Wild Life Photography by Quarksire

Quarked one bringz to u hopefully a bit of Eye Candy this am,The Rocky Mountain Way…in the form of not people photography or flying or riding round but that of animal shotz by sir’ Q.

With Models, that well, ya have to interface with with a telephoto from far away, in these kinna conditions i say , may the sun always be at ur back if at all possible. Stayin’ on the correct side for the light where its right makes a difference.



.^^^Rocky Mountain Lynx ^^^ shot by Quarksire also fuji 200 color 35mm negative converted to digital, shot from bout 30 feet away with a 200+ zoom telephoto, as slow a shot as possible on a clear sunny day…ya can clearly see the difference between my digital ones {yes sorry to say-much cleaner} than my 35mm ones, i can’t seem to keep negatives clean eunff for 2 minutes to get a good pic anymore, is why mikey is going digital, mostly frum now on,, but i have to remember to take from mu chips or disc to print asap so i don’t loose it somewhere along the line; Poof* an its gone in a single keystroke or pass of a magnet er whatnot an it’s gone so there are plus’ an minus to both the digital and to the 35mm to disc format etc etc..So enjoy My little Aminalz Pic Show fer the am here sent to u this fine day the rocky mountain way!


Jest a Quarked Lizard on a rock! asa 200 fujifilm 35mm


Q sayz hello dere’ don’t turn ur back on me!


Eagle Perches fer a Sec Fer a blurred Shot, says hes sorry, then is free!


a Kitty comes outa the cave to take a lewk see

Quick click on kitty Q


whilst the barn owl jest hides out in the corner



An Da’ The White Wolf Digz fer Varmitz

Q says

watch my back side an i’ll watch over urs in return BB c’mon please don’t turn ur back on me 4 ever now ok..okay all in a day with Q



Ok enuff fer one Till The Next Time


aka mike in colorado


4 thoughts on “Wild Life Photography by Quarksire

  1. Wow Q. These are amazing! I love the cats they are fascinating and you were so close. Wow you could do something like National Geographic with all your wonderful finds. You see it all I think! πŸ™‚

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