No Pain No Gain



Killing Pain…NO pain-No Gain well,….so, yeah call me a daily murderer LoL, Cuz gotta find a way to Kill The Pain that ALWAYS IS NOW!:(

Somehow sumway, whether it be by meditating, sleeping, flying, riding my bike, or even yes doing DRUGZ when i have to, It jest is what it is when ya live with chronic pain. Only those that live with chronic pain issues can even relate to this i know, or someone that lives with another that has these kind of issues also,
So  well
in the end all i know is i gave it my best shot!

Life that is!…even when the pains and trials and tribulations were so that i could not even walk or stand…was what it was is all i can say in the end…
Suffering from chronic internal pains….
Whats werse sometimes is having to deal with on top of my physical pains and the depression that it causes to start with is when i allow another to affect my life in a negative way. Is better for me to jest go off an RYDE ALONE! like i did today to SUFFER some of the pains away!…Yes i say suffer, cuz well in the end it is suffering sufferjets sometimes when i get home from my adventures whatevr it is i do, even if it is a simple task like driving to town and doing my fun whilst i do it but the pain grows and grows throughout the day depending upon how much physical energy I exert, In the End it is always Pain,,,so i call it Suffering the pain. All the same….day in day out jest gets werse throughout time as time rolls along, some days are good some are bad and some are werse. The Pains of the Mental Games sometimes from others cause more pains than my real DISEASE,,,it is jest added to on top of it all.

ALL THE SAME SUCH AS LIFE HUH, well acceptance of others fears and faults is something i have to learn how to do no mattrer what no matter when so as to not have the pains of others get to me , so werd of ther day for Q is ACCEPTANCE…..
Accept that what evr i do there is pain, an get on with the show! and well as the old saying goes….no pain no gain well… SUCH AS LIFE IN Q’s werld…is what it is!
Hoping sumday i can see the Gain Again:),,
So no matter what!..Even if no gain, make the best of it Q… all one can do right! ……can’t control people, places, or things, sumtimes, another fact to accept every day as i go bout my business of life in the werld of Q…hope this weekend treated u with less pain and, if u had more pain whomever ya are, believe me there is something to gain from this thing we call life:) jest don’t let it drive ya insane! peace out.
PS: if i give it all up to god like i did today,,and jest go for a ride or fly or a drive er whatnot or even jest sit and meditate on it er whatevr<IT is, it seems in the end MY higher order of things will werk it all out:)
An it appears to me that LOve — Real Love —might be all that one learns

an i know its all 4 U an love


Cure for Cancer anyone? an a thousand more DIS-EASES?

sometimes i jest got to pine away

werking on my stuff: towards forgiveness and love:

LIvin a life that matters is what is important:

where being a victim to ones own plight is jest not right…

Let bygones be bygones with love and grace: in the end

moving-forwardMoving Forward Without Hesitation!


4 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain

  1. I can totally relate to the chronic pain part (Fibro and CFIDS) and the fact that it shouldn’t stop us from having fun. One day at a time is all that works. 😀

    • Yeah; folks who don’t got it don’t get it ..but thats okay,,is why they call it invisible diseases i guess huh ! .. like well as i sit here in “pain” i can stilllaugh at it an have fun” lol an no one evr knows huh! is a trip..ah but pain is jest an illusion,yeah tell me when i run out of meds ,jeez…owkay now im out night to u again 🙂 Q

      • That’s the truth Mike and I totally agree. Yep, I would also rather sit and laugh about it than cry and what an illusion indeed..hahahahaha. I hate meds and also can’t drink heavy stuff because my stomach and colon can’t handle it. Guess they know best. LOL! But you have my sympathy and empathy. Let’s just ‘hang in there’ .. 😀

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