Watch It 2

Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny



On the Use and Abuse of Words with courageous integrity

Words can be used for many purposes.

Words can be used for many purposes. An understanding of metaphysics
cannot ignore the purposes for words since metaphysical teaching relies heavily
on the importance of words to influence reality. This in itself could be the topic
of another course in helping entities to have influence through the use of words.
But for a brief overview needed for this discussion, here are a few purposes for
use of words:
— to convey truths as they are perceived by an observer. (As when one defines
or describes a person, place, thing, event or concept as accurately as possible.)
— to alter, color or modify the truth so others perceive it differently from its
actuality. (Such as exaggerate or emphasize certain insignificant qualities or
traits while downplaying the important ones in describing a person, place,
thing, event or concept.)
— to negate a truth or create a claim that is not true. (Such as when one
deliberately lies to another.)
— to alter the course of events in process by redefining or redirecting the
progress occurring. Such as to say the right thing to encourage one who was
discouraged so the entity changes attitude, behavior, or methods to move
toward a successful outcome.)
— to influence an action that would not have otherwise occurred. (Such as
organizing a movement that changes the course of the event.)
— to heal or destroy another by labeling, placing, defining, or otherwise
influencing the way the entity or others perceive the entity. (Such as publicly
praising or slandering another.)
— to lead, direct, manipulate, influence, and persuade the behavior, motives,
values or movement of one or more others. (Such as directing an entity on the
path to reach a destination or goal, whether physical, emotional, spiritual,
social, mental, financial or vocational.)
— to confuse oneself or others. (Such as when one disrupts agreements with
distorted meanings, interpretations, directions, names, instructions, or values.)
— to free or to restrain self or others. (permitting, inhibiting, as in the making of
laws, rules, or policies.)
— to attack or defend against attack.
— to question, inquire and to gather information.
— to entertain oneself or others.
– to credit or discredit oneself or others (as to praise or to condemn someone.)
— to acknowledge, (to respond, recognize, reply, or perhaps comply
— to choose by selection as in accepting or rejecting something.
— to request (such as to beg, plead or seek something).
— to issue warnings, express concern or apprehension.
— to express demands, commands or directives.
— to express gratitude, appreciation, affection, or encouragement.
— to oppose, quarrel, argue, or reason for one or both sides.
— to suggest, create, or change the perception of things.
(These are the more common purposes for words, but there are many more
which are often combined from one or more of the above.
But do not look for heaven or divinity out there in time and space; for the
Kingdom of God is within. Cosmic Awareness is within. It lies beyond mind,
emotion, and feeling in the Cosmic Void or vacuum within where lies the
purest of all frequencies or vibrations in the highest of all frequencies, the
creative frequencies of God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and the Holy
Host Consciousness or the Creative Trinity of the Mind of God. This
Awareness has indicated that the entire universe appears and disappears every
four quadrillionths of a second.
This Awareness indicates that it is just a way of saying that, all the universe is
vibration or frequency in scales made up of infinite octaves of frequencies.
Sound is frequency, and radio waves are frequency, and above sound and radio
waves is heat, and that heat is also frequency for the microwave oven and the
infra red make heat with frequencies above the speed of sound and radio. It has
been established that infrared is the 48th octave of frequencies, and that the
seven colors of light make up the 49th octave with ultra violet holding claim to
the 50th octave of frequencies. Above the speed and vibration of light are the x-
rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays or waves, and in the higher octaves are the ultra-
high octaves of frequencies that vibrate as consciousness itself. These reach to
the 144th, 288th octaves and beyond. Those higher frequencies of the higher
ultra-octaves vibrate as frequencies throughout the entire universe, which
means that the entire universe is vibrating at that speed. The universe, therefore
appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, vibrating between
these positive and negative oscillations of the Cosmic Consciousness and its
Some people think words make reality, and in some
circumstances they can influence the creation of a different reality, but not in
all circumstances. When something is final and irrevocable, all the words in the
world cannot change the fact that it is final and the deed was said and done.
One might still manage to use words to change the perception about a finality,
but the fact would remain that it was finalized and done. When a deed is done,
it is indeed done in the way it is done, regardless of future denials.

The Limits of Word Power to Redefine a Reality….MORE……….




Cosmic Awareness Speaks
A booklet to introduce one to Cosmic Awareness in depth. (118 pages PDF)

Syrius Mind State Optimiser and Alpha Stim 4 Sale

Necessary Ingredients; For the one exploring the inner self, their brain and body! with relationship to to Higher Mind Functions and Spiritual Growth. 2 tools that are teaching toolz so one can learn how to synthisize and optomise with thier own soul and spirit force. Please contact me if u are interested in either of these “toolz” … 🙂 Q


“WITHOUT HESITATION”…frum shadows of the past and a future that i must now be in control of instead of giving all my power away for the sake of love, that isn’t and doesn’t even happen anyhow,…….. on that note i have a couple of items i need to sell, would rather not get rid of them but is what it is! 🙂

First off i have a Syrius Mind State Optimiser for sale….it is a Cool Mind Tool.


morebout it is as follows: It is an Audio Visual Synthesizer is a new kind of “Mind Machine” experience, melding a rainbow of color choices with clear, crisp digital sound. The resulting synthesis can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways. This Syrius includes 50 unique, pre-programmed light and sound sequences (called sessions, or programs) within its internal memory, each designed…

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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Say What?Valentines Day! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥No Way! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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Da’*Q*Do! *yup-yup*

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (23) Valentines Edition


♥Wishing all a Happy Valentines day on the 14th♥

an don’t let it get ya down

😦 if’n ya are alone! 😦

♥ jest well, kiss the ground ♥

:) and be happy ur alive :)



here below is 1 of da 2  collage’s of a few of last weeks posts for the photo challenge

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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Have a great week everyone –♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

 :) Shoveling snow if’n ya gots to :)


A Telepathic Civilization


~ Pendulums ~ Crystals and Amulets ~
Toolsz of the devil!
I should say not… all a matter of what is!
based upon perception….jest as Nooogenesis is!~
the keen perceptual abilitys deep within all of us are key ingrediants
to finding out who we are?:)
Who are we?…the question from long ago that still supercedes all
questions mankind asks about life today!… today?:)!
where does intuition come from and why?
This is being typed on the forefront
without any previous thoughts except for the theory or grand conceptual point I wish to
make with this blog….
The Use of Ur own Keen Perceptual abilities are very keen and right at the fingertips of everything that u do….
The INTUIT is the one whom knows INTUITIVELY whether or not any
specific this or that is being done is the WILL!…
Ya say the Will of what! ~
Well I say the “RIGHT WILL” ~
They say where there is a will there is a way…I do so agree that if the will exhuberated and acted upon was the wrong will?
what whould happen then?
I say to all those that think they are infallable,
and the ones who think that they always make the right choice,,,”because there is no difference” they say.???
..between right and wrong” WTF
jest what do they think they are basing the illusion on?
Symptoms Or Illness ?
or symptoms to the discovery of the truth? which is it?
How u choose of course is ur own choice!,
whether or not ya choose what is right?{ the correct thing to do} is
a matter of intuition and Intelligence….
and finally choice.
Some Say Ignorance is an excuse and some say not!
….another u decide one fer me……
some say they will jest stay put and not make a decision!….
blinding themselves to the fact that to decide to make no decision at all is the werst fall of all!..
for ya still made a decision…
the decision “not to decide”
a very devastating and stagnating one for many…..
Back to the Right and wrong thing!,,,,
people keep telling me theres no difference! Bah humbug
in one sense there isn’t and another there is
life is like a living dichitomy!
I say….because if they are such a great healer and so omni-powerful…
and there was really no difference in right and wrong,
then they could quite possibly pick up this bottle of Acid
and drink it…
Wouldn’t be a problem at all for a person like that right….
I am told that whenever I Declare sumthin’ as wrong?!
that I am being Negative! and should not do that!….
and I am manifesting a negative reality….
well not in all cases…is what I am
attempting to get at here….
…..and that negative becomes a positive force!
….to keep ya safe from harm.
Natures safer way to Heal the un-intelligent
is to jest give em Intuition….!
The Intuitive mind and the questioning thinker are always the ones that ending up protecting the others…
whom are the others? welp, they are the others whom are ignorant, cuz they are blinded, not by the light but by the lack of knowledge they are sent by the media….and the mis-construed knowledge they are asked to lay upon the masses to get them to react in a certain way, ussually preying upon the fear of the indivuiduals to be what makes theinstant decision to drink the acid for a change?
….not knowing that drinking it will be instant death….
for thier body!…..
Anyone get the drift of what I am attempting to say here!?…..
right vs wrong and yes vs no?
some believe in truth verses lies
some believe in fact verses fallacy?
all based upon
putting out to recieve the answer they desire
and the way they wish to see it
correct or not!
it is
all a matter of perception!
finally a matter
of ur choice!

as Transcendence is also a choice or not!

& thought fer da day! Ya Know!
85 people control more wealth than half of the human population of the earth


The Return of Telepathic Civilization 5.12

The MYthic Self da 5th Force

The 5th force – The Mythic Self – in the new telepathic timespace!

^^^^Above pic from disneys inspiration by stretching to infinity^^^^

Within the non-linear, holographic nature of our vast mind, there is our unified “self” <already> experiencing the “real world”. And so as we “become more natural”, “transcending worldly limits” it may be a more expanded “self” we are accessing, a self perhaps that has not yet even attained the “real world”. Who can say for sure? To attempt to say for sure may be an example of remaining within the limits “the small range of channels the world recognizes”…….

can the biofield be ruptured, as if holes punched in ones own physical aura? i believe so, clocked i have been by

“good morning” lol @ 3 am for years!
each of us lives our life and well, is changed by transitions from personality into archetypes. Hipocrytes believed there were only 4 personality types, but well jung believed different , he believed all things are connected, he believed in the Akashic Field 🙂 which exists in all things, a structure of “radial” tele[pathic template in reality and it is holographic in nature and hold all information of the cosmic switchboard of life! Resonant Intunement!.in the Nooshphere, in the instance or now movement…………access through the now……cuz time is Radial Folks…….Believe it er not!…Whats ur synchronic order ? do u have any idea? where it is and the harmony u choose to organize?
PS: Tinkanantan 2 U also whoomever ya are!
For I am 7 🙂 Movin 19 miles a second! in this time and space! place! earth!
to evolve! in time in the mind with cosmic evolution throughout cosmic history yes i have a projectory and a trajectory also…in the time space and the dimension of numbers and mind!
Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 5, Book of the Timespace by José Argüelles and Stephanie South
once u watch orgins of cosmic history etc etc ull understand the telepathic infrastructure
260 possibilities for the mythic self ?
what do we choose is up to each being
20 mythic selves? yup resonant knowing! yep!
? is what watch are u chosing to Watch! and BE!?wind moon sand water? Are you a holon? well i’d say spend some time at this website, and find some new information that u altready knew that is encoded in u and hidden beyond doors of perception…so OPEN UP! and enjoy ! Activate the POWER of UR TRUTHS U CHOOSE TODAY!…U anus or galactic karmic,, what is ur flow? where is ur earth parked in the winds of time in the new cosmology shown by michelvec here!:)…now that we have gone from analog to Digital,,,spend some time i’d say to see what the difference is, are u in the middle of the solar phrophetic flow ? or are u in another spot on the planet? what is our place in this stellar unit and are we a holder of intelligence ? and what does it matter when we pass on…what are the physical all bout and well, consciously or pre consciously where do we want to go and where do we want to end up has a lot to do with the path of information chose to recieve from the frequencies of the mythic self! Liaten and comprehend because i could not explain without writing a whole book on the subjekt!…ENJOY!!!!!
7 billion atoms!
dynamic dissonance!
well depends upon ur frame of reference and what ya want to over come to come to the place of
and all the 260 variations u choss4 to play upon!….
Realize the earth is a work of art….an so are U!

so frum the 4 corners of space

a good day to U!

Pss: this is the TIME


Progress er not…our choices….Ur choice today!


absolute love? creation? truth? one planet!evolution, babylon to tweet and twitter and wordpress and facebook,the nonsense wins in the end huh!??well well, what do we want to draw upon is the end reason for the blog here! Has the TimeQuake haoppened in 2012 for u ,,do u have an open heart! er not!? is harmony jest a dream or a reality in ur box u live in in life?
the publication of
I am writing today confirm that we, the Foundation for the Law of Time, authorize your usage of the Cosmic History Chronicles on All we ask is that you please give proper credit to the authors, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queen – as well as the website
We thank you for sharing this most important information with the world.
Jacob Wyatt
Operations Manager
Foundation for the Law of Time
“Envisioning the Earth as a Work of Art!”



José Argüelles and the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.

Quarked Up Bucketlist

Not on my bucket list are the following thingzzz

THE Life of Quarksire is adventurous an i like to do a lot of things that are “quote” exciting to do, but well,, there are jest certain thingz that are not on my bucket list to evr do! Not sorry to say…

I like getting High but Whatevr  Geezzz..

Like Tree Camping in Germany!

ew dat lewks cozy! what happens if ya get on the same side of the bed Lol?

I Have live to my over 55 age because i chose not to do a lot of these thingz i believe,,so to each his or her own to what they call “fun,

Alp Sky Walkin


Or’ Cliff Camping – Hey that lewks fun – Not!


Or’ mountain bikin in on cliffs in molar


Or’ Climbing Mt. Wellington- yippie!


Or’ Climbing Redwoodz


Or’ Crevice climbing


Or’ Extreme Skiing Wyoming – oh how fun!


Or’ GlacierBoarding- what?


Or’ Ice Climbin A WaterFall! yeah thats sane!

thrilling also!


Or’ Sittin on Tortunga rock in norway

– well she’s got more ballz than me!



^^^^^^^^Or‘Jumpin on it for that matta a fact^They jest plain idiots in my sense of the werldly ?^an would go out jumping happy if that roock decided to break, but not a chance huh! ..ok^^^^^


Or’ Da mount Nimbus Skywalk in Canada u will not find me on either….

and Or’ on Top of it all Jest lewking round, well,,,,


Only in my dreamzzzzzz


 would i wish to rock climb in south africa – lewks thrillin huh!..^^^


O well to some sittin on the ledge at half dome in Yosemite sounds like fun right!


O’ an especially as thrilling as it lewks^^^Hang in there! on the Toronto Edgewalk,


i think ill stick to my flying my ultralights 🙂 an obviously unicycling norway is jest a tad bit outa’ my league LoL…


O an if that aint enuff for things Not On my Bucket List it jest might top it off

Kayakin Victoria fallz :)….lewks real fun…NOT!My thanks to leonard for sending me these pics is like wow dude,,,nope i don’t wanna do it, But i’ll watch!.


I’d be in another world if i did anything of the sortz above, now how, boutz U! Have a great weekend and whatevr it is ya do that flips ur cookie to take the cake at the top of ur bucket list, Be safe,an remember

Crashing is Not an Option!”

Over an out frum Q

More from lot 420

 Weed has been disguised as the bad guy when weed holds together the structure and integrity of the soil as so does the myocillin fields underground! Both illegal to cultivate and grow on most of the planet?


evr wunder why?

when it was a law that farmers had to also grow hemp with thier farms years ago before the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?:( well listen up folks, the air we breath even itself could be changed with mass cultivation of this plant and bio fuels etc etc, to bad the plastics,steel and paper industries care more bout thier pocket book than the Planet! See vid below for more info offered here to ya frum Lot 420 on top of the world 🙂 in mary jane legal Colorado :).yeahhhhhhhhhhhah…………have a great eve everyone …. Q



More frum quarksires playlist of videos to ponder watch video below

enjoy !