Da’ 4th Dimension

Changing the shadows? how is that done >?

??Time what time, when? how why?

The 4th dimension, the clock, time and money being objektefied.? Whats it all bout?

It’s a seasonal thing and repetitive – over and over forevr for some

Repeating the same mistakes over and over and over…

is like some strange addiction to being stuck and a victim i guess?



check out this vid…..whats ur perceptual feedback all bout and do u believe time is money ? etc etc? do u have the philosophy of materialism or do u jest enjoy ur time and the time u have without limitation? whats ur beliefs? system in ur life pattern of continuity is ur very own choice and frum that belief alone it becomes a belief that is valid? ,,,

Believe it er NOT!!. Can u peer out to see this reality frum the 3rd dimension to the 4th er 5th?



or do u see shadows or a reality that is from where is the light cast…….Did u forget u Live in a Cage spinning through the universe?…….do u suffer from caged beliefs or shadows and believing in things that are not even auctual reality? do u know ur own mind? what the hell i am talking bout? do u get the answers u want or wish or jest percieve or fear? whats inside i say…assumptive reasoning or truth? theoretical confusion exists all over the planet, Why is this?, what are u part of? in the 4th dimension!! What is ur model of reality? is their a higher consciousn4ess? and a play at werk we need to syncronise with? er ? possibly what? read on listen up and be driven to ur choices that are correct and right for u!..i will get a bit deeper talking bout planetary elementals etc etc next time.we go here or there! Now, first – though -time to learn bout the noosphere if ya don’t know what it is.

Believe it er NOt again




RELATED! Video below is on the universality of telepathinc timespace.and ur velocity u move through it! an ur thoughts..about it well? guess thats all up to u now ain’t it !


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