Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY
a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote!
another one to add to the Ponderables List…by Q.
~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~
Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this Werld by design, god’s design.


And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss evr we have evr chosen or not chosen by our own ego, and not the designed plan. We all share a destiny and our understanding and joy will be porportionate to our Sincere attention to those we are obviously accompanying in the journey of souls.
There should never be any excuse for and No opportunity that one might have for an exchange of werds. Simple gestures, kind nuances, quiet thoughts should never be discounted nor denied. Each moment in our lives offers us the opportunity and necessary experiences for us to be able to reach our full potential…if we don’t sleep through the connections at hand 😦 ….We therefore need one another’s presence, contributions, sharing , input , even tribulations at hand, in order to move forward without hesitation together as well as individually, if we do not take the proper necessary time outs and steps, maybe even set our alarm to it we might misss out…
I now automatically awake @ 3;55 every day in the hopes an invisible angel might decide to make herself visible to me and become a positive force in my life once again…..all one can do is hope for love, instead though, invisible indifference comes around, and all i can do is nothing… undenialably denial jest sucks in me bewk! so does ignorance and incompassionate ways…

all that there is no real excuse for cept fear based lies 😦
Final thought; I will prolly go forth today alone but i shall be in good company!….Everyone that chooses to be a part of my life still is a part of my destiny,,,,those whom are here but not well, they also choose another part of the same destiny,,, But nevertheless no matter what our trip is planned for today ….

mine with me myself and I for another day IS SIMPLE ……….ALONE…………..ME AN ME AMINALZ………..


“If you at any moment come to your inner flame, don’t stop; share it unconditionally, even to those who will not understand. Perhaps today they may not understand, tomorrow they will; perhaps not in this life, but in some other life the understanding is going to blossom. Trust existence.. ๑❤๑ Osho
SO Be it – Majik!~~~ as a lesson of intent an with reason,,watch this video…enjoy ur day !
Karma = cause – Dharma = effect

6 thoughts on “Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

  1. I don’t care for people trying to manipulate or controlling another and to be quite honest, I do prefer animals above most humans. I would much rather trust a animal before I do a human. The ones that choose to be part of my life are the ones I treasure. Go and have a great day Q! Lovely post and I had to laugh at the ‘control’ pic. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  4. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:

    I jest got a Notification frum a freind whom knopws my werld well, and knows bout chronic fatigue and ADPKD etc etc, told me i needed to re-post this for my day ; because well; the forces that be are what they are whether ya believe in them er not , “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” i accept my character defects and do what i need to stay on top of them, although havinbg 5 years of ur life taken for anothers selfish cause for it to be all turnt against ya is insane in my bewk; as i have said before i am not here to fix others; unless they wish to be fixed…. namaste’ 2 one an all if ya know what that means well, i always meant it all alonmg and am tired of being assaulted as a daily ritual in my life with no closure! fact is folks i have been abused and taken advantage of in more ways than one, spiritually morally, financially, and spiritually, I allowed this to happen because of LOVE for another ….. i guess for me thats what love is all bout now, my loss an their gain……..Q

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