Monochrome Madness – Gettin it Right

Quarked one say Gettin’ da right shots together sumtimez is a challenge when ya are attempting to put together a simple 12 er 15 shot portfolio in black and white by request for some one. or even something a subjekt…an yep 35 MM still exists in da werld…. all ya digicam folks

… πŸ™‚ …

Diana McDee Contact sheet by Quarksire

Diana McDee Contact sheet by Quarksire

i’d much rather do it with like 20 er so, cuz i can nevr narrow myself down to a dozen shots really for any one really good subjekt; especially when u have a really gewd subjekt like di here who like to have fun πŸ™‚ is what its all bout right folks



Ahhh But Which one 2 Choose?

Ahhh But Which one 2 Choose?

sumetimes ya gots to lewk at lots an my easiest way is to do contact sheets:especially if ya are doing multiple shots in an afternoon or weekend photo shoot whatevr the case may be.


then i can lewk at em all lined up in a row etc :

then well, i can pick the one i want crop it edit and publish it for my clients portfolio then…so today frum Quarks Diana mc Dee Portfolio I brought u these.. Sumptimes i let my clients and or subjekts keep the negatives etc etc and rights to all the photos sometimes i do not, depends upon the deal i have with em.i have boxes full of stuff from various events and stuff i werk with, is a lot of fun after many years of camera in hand:) it jest becomes what it is,,at the end of the day ,,ya go through all ur pics and pic ur best shot, an make the next best move wit it.



…etc..etc.well,,, folks; sorting through all the shots an then pickin ur best shot: is the most fun filing it away or print it – publishin it er post it er what not is all part of a life story:most importantly is if ur subjekt is a person, well that thay are happy in the end:)

turn back da' handz of time Q

turn back da’ handz of time Q

yep yep, so, for my granchildren to go through someday when they open the archives of Q’s werld here:all which a lot of to share the ol’ life of their grandpa Q πŸ™‚

My Best Shot Fer U Q :)

My Best Shot Fer U Q πŸ™‚

lol well sumday , , i guess’mm Till then it’s back to findin’ the best shot of the day.

right on sayz Q:)

Jest a bita Monochrome Maddness fer u this fine day frum Q

πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚

point of the day is ya don’t always get it right the first shot,,, so don’t be dissappointed if ya don’t even if ya don;t get it right the 50th shot,,,there are still more shots and frames to pick from or another day to shoot πŸ™‚ er what not jest don’t give up! till then! over an out! happy shootin’ whatevr an whoevr ya shoot, jest do it legally is all i can say lol..

all the shotz above by the quarksire here mike were shot with old skewl 35 mm minolta sr202,,, using a various assortments of lenses from different angles and distances, and speeds over a multiple day photo shoot. Asa 125 black & white film. Finished product was a pro model portfolio 20 pages long with all the details for her future prospects, well ya know how goldiggers are don’t ya huh! …an models lol….well all in fun,,,win some loose some , i say!…always another day, oh by the way this young lady is a suscessful woman in todays werld now because she is always motivated to move forward without hesitiation,, to the next best thing. in life whatevr life has to offer :)… So, Have cameras and do travel i do, if ya evr want a fun photographer! oh an bye the way cheap is all a matter of opinion, but never nutin’ fer nutin ya know, so ring my chimes ifn ya evr need …

Hasta’ & Peace Out!


5 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness – Gettin it Right

    • no weerys lol old flames die hard ! 2 ya know … but then i could be all so jelous of the lucky guy that gets to take pics of u half _ k _ ed on da beach LOL πŸ™‚ or do u do those urself lol πŸ™‚ hugz 2 u 2 night jenn πŸ™‚ Q

  1. Wow! Stunning shots Q and love the last one as well. You sure worked hard on these beautiful takes. Stunning model too! πŸ˜€

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