Finding Your Flow Day 13: Activating Wisdom

The third eye chakra is related to the pineal gland, the Seat of the Soul. When it is activated, light coded information from each individuals higher intelligence is downloaded awakening the super conscious mind. Deeper spiritual truths are attained, consciousness is expanded and the ability to overcome the human ego becomes possible. It is the ego that creates the veil between Spirit and man creating spiritual blindness. This veil keeps people from being able to perceive the higher planes of existence and wisdom keeping them in the illusion of the third dimension. Opening of the spiritual eye helps people to “see” the patterns, limited beliefs and limited thinking that needs to be transcended in order to advance the soul. read more click here in the link provided day 13 Enjoy… An have a GREEAT WEEK! Activating Wisdom Whats it all bout? read mroe here>

Healey Institute for Healers


Journal: Saturday. Sunrise: 5:55 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:49 pm EST. Ajna. आज्ञा. Third Eye Chakra. Centering thought: “My inner vision wisely guides my actions.” || Mantra: Om Hakini Namah. “I activate my intuition.”

Today, we were asked to spend time trusting our inner guidance. Pick any situation you know the right thing to do. Feel how easy and natural this is. When you really know what you know. Then consider a situation where you doubt and don’t know what to do. Instead of evaluating logically, feel your way towards the right choice, towards that state of mind when you do know. Reach this state by letting go of the problem, and quietly going inside, when you feel an answer coming, trust it. This is how we awaken our Ajna, our third eye chakra.

It is not uncommon to believe that intuition is an extraordinary ability, or…

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Flow Day 13: Activating Wisdom

    • tanks Sunny Sonel, is lots what my blog werld an me life is bout is da human energy field and the different bodies we carry and how to heal and directly or indirectly affect and effect each and every one, will have to go back into my Werld an add that keywerd to some key blogz that relate etc etc {chakras} kewl reminder {light energy} etc etc..okay over an out ..Q thanks for stoppin’ by,,.,,,,Q 🙂

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