kids to believe in pure fantasy as reality and fear as a way to make lifes choices werk instead of love and also i see 50% of most countries teaching thier children to worship a guy hanging on a cross, and everything {they say he said}, although they do not know king james and gamg changed the whole bible round back then to have different contextual meaning that originally it did as when it was in the language spoken at the time which was aramaic.{another blog -sumday}
Back to the guns issue, guns don’t truly kill people anymore than knives or sledgehammers do! People choose to kill people is all there is to it.
In the 50’s an 60′ when i grew up well, There was also no chemical laced food and water. If you acted up, to the woodshed you went. Your parents made you do chores, and insisted that you go to church every Sunday. If someone tried to bully you, you better learn to fight back. Honest work was the norm. It didn’t matter how much money you made as long as you had a job
Is Kinna ironic, in todays day and age if i was a child and treated as i was back then by some teachers, first grade slapped, 3rd grade paddled by principle a couple of times and well dentention & made to eat an eraser in 3rd grade by mean mrs kelsey 😦 in front of the class etc etc, well if any of these things happened today well, id be a rich kid cuz my parents if smart would sue, but well teachers are not allowed to disipline, even if it is not abusive today…so werld is turned upside down when ur 7 year old comes home quizzing u bout family policy and viewpoints to take back to the teacher. was not like that before in our educational system and a lot of the problem goes right to the top, where all the {laws} are now created.monkey see monkey doo.<link….and separation of classes forever is what i see growing in the mighty ol USA!
Is it any wonder? All the chemicals are changing brains, especially young brains. Fire retardant is even found in breast milk now. Chemicals on and in our foods. Pharmaceuticals given to children and teens. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our water. Lead in our soil from the use of leaded gasoline in days gone by. Leaking radiation from Japan and outdated nuclear plants in the USA. Chemicals and antibiotics in our meat and dairy products, not to mention, rampant e-coli and salmonella. Young people are bombarded with chemicals and they are affecting the brain.
So, Behold, on another note!?  a generation raised on violent video games, social media and po_n. Stop letting boys play with boys and let them start spending more time with men.Fathers{raise ur Kids! Don’t LET SOCIETY!} It may be impossible for this to happen because it requires men start taking less interest in themselves, which this generation is not good at. If anyone doubts that violent video games are a bad influence, then why don’t we see any young girls going off on rampages? Why don’t they express their anger that way? Violent video games are one of the few media types that young girls don’t largely share an interest in with their male counterparts, and that includes p__n as well. These things won’t go away, but when will we admit to what is contributing to young people, boys in particular, acting out in this way?
So, rant for the day over got it out on werdpress this eve, is wehat it is,,,,but i do think i have a point or 2 for the unwise and fearful!…if not well, hope someone gets my 2 cents werth outa this blog. Comments anyone?
Namaste’ to 1 & all frum Q

Porsche 1898 Electric Car


The first Porsche Electric car ever built was unveiled in Stuttgart on Monday. January 27th today in 2014, over 100 years after the first ~ The 1898 “Egger-Lohner electric car model C.2 Phaeton,” or in short P1 has been sitting in an old shed in Austria since 1902.   P 1 i guess short for Porsche one! the number one and is 2 kewl fer skewl if’n ya ask me, too bad we didn’t keep perfecting em till now, well, guess we are in a way with the Teslas now etc etc and all the opther hybrids out there is bout time huh!……here is what Ferdinand Porsches design for the electric motors lewked like



An jest imagine that brings us to one of my fav cars in the world today


link of the day!frum Quarksires Youtube werld

Brought 2 u by…..Q

Ultralight Triking 9000 Miles with Henrytrike


Well Henry Trike gets my Vid of the day award, Frum Quarksires Playlist<linkI have lotsa friends round the werld that fly Ultralight Trikes and Powered Paragliders<link and Paragliders and Hangliders, and a few came into my box today , but this was the most Awe Inspiring. This is a video of Henrys adventures in the last year flying round the west coast states,,,Flights in the state of California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona…Some awesome scenery and spectacular footage if i must add, enjoy 🙂 and have a gewd weekend.


The above pics were taken in cortez flying with instructor johnny and the gang at Topdog Ultralights..check out my vids on you tube <linkto learn more 🙂 once again enjoy!

frum da TopDog




an then well, there is the rocky mountain way of flying ultralights also..see the video below and enjoy ur flight 🙂

a few videos in ya find this vid but i can’t not post it today cuz it is in one of my top vids sections in my ultralight triking werld of vids,,,,so i posted the whole playlist for ya to scan,,there are some kewl vids of flying all over the werld frum cambodia to south africa, the south to south vid is very kewl,link :)an da botoka flights<link of  mike an oliver world trike travelers 🙂   to spain to norway<link to the artic on trikes, an surfing da morning glory with billo one morning is very kewl<link :)i have an assort ment of my fav vids in this playlist above ………..,ya can fast forward through the vids if ya don’t like one to the next.again,adios..


National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I can’t Help But Re- Blog this one to my Squirrly Werld ….thanks for appreciating this Squirrel To anyone that reads dis squirrel on da’ ol’ WWW 🙂 ..Until next time 🙂 Namaste’ and chow 2 U all ! &

thanks Marilee fer Da Kewl Reminder Ur Photography is jest 2 Kewl fer Skewl 🙂




Through My Lens

I just found out that January 21st was National Squirrel Appreciation Day and I missed it!!!!

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40,000 What?

     Well i have a couple of so called problems with a couple of people and people i love in my life that well, have jest become plain ignorant to their own spiritual path, and well, “Karmetic Realities” will become their own future as they bring upon all the stuff for the things they did against love and or other people in thier life, an “Karmetic Justice” all i can do is pray for them, and move forward without hesitation,,and 40,000 things on my mind all the time, most of all which are all out of context and not even able to be followed such as our laws,SO here is a little rant frum Q. Some are too busy “door chashing” to be able to properly make the best next right best decision they possibly can is all there is to it. Me well, now i jest prefer “Chasing My Own Shadow” instead of my tail, an everyone elses lol.


Frum Quarksires Wizardly UNIVERSE He’s back to playing his song! frum memories 2 da future

When Q gets tyopijng as fast as Q can think:) enjoy! er not is up to ur Perception huh!. ok well,,,,,,I used to say then head of a big business ignorance is really no excuse ” unless u were really that ignorant” but if it was intention and harmful to ignore another of the situation at hand well there could even become the point where it could become criminal , in the eyes of the beholder or accused or accuser, depends on perception.
To BUy or not Tobuy? hmmmmm? and what BS: do ya buy and fer why? i ask?,,fer they are very shed carefully mnean and backstabbing mostly!.over 50% of em rich political guys i met over my years!of lobbying and testifying before senate meetings, county and different business meetings in the state of California. i moved to Colorado in 1996 to get away from all the alcoholism, hard core drugs, {was raising a family at the time} {glad they all gone now} an i got at least 40,000 hours single lol….anyhow,,,I moved here to sober up get a grip start a new life and stop focusing on all the bills etc etc i could not stop the creation of back door style, I believe all senate and congress decisions etc etc,should never and never at anytime include a “BACK DOOR RIDER ON THEM” and handled one by one individually..but of course that would change the true game that is now into an “HONEST AND FAIR GAME” for the institutions at hand to handle in their voting processes; but well, jest my opinion. Jest another “Pining Reflection” frum Da Quarked one here

This is how it really is; IN the “REAL WERLD”  They say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. but now listen to this?! point at hand?!with over 40,000 new laws and bills coming into effect every year over our whole nation, throughout the states; We all automatically become lawbreakers 40,000 times over. Our nation of states employ and pay people: ourselves, to constantly make and change laws. Forty Thousand Laws per year. Every time I think I’m not a lawbreaker along come 40,000 new laws I must be breaking and have to change 40,000 behaviors that I have no idea are no longer acceptable. These laws are made in order to dictate a behavior that another of US wants another to conform to under threat of penalty meant to cause enough discomfiture that we will go against our own will to conform; Your name is TOBY.
WE allow our governments to employ ourselves (elect each other) to enact under the false guise of “For The Public Safety” or “Child Safety” etc.”the ability to enforce behavioral changes we have morally ingrained in us as acceptable.? We employ ourselves to rob each other allowing them to constantly maintain public confusion as to just what one can do and cannot do so we can be constantly and for any reason (contained within the 2 million 800 thousand, in one’s approximate lifetime, dictates of behavioral modification’s) an be held accountable to a government agency for almost anything at any time.
Each of the almost 3 million law changes come with the threat of a penalty if found that one has not conformed to the changes; Usually in the form of money, Money, MONEY! Your money, my money! or Worse!taxes an money!
Money to me, my wife or fiance or lady or family &  children, means food medicine shelter, gasoline etc. an so very much more sumtimez. Might end up becoming a matter of life or death over 100 bucks…..ya never know..

Especially if’n ur “Core Beliefs System” is messed up!

Anyhow…….Dis way, by their rules (we think they are our rules)even the back door riderz, {LoL} not funn really!  any government whether local or nationwide have almost 3 million bases covered where upon we can at any time, for not being aware of any given one of the 3 million changes to be shaken down, robbed, or detained until you give them your means of sustenance…..YOUR money……..and possibly in the end ur silence, er ur life depending upon whom ya are and what ya are about!
The governments then immorally siphon OUR sustenance to their special interests in the form of billions of OUR dollars which in turn is laundered and given back to them via election fund contributions. The govt’s control this situation; The manipulation of our masses through poverty….so is it kewl being poor?.or better off being rich?…well i liked the half way in betweenst but that seems to be shriveling up in the usa the great ol usa where we used to have er 4 distinguishable classes of people, or 4 upper class, upper middle class , middle class, then kinna 2 classes of lower in a way the not so rich the ones jest above poverty .lower class.then there is very low class…..now though it seems as though it is slipping to the arena of being jest one big giant upper class,an ssmall {Super Class}{way super Rich} the one percenters!  and a very very lower class,then below that there is poverty level….the way i see it from the sixties till now we should have cured the poverty class and have all middle class and upper class to higher and no people in need, i see that as baing so very possible but with all the stats i can pull up like tha above on the internet here well u tell me folks what u think>?? what should we do with all this info ,,should we go bury some laws…….Well years ago when i was in politics i was pres. of an organization and what we did was go to the state and federal level and go get old insignificant laws that were still on the books off and also lobby against mean rude unreal back door bills political nimrods use as a skam to deal in bills all on da sly for their own personal benefit always etc etc ,,,,,,,
So again i wonder if anyone even reads my stuff that makes a diff in the werld politics and well if so ,whomever ya are woman or man wish ya would take some of what i might have to say back to the forces that be and are controlling are country and let the drug offenders, of natural plants! outa jail and stop the war on drugs and kill the cartels etc etc,,,get back into world hemp production and be the king leaders and make it an industry for power to clothing to plastics,,,,,,,oh well enuff outa me today i am done researching th above stats and whew is a trip what uya can undercover when ya seek on the mighty ol’ internet here……………..what condition is ur condition in and do u have emerging impulses, that are rightfully honesty sane an true blu?

Inside it er outa it?…..Neva sure which a lot these days:)?

Peace out and blessings to one and all……And remember ,Don’t stress over the little shit”
tomorrows another day ,,,,,,,,,,,and well take it “One Day At A time”

“Hold Fast to YOur Dreamz”
Quarksire  over and out ….chow 4 now 🙂 Jest


Volbeat Warrior

Volbeat Warrior I am and this dese4rves the re-blog of the day today for mikey,since sumhow it got missed by most before 🙂 Rock on Everyone an don’t let the big n bad wolves get ya down!. Q

Midnight Rambler – Thunder Rider……….boom da boom da boom da boomda:)….


Im an old rock and roll fan and an old rocker:)….so what does an old  guy do?

Still head bang a bit yup!!!!!!!!!
but listen to old rock and rollers toooo….well, they liked elvis and johnny cash too when they were kids, so now this is how an ol man like me an them that don’t rock by the coubntry music,,,well we can tribute it to rocking like this..Some Growl…Some May Scream, Some May CryAloud, Some might sing like ones ya nevr heard:), ah but if they were only understood,,,the dreamers the screamers the Growling ones like a Wolf that fights to the very last breath!.such as life…….Before they er she burned down my happiness, or tried to no avail…well is what and why i listen to stuff like this like it er not!!!!!…..suprise!…I am stronger than she thought her love didn’t ..kill me..will jest make me tht much stronger and smarter in the future,,,i will see what the spring and summer will bring for this heart here!….togetherness…….an love is what the old rockers that are still in lve sing bout,,lovers and dreamers we are!!!!!!!!1….an many different angels sound out an pund out a different song,inside the feeling might jest be the same:)….Elvis fan Cash fan er old er yung rocker is all in what is truly sought, frum da bottom of dere hearts!…..Ol’ rainbow fan here, so go listen to some of the Same ol Stuff lol………if ur not woke up by 45 minutes into this performance if ya are inclined to watch:).well then jest go back to sleep! im going for a midnight Moonlight Ryde….Its thunder in dem there hills! or is it mikey on his bike the neighbors say lol @ 12 am…but well lightning an thunder 5 miles away ya never really know do ya :) http://www.thunderintherockies.com/ lol.. peace out werld:)………..Ps: the oncore at 50 minutes well,,,is Time TO WAKE UP …..An Bring it on….er shut it off i guesss………For I am a Warrior and the sumer breezes are at my front and at my back…all ways around me they are so much fun to be alive frum now till september:) in mikeys werld:).yup yup.jest fer me:)….Wish U were here!….yep i do….
oh well, eyes open a bit more , will not fail, will ride on , the nocturnal soul Mr. Q will , Will try to outrun the angels i think tonight:) is a fun game when ya live in Heaven on Earth!..for now.it is t me……god bleess werld an keep on FIGHTING AN whatevr For THAT WHICH IS RIGHT!….Q ….boom da boom da bomda boomda at 58 minutes:) harrah!…………..soul count down here we go at…..one hour deep….can ya handle an hour of truth,,,,,,,well i don’t know who can i can,i shall go out there an rumble in the dark core of silence alone:) lol an make my little presence known ,,,ever so gently i go,,,as quiet a i can lol.sorry i tell the neighbors it wasn’t me,nope musta been the “ThUnder in da’ Rockies”LoLoL”whoahhhhehe:) say me:)……no matter how ya wanna lewk at mikey..nope he aint a tweak……he been there done that years ago, nope no booze either, jest me sugar nicotine lol caffine and the ings lol.jeez. So go get HIGH on life and have some fun today..maybe do sumpin ya nevr did b 4:)….
Enjoy ur day whatevr u do….even if ur night becomes ur day and ur sun up is ur sunset and vice a versa….funny how i can’t decide which ones i like the mosty sun-ups er sunsets:)

Volbeat Live @ da Wacken Open Air festival 2012,,,,,,,,the end of the werld ,,,we think not!…..jest searchin fer love is all …us ol rockers seem to do:)…..4 ever an a day…….An da holy ones tell Q,,,stop searchin,,let it find u!……..
ok deal!!!!!….Ryde Safe an Fly Safe Werld!…….be good to uerself!……Make evry journey an jaunt werthwhile:) even if yya jest stop to lewk, an listen to a river or a stream, or the animals or jest watch the bugs busy building a new summer retreat!…whatver u do make it a mindful event:)..lewk around be aware…a lot more than jest US is out here and there:)………….Q

i especially like the Ending!……Even if it Might be a sad one…is all a Image

matter of Perception Ya know:)….hasta.again check out the ending here…. if ya cant handle the in betweens lol….




Midnight Rambler – Thunder Rider……….boom da boom da boom da boomda:)


Im an old rock and roll fan and an old rocker:)….so what does an old  guy do?

Still head bang a bit yup!!!!!!!!!
but listen to old rock and rollers toooo….well, they liked elvis and johnny cash too when they were kids, so now this is how an ol man like me an them that don’t rock by the coubntry music,,,well we can tribute it to rocking like this..Some Growl…Some May Scream, Some May CryAloud, Some might sing like ones ya nevr heard:), ah but if they were only understood,,,the dreamers the screamers the Growling ones like a Wolf that fights to the very last breath!.such as life…….Before they er she burned down my happiness, or tried to no avail…well is what and why i listen to stuff like this like it er not!!!!!…..suprise!…I am stronger than she thought…

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Great Gig In the Sky

Since l Lost to her great Gig in Da’ Sky and Because there are Echoes frum da past present today and always prolly will still forver be, i guess i have to write and say my piece since i am not replied to for over a week, is what it is, not a lot i can do from 1500 miles away……so i gotz a couple of pieces i have written here..maybe they explain sumpin , maybe they don’t , but no matter what i got it stated how i feel! bout the imposition on my heart , mind , soul and pocketbewk this relationship has taken me over the past 5 years 😦 Since i have been alone an stranded for a week since i got out of hospital last week, she helped me the day before by paying for my meds and told me the day after i got out she would call the next day, then signed out of my life for 8 days plus now with only a werd on messenger that i am a controller?,an a couple of wordpress blogs bout her perception of me and the werld i guess?

  well i had no internet for a couple of weeks for my christmas 🙂 yippy…another x mas with my dogz lol.. So,have done a lot of listening to my hardrives and what i have the most of besides queensryche and tool and Zep ids the Floyd here, so is on my mind for all the floyd lovers out dere at least they can like that bout this so called “blog”


Great Gig in da Sky

She knows who she is 😦 too bad i did not 😦

Silly games she played against me ; as she judged her Werld away; An mine too 😦

Suicidal sick dellusional judgemental thinking is what causes ripples across this world

This world of Mine, so blatently deceived, for so many years 😦

Who’d ever expected LOVE to do this 😦 i never did…….
her goal for the past 40+ moons now:(

Proving indifference to the world  

From lies to insults to blatent neglect

Her treadmill rolls over and over on others she says she loves 😦
her perception of the world a suicidal plight. 😦

thousands of hours of love –
thousands of dollars in money
 thousands of wishes for truth,,,,,,,
and well,
in the end a powerplay for control – and was really for a few dollars more

 the total destruction of a man that could change the world,,,,,
at least the one she lived in .lol…………

so ~  too bad she had to come change mine
 for the worse now 😦
  { it will get better yes,indeed}

NO excuse in the world can ever
nor will ever
justify her ever ever hurting on me ever 😦

That will be on her heart and soul 4 ever !

So This is what i know now this fine day, that which is not 😦

May each and every one somehow find peace of soul for a moment today
and realize all u see
is not all ur fault!

An go on with ur day
~ forgiving those who do and do not know what they do ~
against the better half of YOU!

For as long as u stay tru
to urself and others u shall always remain
The Divine Being u are

No matter whom ya are
wherever u are
2 day!

over an out frum

Lost in confusion and total self bliss
I’ve found the relation between dream and wish
A dream is a fantasy lived only while asleep
But a wish has a compass vast, far and deep.
A dream can bring true the wish never thought
As your mind wanders aimlessly and feelings are sought.
But a wish is a simple, momentous undertaking
A grasping of things while still in the making.
Now my understanding of wish and of dreams
Have broadened my scope – or so it would seem
But still I’m confused and nothing is clear
Because you are a wish, yet a dream so dear.
With the breath of each day, I wish for your sight
Visions of loveliness turned to dreams in the night
You’ve become such a fantasy with realistic tones
I long for your love and time spent alone
Sadly enough my dreams cause confusion
For all their purpose are meager illusion
And though the dawn of each day may be cheerful to sight
I fear the darkness and my continuing fight.
For now its a war – a battle within
A dreadful nightmare which rationality must win
What should I do? Where shall I begin?
Should I ask for your love or remain a dear friend?
In my dreams youre my lover and my world is complete
But in life your a martyr to hope so elite
I’ve grown to know you and care with a passion
But fear lies within mutual attraction.
If I am to approach you with some indication
Would I strengthen our friendship or cause detonation?
This is the confusion, the struggle, the fight,
Until I am sure, youll remain a dream in the night
not sure where this came from…:)? but it was buried
deep in ones self…!
so to that end here sumpin’ i like to share whenever i get a chance
and its been a year er so:) so here it be:)
hope ya enjoyed ur visit & Remember !
if and when u feel like u jest got kicked in the head

and ya get out of bed and into recovery
and if’n ur all tired
of jest being fed up with pestilence
well, 🙂
🙂 So Be It Make it So Q 🙂