Colorado Pink 4 U

This Wordless Wednesday Once Again!

An Life seems to be a CARN ival here

so! I again cannot be werdless!but ….

well, is jest a Quick Post-it today  o rose in the carnivals bed!


jest to send a bita’ Colorado Pink

ur way 2 day.

cuz ur One of a kind! yes U


Ah but Happy HUmp day uf in ur humpin’

It’s almost over!

almosta’ over


Can’T always live life to the “T” ya know.da’ purfekT

sumetimez dere’s gotz to be a Z lol…

or a me an not jest a U…lol..

Today was da’ last day fer flying on skiis er a snowboard @ WolfCreek this year!.

but i can still fly over it so hope to this season this year …take care …

“jest Remember!”

“Crashing is nOT AN opTION”

Keep on keepin on!


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week 34


^  O’Mally Here well ^


 HE Deserves 9 heartz – he seemed to have 9 lives


Keepin’ the challenge simple only 2 pics here but if ya wanna see more 

I also did a special web page jest for My O’mally yesterday!!


intended for this challenge so enjoy! <click here>




below are some pics from last weeks challenge click on the pic or the logo below to go check em out or jest follow da links below.


..some very kewl entries last week..I am on time this week last week i was late ,,so this week is really still start of new week , i got dayz behind wow.ok all caught up now 🙂 whew 🙂 ..

Thank you to all who took part in Michelles  felt weekly pet challenge for fun
 here are the links to this last weeks..Everyone getz a smiley today awesome stuff 🙂 way kewl 🙂
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Passionately Bored 10 🙂
Timmy Tomcat 18 🙂
Something to Ponder About
3 🙂
Steve 11 🙂
Traveling Cats 19 🙂
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Amanda Lakey 12 🙂
Marty the Manx 20 🙂
Quarksires Tribute
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Vera Ersilia 21 🙂
Kimberly C
6. Sonel 14. The Happy Hugger 22. blogagaini
7. becca givens 15. Basiga 23. Colonialist
8. Xina Marie Uhl 16. Barbara

jest click on logos or pics above to see more


Michelle’s weekly Pet Challenge

have a splendid week all

~~~~ Q ~~~~



Finding Your Flow Day 13: Activating Wisdom

The third eye chakra is related to the pineal gland, the Seat of the Soul. When it is activated, light coded information from each individuals higher intelligence is downloaded awakening the super conscious mind. Deeper spiritual truths are attained, consciousness is expanded and the ability to overcome the human ego becomes possible. It is the ego that creates the veil between Spirit and man creating spiritual blindness. This veil keeps people from being able to perceive the higher planes of existence and wisdom keeping them in the illusion of the third dimension. Opening of the spiritual eye helps people to “see” the patterns, limited beliefs and limited thinking that needs to be transcended in order to advance the soul. read more click here in the link provided day 13 Enjoy… An have a GREEAT WEEK! Activating Wisdom Whats it all bout? read mroe here>

Healey Institute for Healers


Journal: Saturday. Sunrise: 5:55 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:49 pm EST. Ajna. आज्ञा. Third Eye Chakra. Centering thought: “My inner vision wisely guides my actions.” || Mantra: Om Hakini Namah. “I activate my intuition.”

Today, we were asked to spend time trusting our inner guidance. Pick any situation you know the right thing to do. Feel how easy and natural this is. When you really know what you know. Then consider a situation where you doubt and don’t know what to do. Instead of evaluating logically, feel your way towards the right choice, towards that state of mind when you do know. Reach this state by letting go of the problem, and quietly going inside, when you feel an answer coming, trust it. This is how we awaken our Ajna, our third eye chakra.

It is not uncommon to believe that intuition is an extraordinary ability, or…

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Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

Where things jest Flow an Flow: This will be the THE HOMEPAGE for

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page; Ping back here: do a page and link it here; jest click on me heartfelt heart here!….to join in an share! will do a weekly page to ping back dere also 🙂

Frum Da’ Heart Liketh frum a’ fiery Volcano! jest ..

whatevr ya post-it ..please make it

a Post frum-da-heart!

Simple but Quarked minds arrive here!:


Where Werdz flow an Every Picture tells a Heart felt Story!

Whats ur heartfelt picture story?

i have one evry week this is my place fer a place to store that for now,,,that now..a weekly rant er share er whatnot jest for fun! an maybe a laugh er 2 well see!….click in anytime all in fun i like to learn an know more bout my folowers an werdpress freinds 🙂

heart 2 heart ya know!


So; wit a bita Compassion ; it is born ; Magnanomous Mundacities;

4 a Magnanomous Mondays Heartfelt Photo Challenge

all 4 a bita fun to see what happens; Puttin it out dere’thanks,

SO; ,yes ,,shere a link on the page,,with a kewl story or picture story ud like to put together or already have with a story with ur paintings art or photographs 🙂 ..and link back here ..will be a growing page for links galore to artists of all kinds werldwide for fun i do so hope sum weekly fun frum a 

purple soul w/a purple toungue an all lol


frum Willies Werld an Da’ werld of Q

…Where every picture tells a story an ten pictures could write a book! ..A place where we lewk either back ahead er both and forge a new future to be a past hopefully one not to dread in ones head…got it! ok now get one with it ,,create – don’t reacte!….so do as many chapters as one wishes, and do a Bewk of sorts every Monday when ya plan the week ahead or lewk back at the past as what is er what is not to be in the future past once again what i do in my

Mundays Mundane Journal,

now turnt into jest journaling on the net now so here it mondayz!…,,get my drift,,well, whats life without a plan huh,,future er past an future past again,,plan the plans ,,but not the outcome is my cupa’ tea i serve weekly NOW with the Magnanomous Mundacities i have to share on Mondays, is what i plan here anyhow is to get a grip on days of future past and get on with the future whatevr it might be,, an blog bout whatevr suits my freiking fancy on monday,, whether the werld likes it er not lol!


Ussually a story er 2 an a picture story also er whatnot,,,if ur part of one of my Photo Groups er whatnow feel free to make pages and comment and link to this page..and or that page on Magnanomous Mondays as they come around the werld of Q..

within & without Q’s Whacked out werld of intro-spection and retrospectyion yep yep 🙂 …


..well mundane uer not u tell me lol…i prefer not… so is more like flowing fast an hard evry monday,,for creation  of a new week ahead….lol

and well hopefully things flow positively!; er even if er not well, is a day i set aside to re-arrange all them thoughts, put em in perspective an in da’ right place and all an move forward without hesitation towards and into a greater better and a new week; an start all over once again so to speak;  always hoping  for the best outcome even for the werst situation is what my monochromed sumtimes monday and mundane mondays are all bout! where any topic goes, fer the picture show



so are u on da right track er not? ,,,well,,if’n ur not get on track,

drop me a line ;say high an let me know all is well..

Over an out frum Q

Jest one more day to share ur werld 🙂


wit da Q an da www of da wordpress  Internet!!

ok gonna test mr linky do dad here – we shall see  okay and if u have done a page ud like to share with the Q here at the Magnanomous Mondays webwerld , well jest insert ur link in here and walla! ur in :)can submit ur page anytime all week an at next mondays round up when i do another magnanomous blog post i will post all the linky links there,,and move on 🙂 ..can join in any time fer fun, will be an honor to have ya round if u are who i think u are lo  🙂  🙂  ok so hope that was easier for ya ,, now try that lady! ok! werks fer me 🙂 ok let me see ill be da first! ok 🙂 hmmmmm 🙂 well first ya got to do a Magnanamous blog then ya post the link in mr linky here! Simple as dat! ok bye fer now Q and thanks michelle ? finally figured out how to do this Magnanomous blog thing finally was a chore but got er done 🙂 lol..thanks 🙂 my discussion concerning this at mr linkys is Unconscious Mutterings; whatz on ur mind ? anything?


Quarksire's Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here:

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page Ping back here: do a page and link it here; jest click on me heartfelt heart here!….to join in an share!

Quarksire’s Magnanomous Monday

Where things jest flow an flow, liketh frum da’ Volcano! but quarked minds!

this is my entry for

Magnanomous Mondays

This season for Magnanomous Mondays in my werld, an well this one is michelle inspired again so…is what it is,,

Jest another Magnanomous Monday an a new Katagory frum da’ Q where things jest flow! lol

an Glad i have found a home for these kewl pics of my Fav Kat! O’Mally!

REachin’ out to yaz!

a compassionate Kat! 


Well, Making memories with my photographs of them all is also a fun thing to here ya go ..all cuza O’Mally an his Phangz..and how he made me laugh a lot, dat kat did! Also well in addition to …my Family of Humming Birds; Zipper, Dipper, Ripper, Chipper, Clipper, Blipper, Gripper; i got the whole crew an my Dogs an Cats to deal with see here on this day well….

O’Mally was sleeping on his fav chair here when this guy with a camera walked up 🙂


….geez..then he got woke up!


he says ok i’ll pose fer ya Q


^^check out my orion collar! hey i’m apprapo fer da’ pet challenge Q don’t ferget me 🙂 so i shant …again .won’t “O”

Image a O’Mally says he be dont with that,,,an goes on da hunt..Starting with Dwagon FLYZ!..


….so i Can’t catch the fly he says ,,,

so he heads to the ground fer a to get a different perspective on reality an will go on the hunt for something he can catch


Sizing up then makin da kill!


.ahh tasty gwasshopper!…..kewl snack done he can rest a spell


Till da next time Q ringz da ol’ food bell!


well after that i tried to take him for a drive;



he didn’t like that idea very much!

so i let him hang at home later with his fav cat he idolized in his mind daily , da big Kat lol



O’mally liked dat much more an said – leave me alone Q



….i got a circus, if ya might say Zoo round here…I have presently, 8 animals here not including myself! lol… 4 cats and 4 dogzzzz…..sumtimes there is daily serenity and peace here other days well,, wunder what evr get into them lol…but i do and must say i wish i still had the energy of my animals, that run circles round me here,,,My crew of animals comes an goes it seems with the wind;


O’MAlly says Good Day er night to U!

This cat i believe is still alive for i gave it to a freind, his name is O’Mally and well i wanted to introduce him to some of my friends that had never got to meet O’Mally, o’mally came from orion so he got to have the orion gizmo on his collar!, he was kewl he would go for 2 mile walks with dad here with Strabbo


my Siamese kitty at the time that time i had 7 cats and 3 dogs,,..Still a Circus never the less even though the circus changes..the participants come an go! though..a lot…..In da’ wacked werld of Q..jest 4 dogs an 4 cats now ,,, an a multitude of wildlife that hangs here also……

so heres an over an out! shot with O’Mally Monochromed 4 Monday 4 U

🙂  kewl one huh  🙂

ok take care – over an out


……Q…..Imagefeelin a bit caged up huh? well get off ur arse get outa da cage an go do sumthing!

I am



Quarksire's Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page; Got a Compassionate Picture Show er story to tell : enter it here & have fun ! “Crashin’ is not an option!”


Finding Your Flow Day 12: Activating Expression

Healey Institute for Healers

blue rose

Journal: Fri Day. Sunrise: 5:58 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:49 pm EST. Vishuddha. विशुद्ध. Throat Chakra. Centering thought: “My life energy expresses its truth.” || Mantra: Om Shakini Namah. “I activate my creativity.”

Yesterday, we were asked, “How will you express your truth today? How do you communicate your feelings? Voice the words that need to be said. Speak from the heart, and open up to encouragement, enthusiasm, exuberance, and nourishment. Open yourself up to other people and the world around you.” Words carry so much power. Let them out.

Self-expression is an integral part of spiritual growth—it’s an extension of the way we approach life and look at the world. If we experience the world through the filter of anxiety, fear, frustration, and dread, then our expression will also be filtered through those same negative emotions. To create life-affirming expression, we need to…

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Light up My Life

Well is Sunday an i ussually do a free for all kinda post-it; This one is called Light Up My Life, movin down round da corner we go!


…on account of it is that time of year again; some of these shots are new and some are never published by me so , enjoy da’ eye candy if ya like lightning photography! 🙂 i don’t have this down to a science yet, but am getting better at it as the years progress 🙂


in the am i will wake to spring snow on the ground for the last snow shots of the year i guess;


will see if it sticks round er will prolly be all gone by afternoon, there is 3 inches new on ground now, unless this storm sticks round well see. Anyhow when spring to summer to fall storms blast through here the temperature changes a lot and there is lotsa lightning; each year i get another kewl shot er 2.


Takes a lotsa shots to get one gewd one, one out of 10 i use to get now its like 2 er 3 outa evry 10.


so i get carried away sometimes chashing clouds round that are flashing;


i dont really know where i might end up one shot to the next as the clouds move i chese em park and take a few shots move on by guessin in da dark which way the storms are going and i chase it till i cant no more;

right on lightnin'

right on lightnin’

I like to be able to get out of the car er what not and have something steady to set my camera on; like the rook of my car;


a lot of the werk is guess werk though, i use the “B” setting on the camera and the darker the night without any light from anything but the storm is the best,I let the lightning itself be the flash and have the lens open pointed at the “suspected” area or cloud zoomed in on even from a 1/2 mile plus etc etc,,,then when the lightning goes of i let the lens shut without moving the cam,,,hopefully jest the time of the flash from the lightning will show up onb the film…is the “real way” to do it and capture it big “frame” on 35mm a days a lota of lighning shots are digital captures taken from streaming video, so is not the same as what i do,,,…for what evr its werth..i ussually close my lenses down to round f8 er smaller so as to get the cleanest shot possible..when the lens is open too much i get blurred out shots and too much color!.


is kinna fun;^ dis is latest kewl shot^^^!


kinna like a tornatoo chaser but well;


i don’t have to weery bout twisters, jest sumtimes ….maybe i have to weery bout being to close ,,,


this one above here hit the fence right in front of me..I have previously published this pic..but is my fav shot so far i have of LightNing Lighting Up my life at night:) is quite a charge it is.ok enuff out me,,,i gotz lotz more but the pickin’ is gettin thin, of the really gewd ones…. 🙂 .but i do have a few very very kewl up close an personal ones to share in da future


till then over an out frum Q.