On Top Wit Quarksire

~ Rise Above it All ~Yes it is incredible an ask if u want to use my photos for $$$

~ Rise Above it All ~Yes it is incredible an ask if u want to use my photos for $$$

Quarked one say Gettin’ da right shot for the weekly photo shoot ON TOP well; an

according to daily post @ wordpress!

On top can be a feeling, a perspective, or a physical location.;


well, that’s where i’d prefer to be a lot anyhow, an well, altitude as well as attitude is a good friend to me 🙂

when I am on TOP! an High Above!


i auctually have hundreds of pics for this topic throughout my blog since i fly these wings so well,

so, keepin’ it simple today…since this is bout jest posting one photo fer the day,

i couldnt resist these 3


if ya want to see more ON TOP or HIGH ABOVE PICS BY DA Q

JEST SEE MY SIDE BAR – i have lotz…

i also live on gunbarrels end and well that also ON TOP LOL :)…




this is a weekly photo post where lotsa folks post photos sumtimes into the hundreds.. so if ya are into photography and wish to see what others come up with round the world with for the topic ON TOP ,, check it out click here on this paragraph 🙂 will take ya to The Daily Post @ wordpress.or click on the camera here below



weekly wordpress photo challenge

quarksires weekly wordpress photo challenge entry plus more                        Ok over an outr frum  Q !





7 thoughts on “On Top Wit Quarksire

  1. Hey love the pics and your a flyer? Shivvers

    You should be concentrating on your landing spot rather than taking pics lol. I suffer vertigo so could never do that but I’ve always wanted to fly but actually fly with wings, go figure? I usually do the weekly challenge but am on hols returning today and posting from my phone hideous I might enter later. Ps where did you get the wordpress weekly photo challenge pic I love it as in the badge tyoe thing with the camera lens in etc? X

    • got it offa phot challenge a while ago an decided to use it for this challenge every week when i do it 🙂 i am sure it is kinna publik domain to use fer this, someone made it for this is kewl huh 🙂 have a great morning :). Q ps: i fly with wings! really and an engine is a lotta fun is like my flying snomobile 🙂 like in the movie fly away home, come fly with the birds wit me anytime 🙂 jest right click to save dat pic dere 🙂 cya .

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