Synchronic Sight & da 7th Sense

Universal religion is the measure of spiritual unification attained by intelligent species throughout the different world systems of this and other Galaxies. a quote by Pacal Votan..

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Synchronic sight? & the 7th sense? sound intriguing well, read on , if ya missed out on the past ! 🙂 frum deep within the crystal conscioussness became what is YOU!..from starseed to starlight to seed again and back to you,,,believe it er not :).. yes
Consciousness is always alive and continues the nature of the holograms and the holgraph u decide to super impoose up on ur very own mind, another beliueve it er not ? .we;;…i need not explain any more ,,jest listen to what michelvec has to say bout it “the universal messengers” etc etc if ya can believe in such a thing…frum the noosphere right on down the queens road i have the depths of the deepest book from history! the lost werlds at the bottom of all things..believe it er not agaibn 🙂 .to find out many truths that exist are that we as human beings are MUCH MORE THAN % SENSES 🙂 LoL …would u believe 7? well……..would u believe in synchronic slicing,,,or even wish to know what it is at this juncture in ur life,an can ya handle it ? lol some can’t so is what it is, some can’t handle the fact that they are a simultaneous extreme being human and syncronous in many ways with the universe they live within,,,and yes folks there are many universes , we all create one also , believe it er not :).okay
So anyhow u are who u are, Now get after it and open up ur mind 🙂


Synchronic Sight – The Seventh Sense

7 thoughts on “Synchronic Sight & da 7th Sense

    • wishes happen if ya jest click on and tune into some of the videos about the cosmic history chronicles offered by michelvec at youtube… is pert easy to find,,,an wrap ur mind round some of em sometime ull get the drift,,he has a few hundred now over the years 🙂 is a very kewl 🙂 cya . Q see ya sonel 🙂 ….. peace out ! 🙂

      • u will find it all over my blog werld also, i very much study certain chapters out of the hundreds… is a pert kewl manuscript by stephanie south an jose …ull find as ya venture on ifn ya do is quite the mind opener the 3 er 4 books are..transcending all man knows into understandable text instead of parables etc etc,,i like michelvecs voice and the fact he does not change any werds at all but reads directly from text :).. okay laters…

      • Very interesting indeed and you have a great blog too! I totally agree – he has a very charming and soothing voice and I love to listen to it as well. Thanks again for introducing me. 😀

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