Blind Guardian

Don’t let the rivers of tears spoil the years ya have left on the planet to instead spin wheels of fortune and good luck.
Be a Winner,To many tears for the wrong reasons is not good for ones own physical an mental health.
Bet on sure things and let the rest be! 🙂
Carry On 🙂 & make the best of the day! 🙂
Remember Crashing is not an option &
Half Measures will get ya No Wheres but into da fires.
Never give up hope an faith no matter how dark it appears to ur Werld, unless of course well, that is ur last option, cuz it got spun outa’ control too far,,,,whatever it is ,if in fact that is the case upon ur last pinning reflection of ur reality then ya jest got to jest accept it! an move on!
Rise above it all and do the best one can do an make the next best right decision and keep moving forward without hesitation, so ya don’t fall down!


Life will go on ! yep ! Even for Da’

Blind Guardian

At The Edge Of Time (Full Album)

A Traveler’s Guide to Space and Time. <link


From the Edge of Quarkland

Da Quasicle Werld of Quarksire Da Quasicle Werld of Quarksire

and from Germany comes Da’ Blind Gaurdian,a little too hard core for many but well, if ya can’t handle the wrang of time well, enjoy ur day, I myself love Rock Opera an lettin it all out , especially when i have a point to make:)

So It Is Written

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