35mm Still Exists – Yup


– MY old business lingo –

an theres a time an place fer everything – here i caught some family fun! on one of my missions.


nice_day_2_kayak_by_Quarksire 001

asa 200 fuji Minolta Old skewl w/400mm lens

These shots in this post are of a couple teaching their kids tricks an having fun on our local river here…….


Having a Camera whenevr i go wherever i go has been a natural thing for most of my life, even in childhood, sumday ill have to pull out some shots i took with 35mm as a child and ya would trip out. Even underwater shots my dad let me take with his ol’ petri and plexiglass housing him and his friend built in the day in the sixties….So anyh ow, whenevr i go out round no matterz where i live i seem to find things i want to take photographs of…


Dad watching over wife and kids as they play on the waves! ya can stay stationary on them if ur gewd!

I am truly amazed at how many natural photographers there are out there and here at werdpress even now is amazing..in the old days , it was more of the photographer that made the pic, now the new days with digital compouyter tech etc etc,,well, anyone can take shots now like nevr before , ya got to hand it to teck,, but somehow take s some of the glory out of it for the idea of making positives out of negatives lol.going out the window now thats fer sure,,,but theres a time an place fer everything and my sony has a120xOptical zoom on it,,,

although i used a 35mm minolta old skewl non digital non automatic cam here

 &  impressin’ the hell out of this photographer 🙂


Kids having a blast – wearing safety gear so he don’t loose his gear er oar if he flips over.


Sister glides on by!


an like shot above i like to try to take it at as slow as a speed as possible to get wave action etc etc,,but on sunny days it is harder to do…with lower asa films, if ur shooting for clarity….

Anyhow,  i still like pulling out the ol 400 mm minolta zoom and the shots i get with it…with fuji film as above  caught on my last roll here…although i didn’t take that big ol cam into concert i did get some gewd shots with sony i am having digitally processed…anyhow enuff of dissertation frum mike…Jest wanted to tell des an all that read me and the ones i know that gots digital multi megapixel cams,,well..35mm is still yes , still around guys LoL


One thought on “35mm Still Exists – Yup

  1. Looks like lots of fun and great shots Q. I do love the digital technology for sure as I wouldn’t have been able to afford paying for the film. Now I want a telephoto and a micro lens and then the real fun will start. 😀

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