Those Were Da Dayz


Ya know guns have always been round, for hundreds of years and access pert readily available for em for anyone whom wanted to have one or use one, even the young man or woman that might {need} to use one. But now it appears that the reason for , and reasons why guns are used is varied as redily as the reasons for why a knife might be!….what a society that is not focusing on mental illness issues brings to the table of the werld as far as i see it is nonsensicle as far as i can see it at the present!.

    In the 50’s and early 60’s there was over a half million beds for psychiatric patients. Now there is less than a hundred thousand even though the population has increased. Granted that in those days many were warehoused on the wishes of family members who didn’t want to care for even the least affected person. Patients were turned loose to the streets under the guise of (patience are better off in the community.) Today, in this “civilized” country we are armed to the teeth in the belief that we will be safe from others if we are packing. IN the old days and where i live most arm not to protect themselves from humans, but to protect themselves from predators like the mountain lion, er bear etc etc, sometimes only a shot saves ur life and the predator runs, in the old days one would have a gun so as to bring food also in to the house as many still do that live in wilderness areas like i do, in the old days did the kids take the guns to Skewl and shoot teachers or other kids with em? Whats Changed?
Every day someone proves that statement is not true. {only if i were packing} Nor are the mentally ill safe from their sad and scary illnesses. We do nothing for them except buy guns for ourselves. We send billions in arms and aid overseas to no avail. That helps nothing, it gives us more seriously injured mentally and physically, again which we do not treat in a timely or appropriate manner. The USA has one of the worse mental health records in the western civilized world. There is no excuse. Stop the wars, bring manufacturing back to the USA, make fair trade really fair, and remember, a real market economy must include humane treatment for all. So, point at hand …There are not enough psychiatrists and not enough beds to treat people with mental health issues in the U.S….
Back in the olden days when I was a kid, we’d meet somewhere after school and punch each other silly till we had our argument settled. I even had the the principal at my school offer to take us down to the gym and give us some boxing gloves so we could settle things. In the olden days whence i grew up well, if’n ya messed up in skewl ya might get urself 12′ inches of shock as my high skewl vo teck teach would say, and welp itr was true, and the 12 inches of shock was a kick in the ass with his shoe, so maybe ya would get back to werk and quit lolly gaggin round. Now the kids bring a gun back and kill the teach WTF foilks? is wrong with this picture i say?:( Lack of Respect learnt! id say!
Although I do agree with those people who have said that we need to teach our children to stand up for themselves, although what is happening across the country and werld in skewls is insanity. Whats it going to take to get a grip on it is my question, first things fiorst we ought to teach our children the truth bout things and not lies for and during thier formative years. Or the kid might even grow up thinking santa claus has to take care of him evry year, get my drift. Keeeping that part of this topic simple as that i will is another part of the insanity in fear based thinking and reward verses punishment s and the way we raise outr children…..Recently i ran into a little gurl at the pizza store..and well at 9 years old this little gurl carried a dollie and believed in fairies and goblins and santa claus and the fairy tales as if they were part of her very own life still. her mom had supported all the fairy tales so greatly and grandly that the identification of the child is as if she is living a fairy tale forever!, so point is what do u want for ur children to believe in when they grow up, or worship for that manner. I see so many raising their kids to believe in pure fantasy as reality and fear as a way to make lifes choices werk instead of love and also i see 50% of most countries teaching thier children to worship a guy hanging on a cross, and everything {they say he said}, although they do not know king james and gamg changed the whole bible round back then to have different contextual meaning that originally it did as when it was in the language spoken at the time which was aramaic.{another blog -sumday}
Back to the guns issue, guns don’t truly kill people anymore than knives or sledgehammers do! People choose to kill people is all there is to it.
In the 50’s an 60′ when i grew up well, There was also no chemical laced food and water. If you acted up, to the woodshed you went. Your parents made you do chores, and insisted that you go to church every Sunday. If someone tried to bully you, you better learn to fight back. Honest work was the norm. It didn’t matter how much money you made as long as you had a job
Is Kinna ironic, in todays day and age if i was a child and treated as i was back then by some teachers, first grade slapped, 3rd grade paddled by principle a couple of times and well dentention & made to eat an eraser in 3rd grade by mean mrs kelsey 😦 in front of the class etc etc, well if any of these things happened today well, id be a rich kid cuz my parents if smart would sue, but well teachers are not allowed to disipline, even if it is not abusive today…so werld is turned upside down when ur 7 year old comes home quizzing u bout family policy and viewpoints to take back to the teacher. was not like that before in our educational system and a lot of the problem goes right to the top, where all the {laws} are now created.monkey see monkey doo.<link….and separation of classes forever is what i see growing in the mighty ol USA!
Is it any wonder? All the chemicals are changing brains, especially young brains. Fire retardant is even found in breast milk now. Chemicals on and in our foods. Pharmaceuticals given to children and teens. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our water. Lead in our soil from the use of leaded gasoline in days gone by. Leaking radiation from Japan and outdated nuclear plants in the USA. Chemicals and antibiotics in our meat and dairy products, not to mention, rampant e-coli and salmonella. Young people are bombarded with chemicals and they are affecting the brain.
So, Behold, on another note!?  a generation raised on violent video games, social media and po_n. Stop letting boys play with boys and let them start spending more time with men.Fathers{raise ur Kids! Don’t LET SOCIETY!} It may be impossible for this to happen because it requires men start taking less interest in themselves, which this generation is not good at. If anyone doubts that violent video games are a bad influence, then why don’t we see any young girls going off on rampages? Why don’t they express their anger that way? Violent video games are one of the few media types that young girls don’t largely share an interest in with their male counterparts, and that includes p__n as well. These things won’t go away, but when will we admit to what is contributing to young people, boys in particular, acting out in this way?
So, rant for the day over got it out on werdpress this eve, is wehat it is,,,,but i do think i have a point or 2 for the unwise and fearful!…if not well, hope someone gets my 2 cents werth outa this blog. Comments anyone?
Namaste’ to 1 & all frum Q

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