Light up My Life

Well is Sunday an i ussually do a free for all kinda post-it; This one is called Light Up My Life, movin down round da corner we go!


…on account of it is that time of year again; some of these shots are new and some are never published by me so , enjoy da’ eye candy if ya like lightning photography! πŸ™‚ i don’t have this down to a science yet, but am getting better at it as the years progress πŸ™‚


in the am i will wake to spring snow on the ground for the last snow shots of the year i guess;


will see if it sticks round er will prolly be all gone by afternoon, there is 3 inches new on ground now, unless this storm sticks round well see. Anyhow when spring to summer to fall storms blast through here the temperature changes a lot and there is lotsa lightning; each year i get another kewl shot er 2.


Takes a lotsa shots to get one gewd one, one out of 10 i use to get now its like 2 er 3 outa evry 10.


so i get carried away sometimes chashing clouds round that are flashing;


i dont really know where i might end up one shot to the next as the clouds move i chese em park and take a few shots move on by guessin in da dark which way the storms are going and i chase it till i cant no more;

right on lightnin'

right on lightnin’

I like to be able to get out of the car er what not and have something steady to set my camera on; like the rook of my car;


a lot of the werk is guess werk though, i use the “B” setting on the camera and the darker the night without any light from anything but the storm is the best,I let the lightning itself be the flash and have the lens open pointed at the “suspected” area or cloud zoomed in on even from a 1/2 mile plus etc etc,,,then when the lightning goes of i let the lens shut without moving the cam,,,hopefully jest the time of the flash from the lightning will show up onb the film…is the “real way” to do it and capture it big “frame” on 35mm a days a lota of lighning shots are digital captures taken from streaming video, so is not the same as what i do,,,…for what evr its werth..i ussually close my lenses down to round f8 er smaller so as to get the cleanest shot possible..when the lens is open too much i get blurred out shots and too much color!.


is kinna fun;^ dis is latest kewl shot^^^!


kinna like a tornatoo chaser but well;


i don’t have to weery bout twisters, jest sumtimes ….maybe i have to weery bout being to close ,,,


this one above here hit the fence right in front of me..I have previously published this pic..but is my fav shot so far i have of LightNing Lighting Up my life at night:) is quite a charge it is.ok enuff out me,,,i gotz lotz more but the pickin’ is gettin thin, of the really gewd ones…. πŸ™‚ .but i do have a few very very kewl up close an personal ones to share in da future


till then over an out frum Q.

6 thoughts on “Light up My Life

  1. They’re some pretty amazing shots. If lightning had struck a fence right in front of me I’d be too busy screaming and running away to press the shutter πŸ™‚

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