Finding Your Flow Day 12: Activating Expression

Healey Institute for Healers

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Journal: Fri Day. Sunrise: 5:58 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:49 pm EST. Vishuddha. विशुद्ध. Throat Chakra. Centering thought: “My life energy expresses its truth.” || Mantra: Om Shakini Namah. “I activate my creativity.”

Yesterday, we were asked, “How will you express your truth today? How do you communicate your feelings? Voice the words that need to be said. Speak from the heart, and open up to encouragement, enthusiasm, exuberance, and nourishment. Open yourself up to other people and the world around you.” Words carry so much power. Let them out.

Self-expression is an integral part of spiritual growth—it’s an extension of the way we approach life and look at the world. If we experience the world through the filter of anxiety, fear, frustration, and dread, then our expression will also be filtered through those same negative emotions. To create life-affirming expression, we need to…

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4 thoughts on “Finding Your Flow Day 12: Activating Expression

  1. Oh could I write a book about this Truth! Some of us not only took on family Karma, but the world’s as well. Yep, I know. The transformation has been brutal at times. Thank you for posting this. Many really need to read this!!! Love, Amy

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