40,000 What?

     Well i have a couple of so called problems with a couple of people and people i love in my life that well, have jest become plain ignorant to their own spiritual path, and well, “Karmetic Realities” will become their own future as they bring upon all the stuff for the things they did against love and or other people in thier life, an “Karmetic Justice” all i can do is pray for them, and move forward without hesitation,,and 40,000 things on my mind all the time, most of all which are all out of context and not even able to be followed such as our laws,SO here is a little rant frum Q. Some are too busy “door chashing” to be able to properly make the best next right best decision they possibly can is all there is to it. Me well, now i jest prefer “Chasing My Own Shadow” instead of my tail, an everyone elses lol.


Frum Quarksires Wizardly UNIVERSE He’s back to playing his song! frum memories 2 da future

When Q gets tyopijng as fast as Q can think:) enjoy! er not is up to ur Perception huh!. ok well,,,,,,I used to say then head of a big business ignorance is really no excuse ” unless u were really that ignorant” but if it was intention and harmful to ignore another of the situation at hand well there could even become the point where it could become criminal , in the eyes of the beholder or accused or accuser, depends on perception.
To BUy or not Tobuy? hmmmmm? and what BS: do ya buy and fer why? i ask?,,fer they are very shed carefully mnean and backstabbing mostly!.over 50% of em rich political guys i met over my years!of lobbying and testifying before senate meetings, county and different business meetings in the state of California. i moved to Colorado in 1996 to get away from all the alcoholism, hard core drugs, {was raising a family at the time} {glad they all gone now} an i got at least 40,000 hours single lol….anyhow,,,I moved here to sober up get a grip start a new life and stop focusing on all the bills etc etc i could not stop the creation of back door style, I believe all senate and congress decisions etc etc,should never and never at anytime include a “BACK DOOR RIDER ON THEM” and handled one by one individually..but of course that would change the true game that is now into an “HONEST AND FAIR GAME” for the institutions at hand to handle in their voting processes; but well, jest my opinion. Jest another “Pining Reflection” frum Da Quarked one here

This is how it really is; IN the “REAL WERLD”  They say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. but now listen to this?! point at hand?!with over 40,000 new laws and bills coming into effect every year over our whole nation, throughout the states; We all automatically become lawbreakers 40,000 times over. Our nation of states employ and pay people: ourselves, to constantly make and change laws. Forty Thousand Laws per year. Every time I think I’m not a lawbreaker along come 40,000 new laws I must be breaking and have to change 40,000 behaviors that I have no idea are no longer acceptable. These laws are made in order to dictate a behavior that another of US wants another to conform to under threat of penalty meant to cause enough discomfiture that we will go against our own will to conform; Your name is TOBY.
WE allow our governments to employ ourselves (elect each other) to enact under the false guise of “For The Public Safety” or “Child Safety” etc.”the ability to enforce behavioral changes we have morally ingrained in us as acceptable.? We employ ourselves to rob each other allowing them to constantly maintain public confusion as to just what one can do and cannot do so we can be constantly and for any reason (contained within the 2 million 800 thousand, in one’s approximate lifetime, dictates of behavioral modification’s) an be held accountable to a government agency for almost anything at any time.
Each of the almost 3 million law changes come with the threat of a penalty if found that one has not conformed to the changes; Usually in the form of money, Money, MONEY! Your money, my money! or Worse!taxes an money!
Money to me, my wife or fiance or lady or family &  children, means food medicine shelter, gasoline etc. an so very much more sumtimez. Might end up becoming a matter of life or death over 100 bucks…..ya never know..

Especially if’n ur “Core Beliefs System” is messed up!

Anyhow…….Dis way, by their rules (we think they are our rules)even the back door riderz, {LoL} not funn really!  any government whether local or nationwide have almost 3 million bases covered where upon we can at any time, for not being aware of any given one of the 3 million changes to be shaken down, robbed, or detained until you give them your means of sustenance…..YOUR money……..and possibly in the end ur silence, er ur life depending upon whom ya are and what ya are about!
The governments then immorally siphon OUR sustenance to their special interests in the form of billions of OUR dollars which in turn is laundered and given back to them via election fund contributions. The govt’s control this situation; The manipulation of our masses through poverty….so is it kewl being poor?.or better off being rich?…well i liked the half way in betweenst but that seems to be shriveling up in the usa the great ol usa where we used to have er 4 distinguishable classes of people, or 4 upper class, upper middle class , middle class, then kinna 2 classes of lower in a way the not so rich the ones jest above poverty .lower class.then there is very low class…..now though it seems as though it is slipping to the arena of being jest one big giant upper class,an ssmall {Super Class}{way super Rich} the one percenters!  and a very very lower class,then below that there is poverty level….the way i see it from the sixties till now we should have cured the poverty class and have all middle class and upper class to higher and no people in need, i see that as baing so very possible but with all the stats i can pull up like tha above on the internet here well u tell me folks what u think>?? what should we do with all this info ,,should we go bury some laws…….Well years ago when i was in politics i was pres. of an organization and what we did was go to the state and federal level and go get old insignificant laws that were still on the books off and also lobby against mean rude unreal back door bills political nimrods use as a skam to deal in bills all on da sly for their own personal benefit always etc etc ,,,,,,,
So again i wonder if anyone even reads my stuff that makes a diff in the werld politics and well if so ,whomever ya are woman or man wish ya would take some of what i might have to say back to the forces that be and are controlling are country and let the drug offenders, of natural plants! outa jail and stop the war on drugs and kill the cartels etc etc,,,get back into world hemp production and be the king leaders and make it an industry for power to clothing to plastics,,,,,,,oh well enuff outa me today i am done researching th above stats and whew is a trip what uya can undercover when ya seek on the mighty ol’ internet here……………..what condition is ur condition in and do u have emerging impulses, that are rightfully honesty sane an true blu?

Inside it er outa it?…..Neva sure which a lot these days:)?

Peace out and blessings to one and all……And remember ,Don’t stress over the little shit”
tomorrows another day ,,,,,,,,,,,and well take it “One Day At A time”

“Hold Fast to YOur Dreamz”
Quarksire  over and out ….chow 4 now 🙂 Jest


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