Sail: AwolWhat?

AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and well, KATZ can fly as gewd a Squirrels.i suppose LoL


Da’ Song Used in Dis Vid has been played to death round the 4 corners region along with avenged sevenfold and imagine like i guess someone can’t get enuff of old songzz…so anyhow thought this was werth posting with a highly played song, well, it does have gewd ratingzzz. so for all the aminal loverz out there this one is fer U



16 thoughts on “Sail: AwolWhat?

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    AWOLNATION β€˜Sail’ and well, KATZ can fly as gewd a Squirrels.i suppose LoL I had to laugh at my own page here , seems as though the japanes love it lol.this gets a lotsa hits from da werld wide web an mikey wanted to let the werld that wundered at all that all is ok an wunderful in sunny southern colorado as dismal as i make it seem a lot,,, so here for U 2 day “SAIL!

    • well i ussually do not approve of what i percieve as negative perceptions of my posts,,, take on it is done intelligent is no problem at all the animals love it , mnmeanwhile i am training a dog and a cat to fly in an ultralight and ride on my motorclycle with me , so hope ya don’t think i am being to dangerous with my aminalz πŸ™‚ if they get hurt i surely will also an i don’t wanna get hurt an crashin’ is not an option anymore in q’s werld since i am older wiser an disabled, sorry my vid stuck ur fancy wrong my dear is what it is . Q

      • its ok. some call me over sensitive when it comes to animals. some of those kitties were certainly amazing, I guess it was the one jumping out the window that upset me 😦

      • so hey morgan πŸ™‚ i have a cat here that jumps off me roof to the ground daily will have to take a pic of it fer ya it is at least 12 feet offa da ground is not a prob he loves da big jumps,,, so the kat jumpin out da window there is sumpin apparantly that kat does a lot …he was jest prolly happy to get it on video frum da right angle so it LEWED BIG!, why be upset bout that? i’ll get a pic of my kat mid air fer ya lol. he loves it πŸ™‚ anyhow i think this vid, out of all the dumb and good funny animal vids out there is the best one where no animals are put in situations” that might be dangerous…so also for being a video that wouldn’t make one laugh here well, i guess that all comes down to how we see and so “judge” da werld we live in without having all da’ factz ………take care peace out Q..

  4. OH how I laughed SO hard viewing the cat video. I have many cats and their antics never fail to make me laugh. So thank you for posting this. I love it! xx Amy

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