Quarksire’s Magnanomous Monday

Where things jest flow an flow, liketh frum da’ Volcano! but quarked minds!

this is my entry for

Magnanomous Mondays

This season for Magnanomous Mondays in my werld, an well this one is michelle inspired again so…is what it is,,

Jest another Magnanomous Monday an a new Katagory frum da’ Q where things jest flow! lol

an Glad i have found a home for these kewl pics of my Fav Kat! O’Mally!

REachin’ out to yaz!

a compassionate Kat! 


Well, Making memories with my photographs of them all is also a fun thing to do.so here ya go ..all cuza O’Mally an his Phangz..and how he made me laugh a lot, dat kat did! Also well in addition to …my Family of Humming Birds; Zipper, Dipper, Ripper, Chipper, Clipper, Blipper, Gripper; i got the whole crew an my Dogs an Cats to deal with see here on this day well….

O’Mally was sleeping on his fav chair here when this guy with a camera walked up 🙂


….geez..then he got woke up!


he says ok i’ll pose fer ya Q


^^check out my orion collar! hey i’m apprapo fer da’ pet challenge Q don’t ferget me 🙂 so i shant …again .won’t “O”


lol..so a O’Mally says he be dont with that,,,an goes on da hunt..Starting with Dwagon FLYZ!..


….so i Can’t catch the fly he says ,,,

so he heads to the ground fer a to get a different perspective on reality an will go on the hunt for something he can catch


Sizing up then makin da kill!


.ahh tasty gwasshopper!…..kewl snack done he can rest a spell


Till da next time Q ringz da ol’ food bell!


well after that i tried to take him for a drive;



he didn’t like that idea very much!

so i let him hang at home later with his fav cat he idolized in his mind daily , da big Kat lol



O’mally liked dat much more an said – leave me alone Q



….i got a circus, if ya might say Zoo round here…I have presently, 8 animals here not including myself! lol… 4 cats and 4 dogzzzz…..sumtimes there is daily serenity and peace here other days well,, wunder what evr get into them lol…but i do and must say i wish i still had the energy of my animals, that run circles round me here,,,My crew of animals comes an goes it seems with the wind;


O’MAlly says Good Day er night to U!

This cat i believe is still alive for i gave it to a freind, his name is O’Mally and well i wanted to introduce him to some of my friends that had never got to meet O’Mally, o’mally came from orion so he got to have the orion gizmo on his collar!, he was kewl he would go for 2 mile walks with dad here with Strabbo


my Siamese kitty at the time also..at that time i had 7 cats and 3 dogs,,..Still a Circus never the less even though the circus changes..the participants come an go! though..a lot…..In da’ wacked werld of Q..jest 4 dogs an 4 cats now ,,, an a multitude of wildlife that hangs here also……

so heres an over an out! shot with O’Mally Monochromed 4 Monday 4 U

🙂  kewl one huh  🙂

ok take care – over an out


……Q…..Imagefeelin a bit caged up huh? well get off ur arse get outa da cage an go do sumthing!

I am



Quarksire's Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page

Quarksire’s Heartfelt Magnanomous Mondays Blog Challenge Page; Got a Compassionate Picture Show er story to tell : enter it here & have fun ! “Crashin’ is not an option!”


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