See Me Feel Me


Intuitive  Knowing ness in truth and well, the things that were assimilated by the design of god for our own personal entertainment it eh in the end of some things,well,truly amazes me, it really does!… like the old saying, when the going gets rough well , the rough get going!..makes me want to go shave lol…my ruff mc gruff here..oh well, anyhow intuition is something inside deep inside not designed by me , but what i like to call god..we each have our own version, and believe me i am not it! god that is and neither are u but we sure come close , an well, what i mean by that is god inside,,not call found from out there but inside is our pureness of an intuitive heart, The father knows best or a mother knows best kinda ? whats the next best right thing do do Q huh thing!
so,, well, based on our MISS-PERCEPTIONS or INTUITIVE god inspired DIRECTION or the EGO’s Direction, which usually attempts to override all and become that which Edges God OUt the end,,to only change reality again..for the better or for the werse,depending! the new intuitive forces can again flow and life can become somewhat more fluent because we can focus on the next best thing to do at any moment to get to the end goal or destination as we create it!,,which can again , change at anytime as a result of our choices ? for correct use of right will an intuition or the egos use of it, any way it all werks out.

Believe it er not says da Q
being able to understand not only the words that you hear but also other things such as emotions could be a result of your ability to tap into the wellspring of data from your intuition. Letting your intuition guide you with greater certainty …may make it easier for you to hone this ability and to really get what others are saying…part of intuitive knowing is well, when…
As you interact or listen to other people, for example, you might take a few minute to notice the air around them, using your energetic senses to ‘see’ how the aura or vibe feels around them….and even the sense of feeling of lightness of our own being and aura, if we can sense it is applicable here also to listen very clearly and closely as to what the design of life wants for us rather than our personal EGO!..Mind verses brain!..Although you may not visualize at first anything physically, you could find that your sixth sense can pick up additional information energetically. If one asks one receives an answer, What I do know is very strange, but true, because i have a mind i feel is clear and unpolluted of the negative and a mind that lives in love based decisions instead of fear based ones, and running away, well after year of integral werk , i have come to the conclusion, that well, wants and needs are very different than one another ,,,so clearly i have to recognize the most needs come from the mind and most wants come frum the ego….to find balance and harmony and truth in the mix mash of jumbled information the brain stores and the universal mind senses and sends us every second is auctually un-fathomable for most human beings the way i see , it “stuck in their game of life” evryones very different no matter what it is!.ya see:)………..
Our intuition is a powerful tool for telling us what is happening on an audible vibration level… personally i call this ever changing tonal …….the voice of GOD! in my universal forcefield i carry……..cosmeticallyt, energetically and etherically and spiritually! in this carbon form i am inhabiting called this body…
Good intuition started for me as very claravoyantly as it may be once upon a time , when i saw into my days of future and past like all at once.once upon a time and well , from that time on seems like i jest know what the next best correct Love based decision i should take is,…..or should i react in fear and flee…????? well,,,,,Intuition can answer that many times, always though the mind can with time .an a bit of relaxation , even if the circumstances require full attention, is a livin’ dichitomy but can be done cuz i do it all the time whence on long drives or flying my plane or riding my cycle,,,is bout being in the Now and sensing the Next moment and reacting to it before it happens a kind of esp that flows through the human circuitry believe it er not!…yes we can see into the future,,if ya can imagine what i jest parralled and said to u!……not speaking vertically here or with ego but out of passion for love and truth i am…that well horizontally! in a matter of speaking it all interconnects in a massive gigantic puzzzle like weird way, is how we chose to put the puzzle together that counts a lot as far as i am concerned , and wheter we do it using the force of love or the force of fear as the guiding light,,both are tools to be used when used corr3ectly and wisely and right,.It is our choice which to choose,,,we only have one of the 2 choices for all thingz the way i see it!.

     Recognizing that you have the capacity to notice the energetic nature of others will make it easier for you to understand what your intuitive senses are telling you at any given time……….so all i can say more concerning this right now is in my mind Intuition is to bring all things into full awareness with love! into heart and mind and brain ,,an good things shall follow, beware of ur fear based decisions ya might call Love based when really it is all a disguise for fear to hide behind another mask, as the great deceiver and demon it is in their mind,,,,,,and its mission.believe me is always to Destroy the next task… beware Ego or Mind – Love er Fear ur Choice of how ya wish to Percieve OR mispercieve “reality” as it is thrown at ya by the higher order of thingz each, an evrey day.
Ok, over an out from Q this fine eve stay warm and get through the rest of summer if’n ur on that side of the planet and prepare for winter, and if ur on this side of the planet , prepare for the glorious warmth of spring, into the summer and right to fall this year!….Peace Out …….Frum a half backed half lived intuitive  person with a mind and half a brain,,,sure hope its the correct half? whatever that is.LOl.   ok over and out frum da’ Q
PS: a realization a day keeps the doctor away i say….an/or a good nap sumtimes…..:) Stay Positive and don’t let the MISS=Percievers !~ get ya down!….even if the brain gets ya under, stop , fer a sec , be no sound, and let the werld of belief that creates become the who u are! Now



over an out frum


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