Queensrÿche: Someone Else?

frum Breakin’ da silence to silent lucidity all cuza of an operation mindcrime an false incriminations all round…Is a Queen of the Ryche week fer da quarked one in Colorado;


yes, Queensryche with Geoff is back with all new members, as geoff well knows betrayal is all in the eye of the beholder huh, Integrity comes far and few between as we all chase the sun… Whats it all bout,,well not all bout $$$ cuza ifn it was the debut would not be in Q’s little werld at the Sky Ute Here hear!


…Who is this someone else we are all lewking for and wish to be?, or are ya one of the ones that jest decided it is easier to cover the truth with lies, well if this were the only lifetime for there to be then yes, might be easier thata way, but sorry to say folkz , this is not ! and well KARMA will be the future behold no matter what path ya take in life! whilst some prosper from sarcastic negativity, one could only hope somehow, someway, in this lifetime, that they would find the correct path to move forward without hesitation and fear, instead of playing the same ol fear game year after year!..and what for anyhow? peace an security of an EGO to only Edge God Out in da end….to me personally it’s more fun to have fun in da end’…..For Yes U gots more than one life to live 🙂 and yep ; forevr is jest what it is,,and Karma is jest thata way also…..IN Da END!



Fer me myself an I – it is preferable to attempt to have FUN in The End 🙂


So now there what bout…Q…?Now in da beginning of the end well, click here


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